Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass, taking names long care home. Oh, the $5 first Mo all right, folks. Today, I want to talk about debris in the yard, debris thrown all over the place, trashed all sorts of things like that. Uh, it absolutely amazes me, uh, how trashy some lawns are, and how very picky some people are, how their lawns are mowed. The two don’t go coincide, meaning it does not make sense. When I show up to a locked, that number one is overgrown. Number two has trash all over the place. Uh, not just trash, but giant rocks. Uh, landscaping materials is thrown throughout the yard. Things destroyed. And yet they’re like very peculiar in particular on how you mow their yard, post a lawn care company that doesn’t add up. You cannot treat your lawn like a landfill, and then come out and expect the lawn guy. Who’s there to mow the yard, not, uh, put it back together, pick up all your trash and all this stuff, or to mow the yard. Okay. And nothing else, nothing more.

So for you guys to sit here and expect the lawn, guys, you basically rebuild your lawn every single time they come out. I mean, that’s not realistic. It’s your long you’re there. Every day. You’re wanting us to come out and mow it. We’re wanting to come out and mow it in a profitable time. Not in a, Oh, Hey, let’s stay out here all day for whatever amount we agreed on to Moe for and make your lawn look great. We’re gonna make your lawn look great by the confinements of the job. And then you’re going to make your lawn look great by picking up your trash and making sure your landscaping materials or where they need to be. And if for some reason they’re not the best Tulsa Lawn Care like us.

Bring them up once or twice is not that big a deal, but when you have to come out and rearrange everything every time, that’s a large, large, different story because remember, uh, we are out here to be a quick and efficient, uh, service. Uh, we are out here to provide you and your neighbor, uh, quick efficient service. No one wants to have these guys on their lawn, uh, for too long and then hearing their equipment all afternoon. So tell us the lawn care community again, regarding trash landscape materials, uh, just be courteous, you know, uh, not to sound crude or rude, but you are not the only one on our out that day. Uh, we do have several that we, people that we take care of just like all along with crews and it’s just courteous. Uh, would you want to have to sit there and wait for your long guy? Uh, because the person for them or two people for them decided, Oh, Hey, let me just have a landfill or make it look like a tornado came through my yard. And, uh, you know, I’ll make the long, I pick it up every single time. It’s not, that’s not really how it works. And if you’re wanting that, I’m sure there are guys out there that will do that. Uh, no issues, no problems, but always remember you pay for what you get.


The people who know their value are always going to charge more, but they’re also going to produce more, okay, your Indiana, get her, get her, get a better quality product from that individual. So again, it’s clearly up to you. Uh, obviously it’s also long hair. You, uh, will make your decision on who you want, how you want and why you want, you will, uh, obviously decide on what is best for you and your lawn and how it needs to be taken care of. And if you choose for someone to come out and take care of your, uh, Knowing services, by all means, do call kicking grass and taking names long hair and providing the best Tulsa Lawn Care around. One of the best, if not the best services in town. Yes, it’s easy to mow the yard, but we’re talking about a whole package here. Folks. We’re talking about the yard mowed, the yard, cleaned the yard, trim to your specifications. Uh, I’ve got, I’ve got lawns where one person wants it as short as a golf course and the neighbor next to them wants to see that grass blown in the wind four inches high.


So yes, I have got a wide variety and we will cut to your specifications. We of course will have on what’s know how to mow when to mow it. But long story, short Tulsa lawn care committee, it is your lawn. So it will be cut the light. You want it, pink grass and taking names. Lawn care will come out to Mo to be efficient, to be quick. We, we can schedule a cleanup, by all means, spring or fall, uh, during the summer, usually our peak Mellon time. So we’re kind of slammed, mow and everything up. But like I said if you got debris and like that, we do junk removal. We do, uh, we do cleanups. We’ll take all that stuff off your locked, but again, is this something we have to schedule it into our route showing up the day off for a fresh cuts is not the time for us to all of a sudden decide to schedule a yard cleanup, uh, particularly because, uh, we may not have all the proper tools on hand. Uh, we come with a certain setup in mind and we come with certain tools on hand once, uh, we are in route, we will not have access to everything. Uh, we line up our day for a specific needs of lawns in that routes. So some days, if we can, for light travel lighter, we will.

And some days if we need to bring more equipment, we will hence the reason we plan ahead. So King grass and taking names out there, mowing your lawns, making them look great. And remember it, it is everybody involved system. We come and mow because it grows, you clean it up. So you enjoy Mo. He didn’t have to spend all out all day out there mowing. That’s a big plus. And the other thing is the equipment. So when we come out there to mow the yard, Tulsa lawn care community, having those hidden gems of landscaping pieces and trash and all that stuff can damage our equipment, which is an expensive or a fix, or could be depending on what it damages.

Some people come out calls out for heavily overgrown yards. Those yards, usually we cannot do because of the massive overgrowth. Uh, it is just economically not worth it. Uh, the potential for damage, uh, hidden rocks and gyms and stuff, nature, uh, outweighs the potential opportunity with said customer Tulsa, lawn care, community, kin grasses, and taking names long here is here to help you help yourself. We’re here to come out and fried that mowing service. Keep your long lawn nice, short, and tidy. We’re here to make sure you’re aware of all the little exciting things going on in your lawn, the movement of all your landscaping materials. If people are dumping trash, we’ll let you know, tell us lawn care, community kicking grass, and taking names long care wants you to know that we will provide you with services of mowing your lawn. And if your work request, we can provide trash pickup at additional feet. Uh, and again, we can provide landscaping restructure at an additional fee. It’s not that we don’t do that. It’s just, we just need the heads up again so we can prepare the route for the day. Make sure we have the right equipment and, uh, have all the charges in place. Tulsa lawn care committee, kick grass and taking names long care here for you with a $5 first boat. Give us a call at (918) 406-2019. Or visit our website www dot kicking grass, Check us out. Give us a shout.