Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care is a local family owned business with deep ties to the Tulsa lawn care community.

As an owner/operator I take extreme pride in my work and always want to provide the best for my clients.  As such, I am an active member within our Tulsa lawn care community from volunteering to coach youth sports, helping with cub scout activities and leading youth through different work programs. My family and I are very involved with our community and love driving around and seeing all the homes we take care of.  Making the community we live in look better and bringing value back to where we live is a great feeling knowing the benefit our company provides. Also, giving back financially to the schools so the kids can have new books, field trips or so the brand new school teacher with $80,000 in school debt does not have to further themselves in debt just so their students can have the supplies needed to run basic school operations.

Since we are making a living from the citizens of different communities we wanted to make sure we gave back to the same citizens so they know we care about the community they live in as well. Schools are always struggling to find funds for different activities and supplies. We thought giving back to the schools would be the best way for our clients to know how much we appreciate them hiring us on, and giving us an opportunity to give them their Saturdays back so they can go and enjoy what they want instead of what the house needs.

We want to give back everytime we get a new client because we want our clients to know it is not always about gaining new clients and earning their money. We want our clients to know that we are a company that cares and can be trusted with one of the biggest assets of your life. Knowing you are partnering with a company that is willing to give away their earring and not knowing whether or not that will pay off for them in the long run indicates that company is wanting the community to know they can be trusted and will be there for their community when needed.  Knowing you are working with a company that cares about the community you live in and raise your children in is a company that one knows will be there for the long haul and not some fly by night here today gone tomorrow mowing company.  Giving back is a great thing for companies to do for their community. Showing support for the community that shows support for your business. This also creates great rapport with our company and our community. Our clients and community that we will provide back as they have provided for us.

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We want the Tulsa lawn care community to know the community we live in and work in is the community we want to support. Our kids, like most of your kids, go to school in the community we live and work in so why not give directly back to the institutions that will directly benefit our future. All the dollars we give to charity go directly to local schools and any other local organizations that a client might request. We live locally, we donate locally.

So many reasons to support our local schools. One is what we provide each year may be just enough to keep a program open or after school activity going one more year. You never know the impact your donation can have, yes it may be only five dollars but that amount is matched and we obtain many new customers each season. 

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Not only are we giving to local schools but we have also begun giving to St. Jude’s. We ran across a customer who had no interest in any of the school districts and asked if it was possible to donate to St.Judes. She stated they have done everything for her and they are the reason her son is here today. Well, with a more detailed story from her and tears in her eyes as she explained to us the reasoning for her request, the answer was of course. Also, knowing how quickly you become oblivious to the rest of the world when your child becomes sick. Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care will provide lawn service for families that are attending or going through services provided by St. Judes Children’s Hospital. We want our community to know we will be here to provide you with service that you can count on.

The Tulsa lawn care community can donate simply by calling, texting, or emailing Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names Lawn Care and have us come out and provide you with a $5 first mow, which includes mowing, weedeating, edging and hard surface clean up.  Helping the community that we live in is obviously a main factor for us as a company. We are out there day in and day out cutting that grass in our community making our community look better. We are out there trimming hedges in our community making our community look better.  We are out there removing leaves in our community making our community look better. We are out there delivering firewood to our Tulsa lawn care community to make sure those who need the firewood for warmth will have the firewood to burn and those who need the firewood for creating an abeyance will have the firewood to burn and enjoy.

Take advantage of Green Country’s best outdoor deal, where else can you get such an amazing deal, a five dollar first mow, which is donated to the school district of your choice, and it includes mowing, edging trimming, weedeating and hard surface cleanup every time, so give us a call, text (918) 872-0338 or email ( and get your outdoor service set up so you can go and enjoy all the wonderful things an Oklahoma summer can provide. You can not even get a burger, fries and a shake for five dollars. Reserve your spot today with any of our outdoor services. Get you Saturdays back, Green Country.