Five bucks. All right? You can’t even go to McDonald’s and get a value meal for five bucks. Alright, so $5 first. First Mo kicked your ass. Taking names, lawn care. Do you guys have a good one? Uh, I digress. So the hustler had it for about eight years. Um, eight, nine years. Man, I don’t even know. Long time it blew up. Had the Scag gone to, I’ve had nothing but steel up until this year. I bought an echo blower, which I talked about earlier. Um, and I said it’s done pretty good steel sticks. Um, that’s primarily what I’ve used. Probably what I’ll probably continue to use the best Tulsa Lawn Care.

Um, I have no reason at this time to change anything else. Uh, I think this site, the sticks are all the same. Uh, the blowers, there’s a little bit of difference, you know, but sticks or sticks, um, so far, no issues, fire up there, light, uh, like the way it handles. So I already know how to kinda work on steel anyway, so, and I got tons of, uh, steel parts and equipment. So probably just keep that route unless they just do me wrong when it comes to your Tulsa Lawn Care.

And I mean, you know, not really that the hustler did me wrong, it’s just I was just ready for some change, probably new color. I like orange, so that’s why I picked a Scag. But you know, those rights tell ya yellow started to look good again, but let’s see. And then we had the steel blower. I’ve had the, I’ve had that one, PVR three 80 now for probably about 10 or 12 years and it still works.

Uh, my first deal stick actually placed it. I think this season I added about nine or 10 years. Um, don’t actually know if it still works. I haven’t fired it up since I bought the new one, to be honest with you. Um, let’s see. I mean, that’s pretty much it for my equipment. Uh, I am looking for a dump trailer for next fall to do more leaves, make life just a hair easier. And, um, so yeah, that’s I think that’s the goal for this year is to get a dump trailer, get a stand-on mower a little bit bigger than and what I have now and uh, I think that’ll be about it. So Tulsa lawn care community, when you see kicking grass and taking names, long care out there. Uh, I’m going to have some new gear. I’ll be shiny. I’ll be polished cause you always want to be clean.

Um, I’ll be out there mowing out there, bagging them leaves, get ’em up, take them, get them off. Leaves are important. Don’t, don’t forget that. Tell us lawn care, community [inaudible] remember kicking grass and taking names. We are your $5 First Mo. That’s right. Your $5 first row. You can’t beat it. No one in town is going to do that for you. I’m going to show up on time. What did they say?

Shirt tucked in mostly depending on what time of day gimme you gave me in the morning and straight will be tugged and give him the afternoon. He may not be tucked in. A plus will be dirty by then, but I’ll show up on time. So tell us a long care community. Thank you once again. Appreciate you, uh, out there supporting me and I’ll see you on the next green. You’re not going to go out there because it’s mud. I mean the grass is grass for a reason and, and it allows you to walk on it and enjoy it and, and all sorts of fun stuff. So, you know, the outdoors was made to be enjoyed. You want to be able to go out and entertain and have a pit fire. Uh, if you have a, um, a CIM and a or something like that, you won’t be able to use that stuff for your Tulsa Lawn Care

You know, you only always be cooped up inside your house and just because of leaves or the simple fact that you haven’t, you know, tried to take care of your lawn for any reasons, you know, this goes out and with, with the proper lawn maintenance team, I mean they, they can take care of you and yeah, there’s, there’s a dime a dozen out there. So you know, I’m not trying to sell you on taking care of your, of your lawn because you can get any Joe Schmo to get out there and do that with your Tulsa Lawn Care.

But I’m trying to sell you on is kicking grass and taking names on care for our customer service for me to get out there and we’re going to do what you want. Uh, we’re not going to sit here and, and try to upsell you on how many more fertilizations or will this, you know, we saw that it needed this, so we decided to add this to it. No, it’s going to be what you asked for when it comes to the best Tulsa Lawn Care.

And if the results aren’t what you’re wanting, then we can reevaluate the plan and go from there. But otherwise, what you ask for is what you get, what you pay for is what you get. Um, it’s going to be upfront. It’s going to be honest, uh, because like I said, uh, it’s, it’s the customer service aspect of it. You know you can get, there are too many other businesses out there too that’ll come out and do this and, and all that.

But you know, here at kicking names and kicking grass and taking names, long care, we’re wanting to make sure you’re, you’re satisfied. Uh, you’re wanting to refer us out. Um, you’re wanting to have us come back and return. You’ll know our teams. You’ll look, you’ll know us or we’ll take care of you. Um, like I said, just, just however we agree upon, we’ll take care of you.