Good morning, kicking grass and lawn care community. How are you doing today? Kevin, here with King grass, taking names, lawn care, reaching out to the Tulsa lawn care community, to see how you guys are doing and to inform you of different things, to make your house, your home curb kicking jealous for the neighbors. One of the things that you can do and provide out there in the Tulsa lawn care community has your hedges trimmed up. So you’ve heard me say, uh, that it is best and that one of the things that complete a house is the edging and it does it’s like fine tires on a, on a truck. You want, you want that complete look. You want that it is nice and edged up and look. So something else you can do is trim your hedges, those crazy wild bushy things in the front that no one pays attention to. Yes, those things that overtake their windows and your little garden areas overgrown, they start to look like a wild, crazy teenage boy hair. Yes, those hedges

Tulsa lawn care community, kicking your ass and taking names, trims hedges. They make them look good. They trim them down. We even rip them out. If need be or desired. We try to take care of as much of your property as we can. Making hedges look good is, is important. Knowing how to cut the hedges is important. Knowing that cutting to a certain length on hedges is important. What’s that length? It’s a mystery. It’s really not because if you catch too much, your Bush will die or hedge or whatever it’s called. Um, cause most of them to have some source of death right behind the green. That’s what a lot of people don’t realize or know

Has trimming, uh, is this one of those tasks that need to get done? Just like Boeing? Uh, it’s not hard. It’s not complicated. It is time-consuming. And if you don’t have the right equipment, it can be even more time-consuming. Okay. If you can grasp and take the name of the volunteers here to come out there and take care of you quickly and efficiently. So you do not have to spend your weekend taking care of your lawn. For example, trimming your hedges. Uh, we came out with a sharp, clean blade, uh, equipment that fires up.

We come out, uh, when we say we’re going to come out, um, and we come out and we do the job that you asked for w w we try to help you and guide you, uh, make that best decision for you and your household to make it look good, to make it, as we say, curb kicking, jealous. Uh, we want those neighbors to take notice of your property and how it’s taken care of and tripped up. Uh, we do get, uh, asked while on site, uh, and we want to make sure we leave you with a good impression that, that you guys want one or prefer to your neighbors because we want to make everyone’s yard look grades, uh, whether it’s trimming up their hedges with our trimmers or whether it’s mowing the lawn, uh, either way, we can provide the service quick and efficient. Uh, there are many things to think about when trimming hedges, um, how high do I want them? Do I just want to take a little off its hop? Uh, do I need to get rid of an arm, an extension? I don’t want to grow in this direction. It’s too close. We do always want to make sure we get the hedges off the house. Um, make sure we keep everything nice and tidy and clean.

Uh, and then when it comes to clean up, we try to get most of the leaves, uh, the clippings, sorry, and, and leave very little behind. But again, there will be some left. Uh, it also works as a natural barrier for the plants underneath to keep them warm, especially as it starts to get colder. Now we’re getting ready to go into fall here in Oklahoma, and we want to make sure we provide what we can for the hedges and other things in your little garden area, as best as we can and nothing better than natural, natural stuff, Tulsa lawn care, community trimming hedges. It’s not rocket science. I wish it was. Uh, but again, it’s a task that a homeowner like yourself should not have to worry about. You can just ask us to come out, take care of it, provide you with good clean service. The majority of your, uh, clippings will be picked up, uh, with mixed into the dark and or mulch that you have

Another service we provide volt. Let us come out and provide you with knives, fresh volts after we’ve clipped your hedges, trimmed them up because then you’ve got layer upon layer of good stuff and new dreams going back into the ground for your little plants to make them healthier, stronger, prettier, more vibrant, Many things to do when taking care of a property, uh, don’t be afraid to ask those the lawn care community. We are. We are here to provide the services. If it’s something that we are unable to do, we will have a resource available to you to get it done. So again, take your ass and taking names, lawn service. We are Tulsa’s premier and the most highly rated lawn care service. And we want you guys to have Tulsa’s most premier and highly rated kick curb, curb kick, and jealous lawn on the block. That’ll involve trimmed hedges, that’ll involve edge lines, battling the ball, trimmed house corners, fence line, and a mowed yard.

We try to use professional equipment. And when we use professional equipment, your lawn looks spectacular. Tulsa lawn care community, give us a call, let us come out. Let us provide that service for you. So you can have a lawn or a lawn service that is professionally done, that you have a lawn that is professionally maintained, that you gotta have a lawn that is a curb you can jealous to your neighbors. And, uh, that has our best marketing and advertising tool is your lawn. Uh, that way we can, uh, encourage said neighbors to pick us up.

And then when we can stay in one area longer, we don’t have to run through as fast. So we can really pay attention to the little details of each lawn. The longer work we’re in an area, uh, the less drive time was things like that, the better. So allowing us to trim your hedges, mow your lawn and all that good fun stuff allows us to advertise better. Allows us to make the money in your neighborhood and allows you the peace of mind, knowing who your guys are knowing the same guys every week, knowing the same company, knowing the same service, knowing the quality, uh, knowing that you and your neighbors can be taken care of from hedges to mulch, to mowing, to trimming, to weed, eating to aeration, fertilization, and oversees things. Let us be the ones to call on, to take care of all that stuff for you to maintain your property and make it curb kicking jealous, whether it’s for your neighbors or the neighboring neighborhood. We want those properties to shine and be noticed. All those little things add up for a good looking property, clean hedges, clean bulge, clean everything, toasts, a lawn care committee. When you’re ready, give us a call. (918) 406-2019. Kicking grass and taking names long here. Www dot kicking grass, We’ll see you out there.