Hi, this is Kevin with kicking Lights and decking Halls. How you folks doing out there? It is Christmas lights. Christmas lights. Christmas lights. Today, Tulsa, Christmas light installation is the thing to do. Why? Because who wants to climb a ladder and be up there all by themselves? Okay. You know, your wife doesn’t wanna get out there. It’s cold. You know she’s not gonna help you. You know, your kids are too small. They just wanna see the sprinkly, the sparkly little glows that the house have at certain times of the year. They don’t understand why. So you’re out there all alone with all the many other projects that you have to do all alone, that take up all your time when all you wanna do is be in the house and bucking your wife. ’cause it’s cold out. And no one wants to be out in the cold, except kicking lights and taking halls.

Whoa. What are you saying? Yeah, that’s right. I am saying we wanna be out there. Not only do we want to be out there, but we wanna be out there to make everything shine. We wanna be out there to make it all work. We wanna be out there to make it all glow. We wanna be out there to make your family happy. So Tulsa Christmas light installation is something that we do. We provide, we make good and great again. Um, you will. So very much like how we do it, that you are going to recommend us to all your friends. And you’re like, what? We’re gonna do what? Yeah. You’re gonna recommend us to your friends. You know why? Because you want them to look as good as you because they’re your neighbors and you don’t want them to, to one look, look nasty. And then two, you don’t want them to look nasty.

’cause you do have property value. You do have homes, you do. Guys wanna maintain certain level of, uh, stuff so as to keep it up and nice and fancy and Yeah. I’m, I know what I’m doing here. We gonna look good. We are one of the best installation in the area of Green country, known as Tulsa. We go to very many communities. We install in Bigsby, broken Arrow, uh, Midtown, Tulsa. It’s <inaudible>. You name it. We’re out there. We’re out there. We’re in your community. We’re making you guys shine South Tulsa. It’s wonderful. It’s great. We keep the glow on Tulsa Christmas light installation. We want you guys to have the understanding that your lights will be professionally done, well maintained, taken care of. If we are the ones that get to do this, we provide a full service. We take ’em up, we pull ’em down, we store ’em.

We change the colors, we fix, we repair, we do whatever it is that we need to do for you guys. So you’re well taken care of. You guys know what’s going on? You, you don’t have any fear. Your lights are always gonna work. Uh, it is a one time fee each season and, and you guys are all set up. Uh, nothing else you need to worry about other than say, Hey, this is the date I want ’em up. This is the date I want ’em down. Keep it simple. Keep it easy. All right? If you want the same color every year, awesome. Wonderful. We got you. We got the same color every single year for you. Not a problem. If you want different colors, awesome. Cool. There’s no additional charge. We switch out the bulbs. We, we move on with our lives. It’s great. It’s wonderful.

It is not that hard of a deal. Uh, it’s an easy deal. It’s a great deal. It’s something that we look forward to offering all of our customers in the mowing world when it comes to Christmas lights. Why? Well, because we wanna do Christmas lights. We like Christmas lights. Christmas lights are fun. Christmas lights are one of the best things during the dark season of winter. Why? ’cause it gets dark quick and then, yeah, bright glowy Christmas lights that really take care of everything that you need. That really shines. It really glows. So you don’t wanna be stuck with small bulbs. ’cause then you know that doesn’t look right. And then you don’t wanna be stuck with dull bulbs. ’cause then it doesn’t look right. You wanna be having and requesting C nine LED bulbs, which commercial grade provided by kicking lights and decking halls. So to lawn Tulsa Christmas light installation community, it is definitely time for you guys to check out the professionalism and the high quality of lights that we put up. We put up lights on big homes, little homes, small homes, tiny homes, ginormous homes. Two story homes, one story homes.

If you have a roof line, we have a lot light line. It is simple. It is easy. We, we really like to do it. The hard part is climbing the roofs. And you know, if you got one of them big, all new homes with all sorts of angles and lines and things like that, you are not going to find lights to follow your path. Nor are you gonna find, you know, lights to fall to length, let alone the path. And then go from one section to another section to another level. You’re gonna have lights dangling everywhere. Let’s put lights where you want lights. And let’s have no lights where you don’t want lights. Okay? So it don’t matter the design of the home, don’t matter the roof line you got, we’re gonna find it, follow it and take care of it. Get it all done for you guys.

Why? Because here at kicking lights and decking halls, that’s what we do. We throw those lights up for you. So many people, so little time, so many homes, so many bulbs. It is awesome. We put up close to three to four miles one season in a week. It is just a phenomenal feeling knowing how much lights and happiness you can bring. That’s three or four miles of happiness right there. And I don’t mean literally laid out flat, I mean on a home. So that’s a lot of homes. If you, if you know, the average home is somewhere between, I don’t know, a hundred and a hundred bulbs, 150 bulbs, okay? And those are feet. So very many homes when you average it out. Something like that. Don’t me wrong Tulsa Crystals, light installation community. There are some homes out there that are, you know, just a few feet.

And there are some homes out there that are quite a bit more. But we definitely wanna know that we are the ones doing it for you. So, you know, you have quality work. Ask your neighbor. He uses us. Ask your other neighbor. She uses us. Oh wait, you’re gonna use us too. So they’re gonna ask you. So providing the lights is what we do best. We come out, we keep it clean. There’s other things we can do while we’re there, since we’re already on the roof, might as well clean those gutters out and or install leaf guard guttering. Either way, keep it simple. We’re there, we’re up, we got our ladders out. Why not knock out more than one task at a time, but get those lights shining. Get those lights up. We want to do them for you. We want to make your home glow. Cri Christmas lights really do bring an ambiance to the house, to the neighborhood, to the feeling of the season. No matter

Who you are, what you like or how you like it. Christmas lights really

Do a phenomenal job and number on how you perceive the world and how you feel during that time. They are very much a happiness stimulator. And we want to maintain that, keep that, and make it keep going on. We do not want to let up. We do not want to allow for the darkness of early winter, late fall to creep in and get us. And we very much so want to make sure we have a light. And I think that’s why we need to have Christmas lights out there is ’cause they are the light and the darkness.

They show happiness. They show all the above because

Christmas lights just have happiness with them when they light up, depending on your colors and everything. I mean, it’s just a real, real festive feeling. And it’s just something that most people really do enjoy and like. And they have a wonderful, wonderful time doing these beautiful Christmas lights around their home just to sit back and enjoy. Uh, ’cause you know, installing ’em is not that great, not that fun. And taking ’em down is not bad at all. Uh, the bad part about taking ’em down is the weather. You know, you’re either being covered with ice or snow or wind or water. I mean, very rarely, very rarely do we have a June, sorry, a January where it is just gorgeous weather, uh, to bring down lights and no wrong. Uh, the um, January of 2024 was unreal. Um, while the front side of the January 1st couple weeks were mighty cold.

The, uh, last two weeks were above normal weather. Last, very last week, a year above normal weather. So it was great. It was wonderful. Tulsa Christmas light installation was done. Talking about the weather. Let us just get those lights up for you. Make them good, make them strong, wonderful and bright. Uh, Christmas light installation does have its danger. Um, so be careful while you’re doing that. Um, but oh wait, you don’t have to be careful. You can have all the fun you want and dance on the ground because you’re having kicking lights and decking halls. Install it. Uh, don’t worry folks, we’re gonna keep you safe. We’re gonna keep you grounded. We’re gonna keep you guys, uh, in the house, you know? ’cause sometimes November’s cold and that’s when you watch your lights up, you know, not a big deal. Not a problem. Uh, stay warm.

Okay? So this is, this is how it’s gonna work. We’re gonna mow your yard all year long. We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna do a, uh, crystals, light insulation. We’re gonna deliver you some firewood. We’re gonna clean your gutters, okay? Get it prepped for wi winter. You’re gonna stay inside nice and warm and enjoy your lights, enjoy your wood. And then when you go outside in January, you’re gonna see us take the lights down as you get in your nice warm car and then go back in your nice warm home and deal with your nice warm fire. And none of that did you have to do. Why? Because you got a trusted company called kicking lights and decking halls and kicking grass and taking dam’s Lawn care home with a $5 first mail. Give us a call no matter what, eight seven two zero three three eight area code (918) 872-0338. Call us. Let us come out, let us do this for you. Let us take care of you. Let us get you guys locked up and taken care of. There’s nothing better.