<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Christmas light installation community. How are you doing? Kevin? Here with kicking lights and decking halls. We are, uh, wanna talk to lights folks. Big, bright, beautiful lights. C nine versus C seven. C seven is a smaller light bulb. It, uh, does not space out as far as the C nine. Um, it’s also not as big as the C nine. It is, it is significantly smaller, hence the reason why it’s a C seven and not a C nine. Uh, so let’s talk several things here, folks. We’re gonna talk over about the advantages of a CC nine over a C seven. We’re gonna talk about the, uh, likes and dislikes of a C nine over a C seven, and then we’re gonna complete by, uh, co comparing the spacing and, uh, little over, uh, making it look better overall. What type of deal of the C nine over the C seven?

So typically a C seven is something you’re gonna wanna do for like, maybe a tree or a bush or something of a smaller nature where you’re just kind of rapid around or something like that. In fact, you may even go smaller than a C seven. Um, c sevens are just, are just typically for smaller structures, not necessarily the home itself. Uh, c sevens can provide, um, a good and put off a, an adequate amount of light, but c sevens are not a C nine folks. Tulsa Christmas light installation community, the C nine is the Christmas light of the world. There’s nothing better than a C nine on your house looking out, shining bright, telling the world that you are celebrating Christmas. C nines are big, bold, bright and beautiful. They’re typically about spaced out a foot apart with commercial grade LED lights, which are wonderful because they do not take up the energy like the old ones used to.

I’m telling you, they are not a succubus of power draining anything. They are just a sip of tea on how much they take of energy, though they don’t add much more to it. They don’t add, um, that much more to the bill. You won’t even notice it’s a small hiccup if that, at best you’ll be lucky enough to even notice, uh, the, the change in your bill Tulsa Christmas light installation community. What else can I tell you about the C nine? It is a big, bright, beautiful bulb. Um, it is something you will clearly see when you enter the neighborhood. Depending where your house is located, you’ll surely see it from down the street, uh, that you live on. Uh, you will definitely stand out to your neighbors. Uh, it will be a nice, good clean look versus the, the messy, uh, chaotic look that maybe your neighbors might have if they have the smaller bulbs or anything like that.

You won’t have a thousand little tiny, uh, clips hanging from your house, um, because of the nice spaced out amount of room that the roughly foot gives you. Uh, it’s a clean look. It’s a solid look. It’s a look that you want for your house. It’s a look that’s gonna remind you of your childhood. It’s gonna, you know, those, those traditional looking bulbs were just absolutely phenomenal. When we were growing up, the only problem was they were so fragile and broke even when the wind blew on ’em. So that is quite okay that they did that. But just so you know, it is what it is. And we will provide you with some wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous C nine bright, big and beautiful bulbs. Um, again, you won’t be looking like you have snow in the corners of your house from all the clips. ’cause like I said, they’ll be nice and spaced out, secured to your roof.

Lots of room for all that good fun stuff. Tulsa Christmas light installation community. What else can we tell you about the C nine? Um, it’s a powerful bulb. It, it, it really gives a statement to the community of, of what you want to do and how you wanna provide to everyone. And anyone out there, we want you guys to know that with this bulb, you’re going to really be shining bright. That’s right folks, with this bulb, you’ll be shining bright, brighter than your neighbors and, and you’ll be well taken care of by kicking lights and decking halls. Why? Because it’s what we do. It’s what we want to do. We wanna take care of you guys. We wanna make your house look good. We wanna do it better than the rest. We want to have, provide that service to where you’re gonna call us and brag on us, uh, to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Um, and it only makes sense because we’re only more profitable the more we can do in one area. So why wouldn’t I want your neighbor? Why wouldn’t I want a family member and then want their neighbors, right? I mean, that’s the best thing for us to do. That’s the best way for us to be okay. It only makes sense for us to do a really, really good job where we’re at with you in order to get those neighbors, families and friends, okay? Because if we, if we get people that are spaced out everywhere, then we’re gonna spend most of our time behind a windshield. And we don’t wanna do that. We wanna spend our time showing those lights and bringing that joy to the community. So Tulsa Christmas light installation community, there is so many different ways that you can enjoy your C nine. You can enjoy it around the front trim of your roof.

You can enjoy it around the windows, the doors, the garage. You can enjoy them running up and down your driveway on the ground. Okay? Now, we do recommend that you put a smaller bulb into your bushes and it wrapped around your trees. It’ll look great, it’ll look phenomenal. It’ll really pop. Um, if you don’t believe me, check out our website. You’ll see some of the homes that we do. Um, and some of the things that we provide for people, they’re really nice, really good, and you’re going to like them. You know how I know you’re gonna like them? Because the homeowners like them. They, they keep having us come out and add on. And that’s the other beautiful thing about the type of bulbs and line that we use. You can just add on anywhere and everywhere in order to make your house that much more festive.

And that’s what you want to go for, folks. You really want to go for a good time, a festive time, a time that shows happiness. Alright? So folks, Tulsa Christmas light installation community. We are doing a great job putting those lights up. We’re doing a great job having lights all over the house. They’re staying, they’re secure, they’re bold, they’re big, they’re beautiful. They’re, they’re, they’re just the way to be. Um, so many folks think the smaller the better, but man, the one thing about the smaller bulbs is you have a ton of clips going up and all of a sudden you look like a white Christmas trim all over your house from all the clips that we have there. And again, we don’t want to do that. We don’t want to have clips everywhere. We don’t wanna have clips falling down or having to replace and all that stuff.

The C nine is, is a good medium of how many clips to how many bulbs you want up. Um, it’s a strong, strong bulb. It’s a strong line. It, it holds itself in place. It does a really great job of just being secure and there for you. So the C nine can do so many wonderful things that you don’t have to worry about. And it’s gonna glow and you’re like, oh, I don’t want dark spaces. I don’t want black spaces. Uh, I, I don’t want little patches of, I can’t see. Well, you won’t get that. The C nine will get you stuff that shines bright and, and leads the way for you. There is just nothing better than a nice bright line. A nice clean looking house that has so many wonderful things going on with it. And that C nine is really gonna provide those things for you.

The line is gonna be bright, the line is gonna be crisp and clean. You know, you’re going to look good. You’re not gonna be overdone. Um, we can make you look like a Griswold if you want, but it won’t necessarily be like that if you don’t. Um, we, we will pick how you want it done. We can put light where you want it and none where you don’t. Okay? And it does not matter where it is, how it is. We will, uh, you only pay for Christmas lights. You don’t pay for extensions, you don’t pay for, uh, timers, anything like that. Especially since a lot of these homes nowadays, they come with timers. So again, if you don’t have a timer, no worry, don’t fret free timer on us. Uh, if it quits working, don’t, don’t worry about it. We’ll get you a new one.

Get it replaced. Not a big deal. Uh, we can do these things for you because you’re our client. We wanna take care of you. Wanna make sure you’re happy. Um, again, let us know how these bulbs can go. Um, they’re, they’re the best bulbs on the market, uh, you know, coming out at you that some of them can, can flicker, some of them can do all sorts of different little designs or, or tricks or whatever. We can set them to match each other or follow or chase, uh, however you wanna look at it. There’s a lot of good times

With the poem. Just give you

Anything you want. You know, brightness, happiness, joy, all the above. So folks, Christmas lights are wonderful. Christmas lights are some of the best things that we can offer. Uh, kicking lights and decking halls is one of the best, uh, Christmas light companies we’ve got going on for you right now. And, uh, we really want you to know that it’s something to enjoy and pass on to your neighbors and friends. We’re gonna be a solid team out there for you where you don’t have to worry about it. Um, we’ve got enough tricks of the trade now that we can just come out, show up and do a really good job. You know, you’re not gonna bring out heavy equipment, mark up the yard, anything like that. Um, we go and get on those roofs, uh, safe and sound. We are fully insured. Um, so nothing to fall back on you, the homeowner. Just, just something to sit back, enjoy. And again, we’re a company that loves to say, you know, hire us, set it and forget it. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it. So, uh, kicking lights and decking halls, give us a call. We’ll throw those lights up for you at any time.