<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Christmas light installation community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first. Mow, I want to reach out to you and let you know that take down is upon us. Christmas take down lights. That’s right. Uh, we are here letting people know we are taking down your Christmas lights, that it was included in the installation fee. So there is not an extra charge or any, any hidden fees. It’s a flat rate upfront. Know what you’re getting. Um, and so, yep, that’s where we’re at. That’s how we are. That’s what we’re doing. Uh, Tulsa Christmas light installation is a great, great deal that we offer. We make your home festive great and wonderful. It is so exciting. So much fun to watch your home. Light up however you want it. You want light somewhere. Awesome. We will put it there.

You do not want lights somewhere. Awesome. We will not put it there. That’s how it works, folks. It’s a wonderful, great deal. It’s absolutely stupendous. You get that lights up, happiness, jolly time. Great feeling in your house is very festive. Uh, it’s really fun to have Christmas lights on the house. It’s really festive. It’s really helping with the neighborhood. Cheer season, everything, guys. It’s a great, great thing to do, uh, especially when you use the, uh, customizable commercial grade Christmas lights that we offer. Uh, you use those. Your house is gonna look stupendous. It’s gonna be solid too. You don’t have to worry about, uh, bulbs and all these other things going out on you. You don’t have to worry about things breaking and stuff like that. And, uh, if any of that does happen, we are there to take care of it. You know, if some punks run around the neighborhood starts cutting Christmas lights up, not a big deal, we can, uh, get it all taken care of and fixed, uh, very, very easily done. So, Christmas light installation by kicking grass and taking names, long hair, better known as kicking lights and decking halls during Christmas season. Uh, we want to get those lights up and get everyone festive and on the mark and on the ball. It is a fun and grandioso time to enjoy those Christmas lights. Not many things such as that will put you in the mood for a season.

There is just something different that Christmas lights do that bring an ambiance to your home. Very warm, very inviting, very comforting to have all that added to your home. Now remember folks, some of those

Roofs can be steep. Some of those roofs can be te treacherous. Uh, ladders can be, uh, difficult to maneuver and get up on and, and all that good fun stuff. So let kicking lights and decking halls come out and take care of those Christmas lights. No need for you to stress or get all tangled up or any of that garbage. Alright? Nothing better than lighten it up from our labor. It’s great. It’s wonderful. It’s easy, it’s simple. We’re already out here mowing your lawn. You know us. We’ve been out there all year long. We’re taking great care of you guys. Um, you, you, you, you’ve seen it before, so you know who to expect. Okay? We got our, our team shirts on. We’re all that good stuff. So s light installation in Tulsa by kicking lights and decking halls. Okay? We want to do it.

We want to give you those lights and we’re gonna make it wonderful and beautiful and we’re gonna take ’em down. We’re not gonna, we’re, we’re not gonna disappear. We’re not going to all of a sudden, uh, be gone outta the blue. We are going to be there to take them down, like we said we would. Um, or the date that you asked for, there’s a specific date you want it down by or you wanna keep ’em up until a certain date, that’s fine. So whatever you want, it’s your lights. Uh, we’re just there to, uh, install, take down store and design. That’s it. Not hard, not complicated. Uh, just depends on what you want. Um, and as long as we’re storing ’em and taking care of ’em for you guys, we will warranty them, okay? Bulbs, everything, um, everything that it needs. And if, uh, you know, you want to change colors, great.

Wonderful. They are your lights. So if you want to keep ’em, you can do that. But, uh, once you keep ’em, they are yours, everything with it. Uh, you won’t be able to change colors. Uh, if you do, you’ll have to, uh, pay a price, uh, just for a fee or whatever. Not a big deal. Um, but again, store, we can store ’em for you. You guys have no headache. Don’t have to worry where they’re at. Not in your way. You guys put whatever you want in your garage, in your attic, whatever you want to do. Christmas light installation. That is what we do here at Kicking Grass. I’m taking names, lawn care, better known as kicking lights and decking halls. It’s wonderful. It’s great. We’re gonna be there to install, to take down. We gotta make you guys look great. We’re gonna bring back that cleanness, uh, when we come out there in the, in, uh, middle winter to take all that stuff down. Very simple, very easy. We don’t, uh, want to overcomplicate anything for you guys. Uh,

We really wanna make sure you guys are well taken care of. ’cause like I said, we’re, we’re out there all year long anyway, okay? We’re gonna be mowing that grass, trimming those bushes, uh, keeping those, uh, edge lines straight. Uh, it’s a really wonderful and great atmosphere that we provide. Uh, a very nice house. We keep it clean. We got you guys going strong. You know, it’s simple. We don’t overcomplicate it. We don’t, we don’t have to do too much to get you guys going. So, Tulsa Christmas light installation, guys, that’s what we’re doing today is how we’re making this area great. Again, really want to bring home the ambiance of family and togetherness. And there’s nothing, nothing quite like Christmas lights that can do that. Uh, I can’t think of too many other things that bring, bring that ambiance of warmth and happiness and comfort.

Another, another big, big word right there. Comfort to the home as those Christmas lights. Um, you, you know, you get a pattern, you get a color scheme that you like and you just stick with it. And it’s just a lot of good memories around that and all that. And, and, and if you’re not a person that has a specific color scheme and you like to change it up, that’s, that’s fine too. Just having the lights is, uh, is the main thing. You know, it really brings out they’re nice, vibrant LEDs. They’re really, really bright, really great Tulsa Christmas light installation by kicking lights and decking halls, better known as kicking grass and taking names. Long hair. Man, I cannot think of longer names for my businesses. I tell you what, it’s a great, wonderful thing. Uh, just know we’re out here kicking it and making those yards look great, okay?

Whether it’s mowing, whether it’s picking up leaves, or removing snow, or putting up those beautiful Christmas lights, folks, we’re out here, we’re bringing ’em down right now. We’re, we’re making those homes, uh, clear, clean up, getting all that, uh, Christmas stuff put away, stocked up for you guys, uh, and bringing back the beauty of the natural home. So it’s good. We’re, we’re out here doing what we, uh, what we told you we’d do two months ago and making you guys really enjoy your home once again. Uh, change is always good. Change is afoot. And we, we really like it when we can offer a lot of different change, uh, with our services. Okay? We make those, uh, plant beds. Bare naked again, clean them out. Get rid of the old mulch, put some new mulch in, get those leaves gone. Clean all that up. Whatever we can do for you, we’re gonna do, we’re gonna get it. We’re gonna get going. We got you guys. Um, lights are, are being packed and stored away. Organized, uh, ready for next season. Okay? You guys will have great lights. And as always, these lights are customizable. You’ll be able to add on to them.

You’ll be able to, uh, change colors, uh, do whatever it is you want to do, whatever you’re feeling. If you know you, you’ll have it. It’s wonderful. So folks, just be ready. Um, have us come out. We’re gonna reach out. We’re getting those lights taken down. Um, I know not too many people like ’em up too far past the first, and some people want to keep ’em up past three kings day, which is great and wonderful too. That’s fine. Uh, we do not have a timeline where they all need to be down by. They are your lights. Uh, we bring them down at your discretion. So do not be afraid to enjoy your lights for a few more days, whatever it is that you need. But just note, uh, you know, we’re gonna reach out, schedule you for a take down if it works out for you.

Great. Wonderful. Awesome. We shall be there. So folks, just be ready, just be excited. Um, I know we are, um, we’re getting ready for the spring season. Get ready for all the, um, fertilizations and things like that. We got coming in, coming up. And we’re going to be looking at great once again. So kicking grass, taking names of long hair, finishing up the season with kicking lights and decking halls, making everything look great, bringing it all back, getting it stuffed away and organized. Just for you guys. Give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out. Look at all the great things we have to offer. We will see then we.