Good afternoon, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. Want to talk to you about the importance of demoing equipment? So Tulsa lawn care, community kicking grass, and taking names takes pride in making sure we operate with some of the best equipment on the market. Now that is highly debatable. As far as what is the best you have multiple brands, you have some brands that come out of the same factory and all they do is get a different paint job or, you know, different coding and a different body style than another one. But roughly they’re, they’re literally off the same assembly line. Uh, you have some brands that are manufactured, uh, from different, uh, factories, uh, from different people that make mowers. You have some brands that are fat, uh, manufactured by people who don’t even make mowers or just a metal manufacturing or place or something that just creates and fabricates metal and shapes it.

Um, so again, there are a large, there’s a large, large group to pick from. And, uh, in the end, it’s just really what you like the way it looks and what works best out for you, you and your fleet. So tell us the lawn care community in my neck of the woods, we have Toro Scag, gravely Exmark, and, uh, right hustler. So we have a few of the top brands. Some are all manufactured by Toro. Uh, some are independently owned, like right and Scag. Um, but last that’s where we have, uh, there are also some other, even smaller ones such as Bobcat and bad boy mowers and guys like that that are way small and, and find, and are hard to find and, and stuff. And in fact, Bobcat is one of those ones that are being attracted by somebody else, but with a big, big boy name, um, yes, it is related to the Bobcat’s that you see in construction.

Uh, but you know, not the same company that actually builds them. So alas, Tulsa, lawn care community, making sure you use the right equipment for the right lawn is important. Making sure you have a, uh, the variable fleet is important, um, and having equipment that can go the distance. Um, mainly meaning it can handle the bumping around, um, in the trailer. Uh, cause most lawns are the same, you know, whether they’re bumpy, wholly, whatever, but in the end, it’s the bumping and the trailer that’s going to damage the product most. So the more heavy-duty your equipment is, uh, the longer last, but catch 22, the heavy, more heavy-duty. It is literally the heavier. It will be on the lawn, moving, uh, ruts, things like that, depending on how wet or damp the lawns are. So again, having a versatile fleet is good, a nice dry, hot day, having those big, bad boys stand on mowers or zero-turns come through covering four, five feet of grass at once.

I mean, you’re just, you’re, you’re flying through your and heaven, uh, rainy your days. Of course, you’ll want some smaller decks, lighter decks. Let me, let me rephrase that lighter decks. Um, that, unfortunately, doesn’t cover as much. They can not be cumbersome to use, uh, things like that, but, uh, last demo, demo, demo, demo, everything you like it. Wonderful demo. Is it a new, wonderful demo? Have you bought it before? And they changed something. Oh, sweet. Let me demo it. Um, and the reason why is yours truly releasing? We bought a new piece of equipment and it is horrible. It’s driving me insane. It is not working out for me in any way, shape or form. I immediately tried to take it back that didn’t work out. Um, so lesson learned hard way demo, demo.

Had I demo this felt this out. I would have immediately been like, no, thank you. I’ll take something else. I’m definitely not my cup of tea. It’s, it’s so hard to turn. So, unfortunately, since I am stuck with it, I have been forcing myself to use it. Um, it, it has a good width. It is 30 inches, so that’s good. Um, but it is just straightaways. It’s great, but getting it to in, in and out of corners and, and getting around trees and all that jazz is just absolutely horrible. Um, just does not work out well, very tiring, but partnered with a smaller one. Uh, it works better. Meaning the smaller ones, you just kinda move around everywhere and, and get done what you need doing. Uh, and as I said, you keep the bad boy as my partner in crime, calls it big Betty moving on the straightaways, uh, got her on the straightaways and she is golden, but that turn is hard. And so is any other maneuvering of any kind in any type of type situation or backing up for that matter? Backing up is there’s no assistance and it’s a heavy, heavy, heavy motor. So again, tell us a long hair community. Um, when you see those guys out there blowing your lawns and taking care of your, your gardens and things like that, you know, the equipment they use isn’t, uh, isn’t fragile. It’s good, starting equipment, uh, hardworking equipment, just exactly what they need it for with the top Tulsa Lawn Care.

So I understand you’re paying for a good service. You’re paying for people to come out and work hard. You’re paying for people to come out and be efficient is the key. That’s the whole reason we have this style of equipment, uh, the faster, the stronger than a little bit heavier. I mean, that’s, that’s the whole purpose. You may want your lawn mowed by a cheapo Depot, little mower from Walmart every single time. And that’s the only thing you want on your little lawn. Well, wonderful. They can get out there and mow yourself, but if you’re hiring a crew to come out and Mo you’re hiring them to come out and be efficient, get it done in a quick and fast manner. You’re not hiring them to be out there all day, mowing your yard for 20 bucks.

Okay? If that’s the case, Hey, get out there and do it yourself. You’re not going to find anybody to go out there and do it. And then if, even if you do, they’re going to end up turning around and not shown up, not answering your phone calls, not wanting to have anything to do with you because they’re going to realize their value. They’re going to realize the product that they produce, and they’re going to realize what they’re worth and they’re going to want what they’re worth. Maybe not right away, but sooner or later, they’re going to want it.

Even if it is a 16-year-old kid, yard work is not easy. And there’s a whole reason why you have decided to call somebody up and have them come do it because it is a task that you do not want to do. So again, having said that, understand the equipment that we and use is designed to be fast, efficient, and give you something that you don’t have to spend all day out there doing yourself, giving you that freedom, that time, freedom, that invaluable time, freedom, nowhere else, nothing else is more important than time. And that’s what we’re there for. We’re there to be efficient. We’re there to get in and out with the equipment, provide you a good looking. Well, one that you paid a decent price for and did not have to lift a finger to mess with.

We want the Tulsa lawn care community to understand kicking grass and taking names is here with customer service is here with professional equipment is here with listening ears, to what our customers need and want. And if they’re unsure, we have some experience in taking care of yards, mowing them, growing them, killing the bugs and the PEs in the weeds in them. We’ve done some landscaping. We’ve done some sodding. We’ve got some experience. So kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first moment, give us a call. Tulsa, have us come out and take care of you.