Um, so Tulsa lawn care community, uh, if you hear a small motorbike wheeling away in somebody’s backyard, that is your local kicking grass and taking names, lawn care guy out there, cleaning it up and making neighborhoods look beautiful again. That’s right. Make neighborhoods look beautiful again. That’s what I’m here for. We’re going to, uh, pick the leaves up with my blower.

Gonna blow them all over the place, get them in a corner, tarp them to the front. Um, cause a lot of noise thing is loud and it’s proud. Uh, definitely, uh, looking, invested two years here, most of the noise cancellation, uh, stuff, wanting to, even maybe get a Bluetooth one they talked about in a couple of different videos. That way I can listen to my podcast and get extra smart as I blow these leaves around with top Tulsa Lawn Care solutions.

Mmm. But back to, uh, the leaves using different equipment, needing different equipment, wanting different types of equipment. Uh, you probably also need different levels of, uh, blowers too. That way you’re not completely blowing out customers. Uh, what does that stuff called? A mulch. There are some customers, man, I just, I mean, I blew everything out that they had. So they’re gonna have to have somebody come back, come springtime and uh, install some molds or redo some landscaping or whatever. Uh, that, uh, echo 80 10 is a very powerful blower, uh, that they had a recall on it.

Uh, I’m not exactly sure where mine falls on it. I didn’t follow up with it. Uh, something about getting a smaller tubing system for it, which might help unless it diminishes the season. CFM, I didn’t then I would not be a happy camper. A very happy cause I think blows the leaves around wet, frozen. Doesn’t matter what it is, they’re, they’re moving. The only challenge it did have was one lawn had, uh, some these red sticky leaves for your Tulsa Lawn Care, uh, that are almost seaweed looking, but they were leaves, uh, like just kinda see-through and said, but man, they just stuck. They stuck to each other. They stuck to the grass. They stuck to everything. Uh, but, uh, my blower did, did move them.

It had a little bit of trouble. Uh, it moved them as easily as the other types of leaves out there, but I had been, once I got straight upon on it, probably about a foot or two away. I mean, it, it, it would move them. And so if you know anything about the echo 80 10, you’ve heard the stories about it blowing concrete blocks across the parking lot, 50-pound bags of mulch, all this stuff, which I’ve not done by myself.

Um, these are just what I’ve heard. The salesman mentioned what I’ve seen, you know, what I’ve heard on YouTube and things like that. Um, and whenever, uh, the company did a test between the PBAT 10 echo and the steel 800 Magnum man, you’re talking about a foot or two difference as far as blowing capability. Um, so about the sound, I mean that foot or two to me I think would be worth having a quiet, more quiet motor, uh, as opposed to how loud it is when you get the top Tulsa Lawn Care.

One, just the main reason for the customer’s experience. Uh, I’m sure the customers here that, that thing roaring and are just like, why is it gotta be so loud? Uh, second for you know, your, your hearing. Um, but alas, uh, if you’ve already got earmuffs or whatever they’re called, noise-canceling headphones, um, if you’re looking for a new, a new, a blower, I can recommend that echo 80 10 by far. I mean it will, it will move heaven and earth, uh, if you want it to. And uh, it’s light. Uh, I think it goggles guzzles the fuel. And I think that was another thing that was mentioned was the steel 800, uh, can save you a lot of, a lot in fuel, not too sure.

Um, but I’ll probably be getting that steel 800 next, uh, just to compare and just to have another high power blower. And like I said, the main reason was just for the noise. Uh, I don’t want my customers to be upset because of how loud my blower is in the morning or, or just in general. So the lawn care community is excited about what we can offer you. Remember kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care. I am your first Mo, $5 Tulsa lawn care guy. Kicking your ass and taking names. I mean almost, I mean almost every single time we, we probably got a third of the leaves into the actual trailer that we tarped up. I mean that weed was brutal that day and when it picked up in the front, I mean it just, it picked up and it went. So. Yeah, definitely. Um,

a big help. So then we ended up getting the house across the street from that one and that guy was a big fan of monkey grass and, uh, his backyard was a nightmare cause it was monkey grass borderline everywhere he had, I don’t know what he was thinking. He thought it would be a great idea to outline his entire property and design of his backyard with monkey grass. And man, he did. He had a big old pool too. And uh, everything was, uh, stuck in there with your Tulsa Lawn Care.

We had to blow out from the flower beds that, you know, get in there and rake it out because I mean, not monkey grass, just hold on, do it like it was no tomorrow. Um, we got a, uh, a lot out of that one. Um, not enough to, to fill it. Uh, while working on that property, um, two houses down, a gentleman comes running up to me and, uh, asked me to do his, you know, his parents’ property and, uh, you know, after dealing with all these flower beds, I was like, I’m not doing flower beds anymore.