<silence> Good morning folks. This is Kevin here with Kicking Grass and taking names. Long Care Home of the $5 First mow, we’re gonna be talking about Tulsa’s Christmas light installation, folks with Christmas lights. It’s fun with Christmas lights, it’s memories with Christmas lights. It is a wonderful and beautiful feeling that we all have and enjoy and just love Christmas lights. Bring a joy to our hearts. A joy to our eyes. A creates an ambiance around the house that allows for so many wonderful, great and stupendous things. Folks, I hope you understand that installing Christmas lights is, is not hard. It’s just tricky. Um, you know, you’ve got a lot of look nooks and crannies, a lot of measuring and things like that, but at kicking grass and taking names long here, home of the $5 first, mow, what we do is we offer custom grade, bright, beautiful, bold Christmas lights. And we offer that simply because we wanna make your house shine. We don’t wanna make your neighbors go by. Woo, that’s, that’s bright, that’s nice. I like that. We want your neighbors to notice you for the right things and not the bad. And our Christmas lights will get you noticed.

So you’ll be a shining star on your block.

And we want you to be the shining star of the block and the neighborhood. So many Christmas lights can cover so much of your home, and we can install those for you. So the Tulsa Christmas light installation program that we offer is one that is one of the best in the area. We’re gonna come out and we’re gonna measure that house. We’re gonna come out and we’re going to look at that house. We’re gonna come out and climb on that house. We’re gonna get a feel for those. We get to know your house. It’s gonna be a really bonding moment with us in your house. It’s very nice, very, very, uh, ambiance, so to speak. And once we have figured the house out, the chaos, the what color the house wants to be and things like that, and once we have confirmed with you the colors you want to use and have helped, helped you realize, know your house wants these colors, and it’ll be happier with these colors and stuff, then we begin the install. And it’s a, it’s a, it’s a glorious thing. You know why it’s a glorious thing? Because you’re not the ones doing it. You know why it’s a glorious thing? Because in January when it’s, I don’t know, eight degrees outside, you’re not the ones having to bring ’em down.

Our, uh, price is all inclusive. That is installation, um, repair, rehang, whatever we need to do. And removal. You pay it all up front. We’re still there to take care of you. Uh, it’s a big, great, wonderful thing. So many people like it. So, Tulsa Christmas Light installation is a great program that we offer. It’s one of the best programs that I know about. Not too many people can get a deal like this. Uh, the main reason is, is we’re gonna be here after we put them up. Um, we’ve been, uh, in the area, uh, for over 40 years. Um, but as a company, you know, we’ve been going strong for at least a solid five to 10 years. And we’re here, we’ve got family here, we’ve got roots here. We’ve got everything, uh, that you would want in a company here. So have no fear.

We’ll be here to put it up and take it down for you. We’re gonna be here to install, uh, change bulbs, whatever, uh, within that program, as long as we’re the ones who, uh, put up, take down and maintain. Um, if you want to ever change your colors prior to season start, by all means, let us know. We’ll be glad to change those colors out, get a new scheme, get a new schematic, get a new whatever going on for you. It’ll be something you guys will really enjoy. And like, I mean, hard, hard to, uh, argue when every year you can change your color. You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s already cut to your house. You already have everything figured out. It’s, it’s a really good deal. Um, our Tulsa Christmas light installation program is just one of the best that I know about.

Um, we, we really provide some great options in it. Um, you can always add on. That’s the other beautiful thing. ’cause uh, since these are customizable, uh, at any point in time, if you want to add to your list of where you want lights, how you want lights, you know, or if you want less lights, I mean, I don’t know why you would want less lights, but you know, for some reason you do. Uh, most people want more and more lights e each year. And, and we’re great with that. We’re good with that. We like that.

And folks, crisp lights are great when they’re shiny and bright.

There’s so many wonderful shiny Christmas lights to put up. And we’re gonna be the ones that put ’em up. We wanna put ’em up. We wanna show you how bright our lights can be. We wanna show you how fun and, and just interactive. And you can get all sorts of great little tricks of the trade for those Christmas lights. The Tulsa Christmas light installation program that we offer is very unique in the sense that it’s offered by kicking grass. It can take names, lawn care, home of the $5 first. Mow, that’s what makes it unique. Folks. Uh, we’ve been here, uh, we’ve worked hard for you guys. We’re, we’re really putting, um, light to house and, and making it, making it wonderful, making it a beautiful start for the day. And folks, we just want to be the ones that make that house shine and really put a nice look and glow to it.

You really should allow kicking grass and taking names long here. Be the ones that come in and install those Christmas lights. So many Christmas lights. So little time. There’s no reason for you guys to freeze. Come January on taking all that stuff down. Um, freezing is is not fun. You know, we’re gonna be already dressed for the weather. We’re gonna be, you know, we gotta have our layers on our carhartts, our thermals, our all the above. And we want you to understand that it is a process. So why should you have to get up, climb around, try to get things down, you know, we’ll have the right equipment, right tools, right? Everything that we need. And it’s part of the Tulsa Christmas light installation program. It’s, it’s, it’s a great deal. It’s all built in. It’s one price. Uh, once you’re, it’s a one and done deal.

Um, and like I said, uh, we’re already in your neighborhood. You, you’ve seen us all summer long, mowing your neighbor’s yards. You’ve seen us all summer long, mowing your yard. Uh, so you know, we’re gonna be here. Uh, you know, we provide, uh, quality, good service. You know, we provide, uh, timely service. Uh, so we’re here. We make it simple for you guys. We don’t overcomplicate things. Uh, just don’t be afraid. Reach out. Let us know. How can we help? How can we provide and install and do all those wonderful things? So the Tulsa Christmas light installation program that we have is one of a kind, uh, it’s one of the best programs that kicking grass and taking names, lawn care provides. Um, so if you’re interested, if you’re kneading, if you’re wanting Christmas lights, this is who you go to. We want to give you the opportunity to look at your best in your neighborhood.

It’s like a black bow tie for your house. Um, you really dress it up. You really make it look nice. And you make those neighbors of yours just go, huh, that is absolutely amazing. And then you tell them who we are. And we are taking care of your neighbors. And we are super thankful and grateful for you. And we will provide you a discount come next year when we mow your yard. Um, we don’t forget these things. We are very appreciative of our clients that help refer us out. Uh, and we do give back. We give back to you. We give back to the community we give back to, uh, organizations. So help us, help others. Help us get out there and provide for so many other people who are either less fortunate or just unable to produce at this time for whatever reason. But folks, Christmas lights, kicking grass.

There’s nothing better. So kicking lights and decking halls is our Christmas light program. It’s, it’s just great. It’s wonderful. We really want to be the ones to come out and take care of you. We want you to be, we want you guys. We’re insured. We’re, we’re, um, we got all the safety precautions. So I mean, climbing on that roof, doing our thing, whatever it is, we’re gonna, we’re gonna get it taken care of. And, and you guys aren’t gonna have to worry or have any headaches or any of the above. So just check it out, check us out, see how we can help, where we can help, why we can help. And we’re gonna be the ones to really make you guys shine and look good. And we hope you guys enjoy the lights that we put up. I know you’re gonna enjoy your neighbor’s lights that we’ve put up and the other ones around the corner.

So we want you to enjoy your home when you pull up and see them bright and beautiful and, and all the above. So kicking grass, taking names of lawn care, also known as kicking lights and decking halls. Um, we’re coming out, we’re coming for you. We’re gonna shine, we’re gonna look great. Um, and we’re gonna make you look great. ’cause the better you look, the better we look. Um, whether it’s your lawn or your lights, let us know. 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check us out. Check our, uh, website, our gallery, all that good stuff. We’ll see you guys out there. Thanks.