Good afternoon. Tulsa lawn care community. How are you doing today? It’s Kevin with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, home of the only $5 first Mo. Today I want to talk to you guys about cleaning out your gutters. Um, so cleaning out your gutters, important. Something you should do, something you should have taken care of. Uh, your biggest investment is your home and you need to take care of that home and taking care of that home means, you know, lawn maintenance means house maintenance, gutter maintenance, you know, um, clearing junk off your, of your property.

Um, all that stuff. I mean, all those little things add up to the deterioration of your, of your ground. And what I mean by that is, is, you know, that stuff’s on there. So it’s either going to kill the grass, that’s that it’s covering. Um, it’s gonna allow for pests and insects too, to, to find a place to live and, and, and operate out of.

And so all these things you do take care of. You know, that’s why being homeowners so much fun getting to take care of all these little things. So anyway, uh, you know, taking care of your daughters is important. Making sure you have a proper flow of your property. Um, making sure that water gets to where it needs to go. Uh, too much water, uh, in the wrong spots can, uh, you know, ruin your, your foundation. Long story short, um, if your water, you know, water coming out, there’s ton of times I’ll get clients, I’ll get their houses, re guttered or whatever, and then they don’t finish it off by either having it go into the ground and out to the curb or have some sort of proper, uh, you know, system to help get rid of the water and they have it shooting straight down right where it comes out. And it just starts to, uh, road the ground there. And then you start to see the foundation, um, and it’ll write enough to where it’s going below the foundation with top Tulsa Lawn Care.

Um, so yeah, so proper, proper gutter maintenance is important. Uh, making sure, uh, as I said, there’s free flow and making sure there’s good design, uh, making sure all the parts are in working order. You know, uh, that’s one of the things Tulsa lawn care community. That’s one of the things I want you to know that I offer is cleaning out those gutters, you know? Um, and then if you need to finish it off by running them through the ground and stuff like that, there are people that I can refer to, uh, that can finish those off for you.

Cause that that is your, your best bet. You, you, you’re going to get water from when it rains onto your ground. So get it off your house and, and having that water onto your ground is just not needed. It needs to end, needs to be able to flow out, flow down and, and go on its Merry way to wherever it goes in the city.

Um, but yeah, make sure you, your gutters are properly attached to your house. Making sure that they have, uh, a clean exit. You know, they come right out, it comes right off, doesn’t, doesn’t uh, what’s the word I’m looking for? You know, it doesn’t have any blockage or anything like that. Leaves, twigs, branch hands, all that stuff. Cause then you just have water flowing, uh, straight off the roof cause you have blockages.

So you have water held up on top so that’ll get heavy. It’ll be good to erode if the water can seep back into the house. Um, so the house is not completely sealed up. Houses like a breathing thing, it’s got openings, it’s got, it’s got air flow space and things like that. And sometimes an airflow spaces where the gutters are at going into the house and if it’s not set up right, the water can seep back or if it’s blocked or anything from leaves and trims and all that stuff with your Tulsa Lawn Care.

Um, and it can, uh, it can block it very easily. Um, being able to make sure you have proper flow, I can get up there and clean everything out. Um, that way there’s no uh, water standing still breeding mosquitoes, anything like that. Also that way there’s no um, ice build-up cause ice can build up, um, in there, start to push the uh, um, gutter off of the roof if, if it freezes, gets too heavy, can break off with your Tulsa Lawn Care.

Uh, if water builds, as I said earlier, if water seeps into the house and it freezes, it can start to push and separate the roof from the, uh, the walls of the house. I’ve seen that a couple of times. Um, and it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. No, of course not. It does not mean it’s going to happen. It means this is what I’ve run across over the last 10 years in the Tulsa lawn care community, my one lawns, uh, cleaning out some gutters and, and helping people along with her with their stuff.

Um, no, none of this is guaranteed to happen, but it’s just preventative. Preventative maintenance is what it is. Long story short, um, and that’s all you want to do. You want to protect your investments, your home, uh, one don’t you just want to live in a nice, a nice home, a nice comfortable home that can withstand the elements and, and all that. And that just takes, it takes proper maintenance. Um, you can get out and do yourself if you want, but you know why, why put up with a headache? You know, you already work all day, you don’t want to come home and work at your house.