Good morning, Tulsa Christmas light installation community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first Mow folks, how we doing out there? Good. Wonderful. Awesome. Great. Enjoying the holidays. We are at that time between, uh, Christmas and New Year’s. We’ve got Christmas lights up. We’ve got Christmas lights hanging. We’ve got Christmas lights dangling. That’s right folks. Christmas lights are everywhere. Uh, it’s getting that time of year where we’re getting ready to come in and bring those beautiful Christmas lights down that we spent so much time putting up. And if you’re anything like Mo most people bringing down the Christmas lights is not a fun task. Mainly, primarily because it’s freezing. Who wants to go out and freeze their tails off to bring down Christmas lights? There’s no joy in it. There’s no fun in it. It’s all ba humbug at this point in time.

So the smart thing to have done was hire kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home. Owe the $5 first. Mow to install your Tulsa Christmas light installation. Why? Because of now, now is the reason why you wanted that installation Now is the reason why you wanted someone else to come out, throw those beautiful, adorable Christmas lights up because now it’s cold, because now it’s yucky out because now it’s better to have someone else do it than to have you get in there and do it and be just that uncomfortable. So folks kicking grass and taking AIM’s, long hair will more than happily come and take your Christmas lights down even if we didn’t put them up. That’s right. We’ll come out, take ’em down for you, help you organize ’em, get ’em ready for next year and one of two options. We’ll be ready for you next year to help you put them up. Or we will have some great brand new commercial grade solid, good looking bright and beautiful Christmas lights to install for you in our Tulsa Christmas, Christmas light installation. So Christmas lights, they’re fun. They’re magical when they go up. They’re beautiful, they’re gorgeous, they’re bright, they’re all the above when they go up, not so much for when they come down. When they come down, it’s more of a chore when they come down. It’s more of a bore. We don’t like to destroy the beauty

That they create, undo the magic that they make. Christmas light installation is one of the most fun things to do as a landscaper. Um, it’s also one of the things that we get to do going into the winter break that we can actually still do in the dark. And you, you say to yourself in the dark. Yeah, in the dark. I mean we are putting up lights, so we just gotta plug ’em in, make sure we don’t, uh, lecture. You cue ourselves when we bite into the line for whatever purpose we need to bite into. But other than that, yeah, yeah, we can install ’em in the dark, make ’em look great. A lot easier to see if there’s a light bulb belt, that’s for sure as we go about our business. So just let us know how many lights you’re in that you want.

How many bulbs, how much color you want. How much fun do you want at your house with lights? ’cause that’s what it is. It’s fun with lights. Tulsa Christmas light installation is nothing short of gorgeous. When we’re all done and all set and all looking good, we have some beautiful Christmas lights up shining bright for you and your neighbors to enjoy. So not only do we take care of the grass, not only do we take care of the leaves, which is also still taking care of the grass, but we take care of the lights, okay? We make ’em shine bright. We do the best we can do to make that house the envy of the neighborhood. So we’re gonna mow that grass. Your neighbor’s gonna be envious. We’re gonna clean it up quick. Your neighbor’s gonna be envious. Why are your neighbors envious of you all the time?

Why? Because you’re a doer. You get up, you get your stuff taken care of. You call us, we come out, we get it done, we get you mowed, we get your leaves cleaned up, and then we install the beautiful lights of Christmas. Folks, nothing better than having lights up, lights bright, knowing you don’t have to get out there and take it all down and freeze and get wet and do any of that stuff because you hired the team from kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first mode to come out and take care of all that good, fun, easy stuff. And the reason why I say it’s good fun, easy stuff is ’cause man, we’ve got all the tools, tricks, and trades to make everything go up with ease. Okay? We’re not gonna be out there suffering. We’re not gonna be out there hurting.

Uh, we, we have ideas, we have tricks, we have all sorts of little goodies up our sleeves to make everything work for you. Uh, we want you guys to realize how, how hard we work and how much experience we have. So do not be afraid to call us and let us show off to you how to install the Tulsa Christmas light installation at your house. That’s right folks. You heard it. You heard me. It’s real. It’s an offer. It’s something you guys want and will enjoy. So have your lights installed by the ones the onlys, kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first bone. Nothing better, nothing greater, okay? The only thing better and greater than that is probably sipping hot cocoa by the fire with a warm blanket around you. That is probably the closest thing to acceptable that one can have of having kicking grass and taking names. Long hair.

Do a Tulsa Christmas light installation for you. That is probably equivalent. Why? Because that’s how enjoyable it is. Because that’s how magical it is, because that’s how wonderful it is. Having people help out with those duties that become cumbersome because of weather or outside circumstances is, is a blessing in disguise. You guys don’t realize how, how much blessings you have when we come and help you out. And it, you just don’t have to deal with those elements. You don’t have to deal with those surprises. You don’t have to deal with whatever hiccups. ’cause there’s always a hiccup on the day of, uh, them coming down. There’s always some sort of crazy, there’s always some sort of something. So we need to know and be aware and make sure that we have everything under control. Why? So you don’t have to. So it is one less thing on your bucket.

It is one less thing on your list. It is one less thing you have to go through in order to enjoy your home, in order to enjoy the time with your family, with your loved ones. And that’s what we’re here for. To help create time and to help create memories and to help create, uh, atmosphere of happiness. We, we’re not here to cause chaos or chaos or add to the mess or add to anything bad. We are here to simply show you that we can provide you with a service where you can just say, set it and forget it. These guys have it. They told me the date. They’re there. They’re telling me again when they’re bringing it down. They’re there. Wonderful. Great. It’s stored and we’re on our way. So folks kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of a $5 first. Mow is definitely the place to go in order to get your lights installed.

We shine bright. We have commercial grade, we have durable, we have strong. Everything you can possibly think of in order to make your house shine bright. There’s nothing better. Nothing remotely better than having people climb around your house, throwing those beautiful Christmas lights up, making ’em shine bright. There’s nothing better than knowing that you are taking care of. ’cause you know what’s gonna happen. Those bulbs are gonna go out in the middle of the night in winter when it’s cold out. And you’re gonna have these guys have to come out and take it care of for you. You don’t have to do it. That again, is another great and awesome feeling, knowing that you do not have to take care of bulbs when they go out. Nothing better than hiring a team of guys to climb on that roof, to take care of things and get things done. Alright folks, give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Let us know how we’re doing. Let us know how you like it. Let us throw those lights up for you. We’ll see you out there.