Tulsans who want a great looking lawn should look into lawn aeration. Aerating the lawn has a lot of great benefits, one that all can agree on is the outcome and the outcome is a great looking lawn. Most to all lawns will benefit from Tulsa Aeration and if you have a great looking lawn then your lawn will demand an aeration job in order to keep looking pristine. Now that I have sold you on aerating your lawn so you can keep up with the Jones, I can also say that most lawns will not need aeration. Aerating the lawn is a far and few between process, meaning there are several variables as to when, why and how a lawn should be aerated. Examples of when a lawn might need aeration are lawns that have had several years of mulching which can leave behind an organic matter known as thatch.

Aeration is a mechanical method of making sure one’s lawn is healthy and should be considered as a long term investment. Tulsa Aeration is not an overnight success. The method of madness that will provide the best results is core aeration. By allowing Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care to be the ones to provide your aeration then our customers can also take confidence in knowing we are not going to go anywhere anytime soon and that they can depend on us for long term health and beautification of their property.

The best times to aerate a lawn typically fall in the spring and fall time of year. Lawn aeration is time sensitive meaning for best results one should choose those times to aerate their lawn. Aerating is not a yearly or very often requirement for a healthy lawn. Tulsa Aeration should be considered after heavy machinery or if you have years of organic matter compacted on the lawn. If this is the case one might also consider dethatching before aeration. Do you have to follow these steps and jump through all these hoops of course not, but for the best chance at having a great looking lawn and for the best results you should call Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care and allow our experts to take this off your plate and allow you to0 concentrator on other things around your house. Relax and kae confidence in knowing that Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care is taking care of your lawn so you can get your Saturdays back. Nothing better than having a reliable company to take care of what you do not want to do.

The best place that we have found to do the Tulsa Aeration is on your lawn. Trying to aerate the driveway of sidewalks tends to not go over very well and usually ends up breaking the machine or whatever aparactice you end up using to make the holes in the ground. All kidding aside Tulsa Aeration of ones lawn is not an every square inch type of job like mowing the lawn is you want the majority of the lawn to aerated but you do not need to worry about getting all the way up to the flower bed barriers or any of the concrete that goes on your property. Allowing a six to eight inch leeway is sufficient. The main reason is to allow the lawn to remain stable and not destroy the equipment. If you are wanting to aerate all the way up to your barriers then by all means one can do that but I would suggest using a hand core aerator or another type of manual contraption.

People who like having a lawn that people envy are the ones who know the importance of aeration. Having Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care be the ones to come out and aerate your lawn is one of if not the best way to ensure you have a healthy and great looking lawn. Lawn aeration service can take your lawn from being the one that is overlooked and or full of weeds to one that is competitive with the retired neighbor who splenda ll their time out there caring for their lawn. All you have to do is call Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care and allow our team to evaluate and manage the process to bring your lawn to a healthy and respectable level without having you spend all your free time on Saturday out in the heat or in lines at one of those big box stores.

Lawn aeration has three main ways to aerate the lawn. The first being core aeration. Core aeration, also known as plug aeration, is a very mechanical type of process. This process extracts cores full of thatch, soil and grass from the lawn in order to increase availability of nutrients, penetration from water, soil to air ratio and ease of the compaction of the ground. The second type of Tulsa Aeration is spiked aeration. This method makes holes in the ground to loosen the soil in order to do the same process as core aeration, just not as long term as core. Spike aeration will not provide the benefits like core aeration, but spike aeration is better than no aeration. The third option is liquid aeration. The type of aeration treatment is an organic process which will increase the amount of water that is able to penetrate the ground and help to reduce the thatch within the lawn. This method involves no machinery or lumps of dirt littering the lawn.

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