Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here was kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first, Green country. I just want to reach out to you this morning and talk to you about commercial Mowen and how it is a great way for us to maximize our company. Uh, and what I mean by that is commercial mowing allows us to take on residential mowing. Uh, I know how residential mowing can be. I know how volatile the industry is when it comes to residential mowing and, uh, commercial Boeing allows us to take those on, uh, with great confidence. Okay. So that’s another, that’s another benefit in hiring kicking grass, and taking names. Lawn care is we have this commercial-grade equipment. Yes. Big yes. Loud. Yes. Noisy. Yes, stinky. But once again, it allows us to come to knock out your property within 20, 30 minutes, and move on and want me to knock at your property. I’m talking about mowing edging, trimming, boom, we’re done. We’re moving on your lawn looks great. And it was a 30-minute task. You’re not burdened, uh, for long periods of time, by a small push mower. You are not burdened by, uh, hours of heat

And exhaustion and having to put up with everything else under the sun, while you try to take care of your own stuff, you have a professional, uh, team coming out, evaluating your lawn, knocking it out, having the right equipment, having the right gear to make it smooth, efficient, and good.

You, my friends, have one your weekend back, you are tackling the course as they say, and, uh, getting your time freedom. And that’s what we want to do and help you with at kicking grass and taking loans, care, Tulsa lawn care community. We want for you to get your freedom back. Okay. I mean, don’t go wrong. If you enjoy hours of slaving out there in the sun and taking care of your lawn. Awesome, wonderful. More powerful is to you. And no one’s going to make your lawn look better than you. But if you’re like the majority of us that want to a good enough lawn that won it, uh, managed, I can go out and enjoy it. When I want to take care of, I don’t have to worry about seeding or mowing or bugs or weeds, kicking grass, taking names. Your is your lawn care company.

Uh, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to come briefly, interrupt your Saturday morning or Tuesday afternoon and knock that out for you. We come, we unload, tell us along with the community. We take care of business for you with our equipment. And there are other services we can provide as well as always. We do fertilizations to keep that grass growing, make it healthy, strong, and green. Um, we can do, uh, treatments for weeds, you know, specifically, which we do have and things like that. We can also oversee make sure we got enough grass in there to keep growing, keep coming back, fighting for the next year. And we can also alright, alright, air ration is, uh, getting those cores out, making, uh, making more room for, for things to go into and loosen up the soil. Now I get it. So compacted. Alright. Um, good stuff for your great Tulsa Lawn Care services.

All stuff that we can do. All stuff that, uh, will help that lawn look lush and green and make the neighbors, curb kicking jealous. So every time they look at their, your lawn, they’re going to kick their curb and go, dang it. And he’s only out there for like 30 minutes and it looks that great. I’m out there all weekend. And again, if that’s your thing wonderful, if not have a great looking lawn, put little effort into it, maximize the best of both worlds. All right, told the lawn care community, come to kick your ass and taking names long hair because you want time. Freedom comes to us because you want the freedom to be with your family. You’d rather go to their games. You’d rather go on a hike with them. You’d rather go out to eat. You rather go do anything else. Then spend the weekend on the yard.

And when I say that, it’s, it’s not because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s, it’s simply because it’s a weekend thing for you once a week. Maybe once every other week for you to get done, you go to do something. Next thing you know, you gotta fix your, your mower. You’ve got to fix your weed eater. You need this, you need that. And, and by the time you’ve said and done, he spent four to five hours on a task that takes us 30, 40 minutes at most. Okay. Allow kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, to come and take care of you to give you those four or five hours back. I mean, what’s your time worth? Would you rather spend those four or five hours struggling and fighting and realizing everything you thought you had ready or prepared isn’t or would you rather pay us? Come out, take care of you, provide you with great service and we’re there again? 30 minutes, 45, 40 minutes at most. Okay. Tell us a laundry community, kid, grass, and take names takes on commercial sites. Has the equipment needed ready for those residential customers who need to be taken care of quickly and efficiently? Um, that’s why we do commercial sites.

That way we can efficiently tackle both, properties, commercial sites. Obviously, we’re going to be out there longer, uh, because they’re bigger. Okay. But because the bigger, we have bigger equipment, which allows us to be on your property that much shorter. Okay. And the more we practice, the better we become. So again, give us more lawns to do, let us come and practice on your lawn so we can sharpen our skills. So that way, the next time we come out, we’re there even less time. We know your lawn better. We’ll take care of it. Just the way you asked Don as we see fit. But as you won’t fit, also lawn care committee do not be afraid to fight for your weekend. You’re not afraid to, to not be the guys taking care of your lawn. 24 seven, kicking your ass and taking names. Lawn care is here to help is here to give you the freedom you need and deserve the Tulsa lawn care community. We want to reach out to you and ask you to look us up, to check us out, to have us help

That was helped you help us do your lawn with our equipment cause freedom is the ultimate goal. Freedom is where, where we find happiness. When we can do what we want with our time. And that’s what we want at kicking grass and taking names along here to provide to you Freedom. Okay?

Kids are only small. Once a Special dinner comes around. Every once in a blue moon, don’t be worn out from the day of knowing don’t be worn down from the headaches of having to replace gear and get new things and, and all that fun stuff. Because weather mowing gear is used in audit wears down. So tell us the lawn care committee. One more time, keep your grass and taking names, lawn care home, and a $5 first SMO come and check us out. Have us provide all the services that you need require or request all in one place. Let us take care of you. We have professional-grade equipment. We have efficient equipment. Uh, we come out, we know how to use it. Uh, it fires up ready to roll. Fuel tanks are full oils, checked, and ready to get you the best Tulsa Lawn Care around.

Ready to take on your lawn and make those neighbors kick curb kicking jealous because they want their lawn to look as good as yours without the time needed. And that’s what we do. We provide time freedom and a great looking lawn. Come home from a hard day’s work and boom, your lawn looks great. Come home from the weekend with a family Bo your lawn looks great. Come home from a week’s vacation, bow, your lawn load straight and all the while you see your neighbors spending hours, hours in their yard, trying to make it look half as good and not, and wonder why they can’t do it. They never see you out there, but your lawn looks just as good. If not better than theirs. And they are perplexed. Kicking your ass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5. First of all, we’re here for your TOSA. Give us a call and try us out.

If you need Christmas lights, aeration, fertilization, overseeding tree trimming, um, gutter cleaning any of the above. Give us a call. We’ll come help you out. Get you cleaned up. Get you back on your, uh, feet and make your home site curb kicking jealous to your neighbors. Kicking your ass, taking names long chair (918) 406-2019. Www dot taking grass,