Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 First Mo folks, how you doing out there? Leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves. It’s that time of year folks leaves has fallen. Uh, and it’s time to clean ’em up. Uh, you don’t wanna leave leaves out on the lawn too long, especially during winter. Um, cuz it acts like a blanket. We want to cover. We want to come and pick those leaves up, get ’em off your lawn, get your lawn exposed to as much sunlight as possible. Um, and then mulch up whatever tiny bit amount of leaves are left to throw that down into a, uh, fertilizer type thing for the, for your lawn, okay? Help, uh, help put nutrients and all that good fun stuff back in there. Get you a healthy, lush green lawn come spring.
So folks, when those leaves come falling, you need to understand it takes time, it takes effort, it takes machinery, it takes experience in the sense of having an efficient way of getting them moved and clean and flow and all that. Uh, so having said all that, folks, we got our, our method down. We got our madness down. Uh, let us come out and be the ones that move those leads for you. Uh, let us come out and, uh, clean that lawn up. Make it look good. Uh, let make your j neighbors pop their heads out and go, whoa, I can’t have them having a better looking lawn than me, even in the middle of winter. Uh, and then we can take care of your neighbor too. Cuz here, here’s the thing. Uh, happy neighbor, happy life. You know what I’m saying? Uh, if, if we clean your yard and your neighbor doesn’t, and they blow back on your, you’re not gonna be happy.
But if we clean your yard and your neighbor’s like, whoa, that looks good. And then we clean your neighbors hard yard, you’ll be happy. They’ll be happy. Everybody will be happy. Uh, so it’s a win-win situation, uh, for kicking grass is taking names long here. And that’s what we want. We want to go out there. We want to make your lawns look great. We want to put our, uh, our pictures out there. We want to show it off and let everyone know who did it all. So kicking grass and taking names, long hair home of the $5 first smoke toast us. The long care community. Don’t be the last ones out there. Don’t let the leaves sit on your lawn all winter long. Uh, the quicker you get ’em off, the better it is for you. Uh, know that, understand that, want that, don’t be afraid of that.
There’s no reason for you to go and spend an entire weekend, actually, probably more than an entire weekend. Leaves are not easy. Leaves are not quick. And if you don’t have the right equipment that’ll mulch ’em and up and destroy ’em and break ’em down, then you’re, you’re gonna be out there for a hot minute. And when I say a hot minute, I’m, I’m not talking about like, oh, it might take you a a Saturday morning. I’m talking about five weekends of winter, going out there, raking your leaves, putting them in bags, having a mountain of bags out front, you know, sitting there going, oh man, I just bagged 40 leaves of bags this weekend and da da da da da. No, I’m talking about coming out anywhere from two to three hours of work and knocking your yard out, okay? And, and by all means, definitely not, uh, walk, uh, coming out of there with 30, 40 bags worth of leaves.
Um, I don’t want you guys to have to ha put up with that. Have that kind of headache, have that kind of nonsense to deal with. Uh, we’ve got the right equipment, we’ve got the right methods. Uh, let us be the ones that come out and, uh, make everything easier and better and nicer for you. Uh, you enjoy the warmth of your home. Uh, other things that go do out there in the Tulsa lawn care community other than the leaves. And leave that to us. Uh, we’ll take care of ’em for you. We’ll get it done. We’ll, uh, we’ll move on. Uh, it’s not a bad solution. And you get a nice looking yard. And like I said, we’re gonna get most of leaves. Not every single leaf out of every single corner. And you may get a few more leaves put down, but that’s okay.
You’re, what you’re wanting is the blanket of leaves removed. The blanket of leaves is what can really do the damage. It’s not one or two leaves that’ll harm the yard cuz Thoses will get moved, pushed around, broke down, aid up, destroyed, whatever. It’s the fact that those one or two leaves have exponential amount of buddies that they’re hanging onto when they all fall down and it turns into a solid hardcore blanket. Um, not being removed, not doing anything, just, just killing the grass, flat out dead grass. Um, nothing you really want like that Tulsa Lawn care community. Uh, you need to look out for your lawn. Why no one else will. Um, we want you guys to know, uh, lawn care is something we enjoy, something we take serious and something we, we hope to keep providing for you guys into the long future. Uh, we’ve had clients for years now, um, who return some for just release some for, uh, everything.
So it does depend, you know. But again, um, as things change, as things go on, we have different services, different, um, types of programs. Uh, we offer three wonderful, awesome, unique, uh, packages to get your lawn back into shape. Uh, please always call and, and figure out, uh, which package will work best for you. They come with amenities. They come with offers, they come with all sorts of different and cool things, um, that we provide. Tulsa Lawn Care community. We are one of the only ones that provide package deals when it comes to outdoor services. Um,
You know why? You’ve already got a company coming to you, providing you with service for certain things. Why not get everything done through one company? Right? And instead of speculating what this might cost, what that might cost, pay a pay a fat flat fee a month. And you, you’ve got different little attributes, little, uh, add-ons you can have. But just pay the flat fee. And, and there you go. And then maybe, maybe that month, the, the add-on isn’t what you need or, or it’s different. Or maybe you see something else you want to do. Uh, again, we’ll have, since you’re already our customer, since you’re already in our program, we’ll have a lower than ex than normal, uh, charge for that service. So somebody outside the program may, may have to pay a higher price or we’ll have to pay a higher price than somebody inside the program. Uh, Tulsa Lawn Care community.
We wanna be the ones that you are go-to. We want to be the ones that take care of all your, um, outdoor needs. Uh, if you’re interested in package deals, what we offer, what we have, please check our website out, Uh, email us at kicking dot or give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. I will be glad to, uh, pick up, talk to you, give you a little more info about it and, and get it going. Uh, we don’t want you guys to, uh, to be left in the dark. We want to guide you through our, it’s our program. We’re the ones that know it, and we want to guide you through it and let you get your best, uh, um, bang for the buck out of it. Um, we, like I said, we’re at gonna do add-ons, uh, every month. Uh, they’ll change, uh, more, more than likely.
Uh, I say month. Uh, the add-ons will kind of go with the flow of, uh, what should be done extra for that time of period, uh, of the year. You know, if it’s, uh, trimmings or, or, uh, seatings or things like that. Um, fertilization, you know, you name it, you know it, we’ll add it on. We’ll get it done. Uh, so guys, don’t, uh, don’t sit there and, and fret don’t get upset. Um, just know that we’re going to have that service for you. Um, going forward. Uh, it’s the best thing to do best at, you know, like some of them prices get quickly outta control higher and all sorts of things. Uh, you’ll have a set income, you know what it’s gonna be every single month. Um, it’ll be great. Uh, it’ll include things like Christmas slides, leaf removal, uh, snow removal, uh, just depending on the packages you get.
Um, you know, so good options in there. Uh, some people I know, obviously snow removal won’t be a big deal for ’em. That’s fine. Uh, some people like to be preventative and have it have it there anyway no matter what. That’s fine too. Uh, just let us know. We’ll be glad to, to surface you guys, help you guys out and get it all taken care of. Put away, uh, king Grass, taking names, long care home with a $5 first Mo. We’re out here. We’re out there. We’re gonna be everywhere. Uh, your neighborhood, our neighborhood, that neighborhood and this neighborhood. Uh, doing what we do best. Mowing the lawns in our green country community. Making, um, all of our neighbors look good. Having, having to help and, uh, being able to provide some of the best service in town. Uh, making sure we’re looking good and keeping everyone looking sharp.
Uh, blades are going, uh, turbines and the wind backpacks are blowing. Um, chainsaws are buzzing. So we’re, we’re still active. We’re still got a lot going on guys. Uh, the days are now getting longer. Uh, it’s time to really get back into work, back into the swing of things. Uh, let’s, uh, let’s get out there, clean these properties up. We wanna make ’em look great. Uh, there’s no reason to sit here and, and suffer the, make the grass suffer by putting all that weight of the leaves on them and, and all that good fun stuff. We wanna make sure, uh, they’re all looking good and, and, uh, that, you know, we’re taken care of. Take take those lawns and, and, and do what you can with them and make them, uh, make them look as good as possible. Uh, so folks, give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8.
Uh, let us know what you need, how you need it. Check our website out. Uh, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, the website address is Uh, it’s great. It’s wonderful. It’s easy. Uh, the form is simple. Uh, I think it’s like, name, phone number, and requested, uh, service. That’s it. I mean, we just want to get to the, to the meat of it. We don’t need all that other information off the bat. We’ll get it from you. Uh, we’ll take care of you, we’ll light you up. We’ll, uh, make you guys look beautiful, uh, at the end of the day. So give us a call, check this out. Uh, see what we can do for you.