Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names lawn here. We’re going to be talking about leaves today. The almighty leaf, The close of our trees. They make our trees beautiful. And when they pass away, their colors are gorgeous. But then their little leafy bodies law on our ground smother our grasses and cause havoc on our beautiful curve. Kicking jealous lawns. So here kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, Tulsa’s finest and premiere. And one of Tulsa’s most highly Google-y rated companies like to reach out to our TOSA lawn care community and let them know we are here to pick up your leaves, allow us to come after those leaves, allow us to help you out.

But leaves they’ll just go away. Come springtime. No. What happens is they blow around to a person’s yard who wants them raked and picked up. We get called and we pick them up. So to help everyone out, everyone should do their part in the Tulsa lawn care community and call us. And how has pickup there leaves a little bit here a little bit there before you know it, we got all the leaves, But why do we need to pick up leaves? Well, we need to pick up leaves for several reasons. One of the simplest reasons is simply because of beautification, uh, helping our lawns look great, helping our properties look great. Uh, lawns in beds. I mean lawns in beds. Oh, my Leaves in beds are okay to an extent, a few left in there as good. Um, obviously four feet of leaves in beds is overkill, but that will, those, most of that will eventually come out but tell us along here, humanity.

Another thing is the leaves will smother your lawn and then you’ll be with dead spots who wants dead spots in their lawn. I know I don’t because then you have to come back through and over-seed and grow and punch more pain. It’s just lot easier to pick those leaves up and keep your grass and taking names. Lawn care has methods. We’ve learned. We’ve evolved. We’ve changed. Uh, we’ve got faster, uh, methods. We got better equipment. Uh, so we are here to help you out, come out and take that all day task again all day task and turn it into an hour or two or less of work that you don’t have to do because you’re out with your kiddos. You’re out with your family. You’re out doing what you want to do and not having to deal with pesky homeowner stuff because you decided to delegate that to kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. And we are more than happy to handle that for you. Tell us a lawn care community we’re reaching out to you so we can show you our stuff, our equipment, our methods, our techniques, our customer service. We want to show you how fast, how quick and efficient we can be taking care of those leaves for you. We know what to do with them. We have a method of handling them

And we’ll again, we’ll make those lawns look great. Make them curb kicking jealous. So your neighbors are like, man, who got them leaves with that guy. That’s right. Kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, got them for you. And we’ll get them for your neighbor. And yeah, the neighbor and the other guy across the street from behind, you will get them to so allow us to come out and service you. We’ve got the, uh, newest, the most powerful equipment on the market.

We’ve got a method that, uh, help us clean Yards quickly and efficiently. And we just want to be able to take care of you guys. We want to help you out. We know leaves are pain and people don’t like to deal with them and they’re unsightly and in the way and all that stuff, and you want a nice-looking yard. You want your stuff taken care of. You just want to be able to do your thing and move on. And that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to take care of your leaves. We’re here to take care of, uh, your yard from leaf season two, mowing season two, uh, spring cleanups elevations, you name it. We’ll help you out with it best we can.

Our goal is to make those neighbors, curb kicking, jealous that way. When they see your lawn, they kick their curb and get jealous. Hence the phrase, curb kicking jealous, want to make your neighbors that way. So they’ll hire us to beautify your whole neighborhood, make it look good, make it look taken care of, make those property values go up because your properties are properly maintained. Again. Tell us the lawn care community. Thank you for the support you have given us this last year. We appreciate that. And we appreciate your business. We want to come out there and offer more services. We’re going to come out there and offer more beautification to your neighborhood. Simply by picking up those pesky leaves, those leaves can be quite the feat to take care of and take up a lot of bags. So either way, you’ll probably end up having to pay for it, whether it is paying a company to come out and do it, which we’ll have one of the most competitive rates out there, or whether it’s buying 40 bags, 50 bags, a hundred bags, and then spending your time out there, right leaf by leaf, by leaf.

And then on top of all that paying for the trash company to come through and pick up all 100 of those bags one way or the other that’s going to happen. So you spent a whole day, Saturday where you couldn’t do anything else, but Lee’s you spent money on bags. Maybe you had to go buy another rake or some other type of tool to help you out.

And then you have to pay for somebody to come and pick that up. So, boom, right there, a lot of costs associated with it. Uh, time, money, knowledge, uh, methods, a lot of costs where you could have hired us and had a free Saturday. No headaches allow us to come out there and an hour to knock those leaves out and take care of for you. You doing happy and on your way. And those leaves will come back. So again, then you can look forward to another Saturday of leaf raking, or you can allow us to come through and take care of it for you. Either way. We’re happy to help. We’re happy to provide our services. [inaudible] our methodology, our knowledge, our abilities, and knock those leaves out of the park for you kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. One of Tulsa’s most highly rated professional lawn care removal of leaves company out there does the lawn care community. When it comes to leaf removal, check us out because we’re going to help you out. We’re going to come out and be quick and efficient and get rid of those leaves. Keep those lawns healthy. Keep those grass, the grass growing. And as always make those neighbors, curb kicking jealous.

We want to provide a good service because we want you to recommend us to your friends because the best form of advertisement is a recommendation. And that’s what we’re looking for. You can recommend us to your friends and then that will, uh, one be a good feather in your hat because your friends will be like, man, that person was phenomenal things. And then they’ll listen to more of your recommendations. And we hope to be a part of more of those recommendations. Cause we’re here to mow. We’re here to collect leaves. We’re here to provide as many lawn services applications as we can for you. Uh, that way you have an all-in-one bundle and you don’t have to have 20 different companies. Uh, we want to provide good customer service to our total lawn care community. We want to provide a good quality product and we want you to recommend us to your family and or friends. And that’s something we really appreciate. Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin Harris, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home, or the $5 first bow allow us with our competitive rates to come and pick up those. Leave these from your property. Help that grass grow. Give us a call. Check us out at (918) 406-2019. Www dot kicking grass, Let us take those leaves off your hands. Thanks, Tulsa.