<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Christmas light installation community. Kevin here with kicking lights and decking halls home. Oh, the $5 first. Mow. What? You know what we’re talking about? Christmas lights, buddy. Yeah, I am. But we’re a landscape company. What do you want? We mow lawns and we do Christmas lights. So how about them apples? That’s right, folks. Christmas lights, they’re wonderful. They bring so much joy to so many people just by seeing them. And it’s really hard to get that across when you just need to have it done to see it, feel it, enjoy it. Get that emotional connection to when you were younger and just those lights just lit up your world. You want to enjoy those lights, have those lights, bring happiness and warmth to you and just know the lights are just a joyous, joyous thing. So Tulsa Christmas light installation community. We want to be the ones to install your lights here at kicking lights and decking halls. Lawn care.

Just let us come out. Light up your world. We know so many wonderful and beautiful things with lights. They can do so many great things for the home and they bring the community together. It’s just a sense of feeling, of closeness, of happiness that one may get simply by putting up Christmas lights. Who would’ve thought by putting up little bulbs, C nine, beautiful, colorful LED, bright bulbs that you would come out and visit with your neighbors? Visit with your friends, visit with so many family members. This is a great and wonderful time of the year to be and have Christmas lights. It does so many great things, so many fun things to benefit the families and all of those involved in seeing these Christmas lights. So many neighbors will come out just to view your bright, beautiful lights installed by kicking lights and decking halls.

What a better way to celebrate the time of year than to have your Tulsa Crypsis light installation done by us. A heavily sought after company in so many regards to outdoor solutions that many homeowners have to deal with on a daily basis. Many homeowners do not want to get out in the cold to put up lights, nor do they want to be out in the freezing cold come January to take them down. These are things that we take care of for you. We will take these lights up, we will put these lights down. We will do so many of these things that you will not have to worry about it. We keep them organized, we keep them secure, safe, and as long as we’re the ones that are doing all the work and providing the storage for them, you can even change your colors free of charge from year to year.

It’s a very wonderful and great benefit that we like to provide to our customers so they can enjoy looking at their lights and changing it up as they see fit without having to do high prices or deal with different companies. There are so many different things that we can provide and solutions that we can come up with for you so you guys can enjoy and share the lights of your home. And one thing says about people who put up Christmas lights is they are a loving and caring kind to their community because by doing that, you are definitely sharing with your community a wonderful way to stay warm on the inside and out. So Tulsa Christmas light installation community, we want to be the ones that come out and install these lights for you in a safe and proper manner. You do not want it to climb on your roof.

Homes are getting bigger, larger, and more steep on those roofs. The last thing you want to do is crawl around all the way up there only to be faced with some sort of potential injury hanging off of something. And or worst case scenario, death falling off ruse can will not and is not fun. If it is not a horrible injury, it can be death and we do not want that to happen. So Tulsa Christmas light community, Tulsa Christmas light installation community. Let us know how we can help. How many lights would you like? That is it. We’ll get ’em up. We’ll string ’em up. Colors awesome. We’ve got those. We’ll take care of those colors for you. We’ll make you look good. Well, you’ll be the shiny one on your block, and if your neighbors hires us, then you both will be the most shiny on the block.

And if the entire street hol hire hires us, you guys will be the gemstone of your neighborhood. That’s right. Bright, beautiful, and known to the world. You’ll be seen from the uh, top on those helicopter rides. People will be coming by and flying over and looking down and seeing that glow. ’cause you got it installed by kicking lights and decking halls. Um, lawn care. That’s right. Let us put those lights up. Let us put those Tulsa Christmas light installation community lights up for you. And we want to light them up. We want to do so many wonderful lights for you to make them bright, big and beautiful. Lights are fun. Lights are very attractive. Lights are just something that really provides a lot of morale in your neighborhood. When one starts, then two, then three. Next thing you know, majority of the people in your neighborhood are wanting to light it up and look beautiful and wonderful. There are so many wonderful things that lights can do for a neighborhood, not just having to deal with all the craziness of balloon animals and the blowups in the front yard and other things like that. Lights can be classy, lights can be simple. Lights can be wonderful simply by just putting up the right color, the right design for your house. Mapping out every single edge line and ridge that you have on your roof may not always be the best looking scenario.

Two, come out there and have lights put up by kicking lights. And decking halls means you want a good quality look to your home. You want it to look clean. You want it to look nice. You want it to look tidy. You don’t want a big mess. You don’t want lights hanging. You don’t want lights drooping. You don’t want lights sagging anywhere. If the bulbs go out, whatever it is, we’ll be out. We’ll come around, we’ll take ’em down, we’ll put ’em up, we’ll fix ’em. We’ll make it look good. We’ll make it look right. So Tulsa Christmas light installation community. Call us, let us know. (918) 872-0338. Let us be the ones to come out and do this for you and have so many wonderful, beautiful looking lights. Lights do fall down. Whether it’s because of wind, bird, bad installation, it happens, okay? But we’re gonna be the ones that come out and fix the issues that you’re facing.

All you have to do is let us know, Hey, something happened and we’ll be out. We wanna make sure that your house looks good. Why? Because that’s our advertisement to your neighbors. It is much easier and better for us to put up the lights of your neighbors than it is to drive around and put up one light in each neighborhood all around town. The more we get in one area, the better. And we want to advertise our best work. So of course we’re gonna do and try to do our best job and we want to maintain it and keep it looking good. ’cause we never know when the right customer’s gonna come by and say, Ooh, I like that house. Who did it? Our signs will be in the yard. Brag about us to your neighbors, family members, and whoever else you can think of. Let us be the ones that do the lights for them for you and whoever else you got on your list. If you have a business, a building, a whatever, let us be the ones to come out and use our beautiful lights to brighten up your building. We want to have these lights shine bright and beautiful throughout the night. Make them one of the focal points up your ride home or what your customer’s gonna see when they pull up.

Christmas lights are a wonderful and fun thing. They really bring joy to the community. And for those of you who could

And are wise enough to provide Christmas lights to the community, you will have a residual effect from that provision. So many Christmas lights out there, so little time. But in order to do this, we need to start early. We can throw ’em up. Doesn’t mean that we need to turn ’em on. We can set ’em for the right time, date and all that stuff. All you have to do is either flip a switch or plug ’em in. It’s gonna be real simple, really easy. Anything we can do to make it easier and better for you, we will. But we want to be the ones to come out and put your lights up. So call kicking lights and decking halls. Let us know what we can do for you and how often we can come out and service those lights. We want to put ’em up, make ’em bright, bright and cheery to cheer up everyone around you. And you never know. It may be contagious. And because of you, you’ll be helping us win the light war. We’ll see you guys out there enjoying.