Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, wanting to come at you, and talk about fall preparations. It starting to get that time of year. You want to look for the lawn care maintenance individual that’s concentration is on your lawn. Hear me out. What I’m talking about are these guys that do 400 different things. They do yard care. They do fences. They do hardscaping. They do you name it. They do it. Well, those guys are spread thick and thin. All right, you want a company that is going to be focused on your yard here at kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. That’s what we do. We are a yard care company. We focus on your yard. We’re not worried about trying to sell you on other things, because our focus is on your yard.

As you live your life, you realize that when you get something you pay for what you get. So when you hire a yard maintenance company, you want to pay for a yard maintenance company, not a construction company, or a company that’s wanting to sell you 24 different things. One that’s there for one that’s there. First of all, the second one. That’s there. That knows what they’re doing. And the third one, that’s focusing on the task at hand. When you come up with some of these other guys, they’re too busy trying to sell weed control and all these other things, fence building, uh, hardscaping, uh, gutter cleaning.

And they’re not concentrating on your yard. I know we were wrong. If you’re looking for that and you ask your guy and he says he can do that. That’s one thing. But talking about those companies out there that are focused on 24 different items, as they tried to mow your yard. So Tulsa lawn care community. If you’re wanting a company, that’s gonna worry about your yard. If you’re wanting a company, that’s going to take care of it. Like it’s their own. If you’re wanting a company that will provide you with good customer service, now we’ll provide you with callbacks checkups. A company will listen to your request. You need to call kicking grass and taking names, lawn care.

We do provide mowing edging, trimming cleanup. We do provide some fertilization and weed control. Okay? And we provide other surfaces upon request. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you ask, we can say, well, we can do Tulsa lawn care community. It is time for fall preparations. And what I mean by that is you’re a lawn care company that worries about your lawn. Your grass is here for, for fall cleanups, for leave cleanups. It’s that time of year to start thinking, where are all these leaves going to go? Well, they’re going to go right on your ground. Well, then what? Well, then they’re going to die there. Oh, okay, cool. I don’t have to do anything. They’re going to die. But then they’re going to act like a piece of cardboard and kill your grass without proper Tulsa Lawn Care services. So in order to maintain a healthy lawn, a green lawn, a lawn that is alive, one must have your leaves picked up kicking grass, and taking names can be that company. Whether you want to blow them to the curb yourself, we can come by for a curbside pickup. Or if you want us to come out and blow Mart blown for you, we will blow those leaves to the front. And we will still pick them up either way. We will come and take your lease for you, kicking grass and taking names, leaf service. It’s what we do come fall. Why? Because we want your grass to be there next spring. We like it when it’s there next spring because then we can mow it.

Tulsa lawn care community. Think about your lawn. Think about the health and care of it. It needs to get the sun. It needs to get a win. And those leaves, like I said, well, pile up, cover up and not take care of your lawn. If anything it’ll kill off and you’ll have a nice dead spot, then you’ll be asking, kicking grass and taking names long care to lay sod or seed. So you can have grass grow. And we can do that again. We are concentrating on your lawn and on your lawn. We can provide several services to help take care of it, to make you grow to it.

All you have to do is ask what we’re capable of and we can inform no need to look any further were to be a company that you’ve already used and trusted. We’ll provide you with a service second to none. The other thing is we’re already there and we know your lot. We know areas that grow really well, areas that don’t, we’ll be able to provide customized service with minimal interaction and things that we can already do. Uh, since we’re there. So less interruption of your day, uh, less headache of having to keep up with appointments because you’ll again, already have us on retainer. So to speak, tell us along here, community yard maintenance is time-consuming, and it’s just one of those honeydew lists that you can just check off simply by calling kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, we provide services so you can put your feet up and enjoy your time at the Lake or wherever you want to spend it.

One of the most highly-rated Tulsa based companies in the area, kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care provides mowing services, fall cleanups, leave cleanup, curbside pickup junk removal. Junk always seems to appear to come wintertime. Either way, we can help you out. Just feel free to ask, reach out, help us, help you, help us help at Tulsa lawn care community by making it beautiful and great. Again, Tulsa was one of the hot spots back in the day, and by simple maintenance and keeping up with properties, we can make it look great and beautiful in a short time, little time and effort are all it needs. Keeping grass and taking names. Lawn care. Tulsa is the highest rated lawn care companies out there providing leaf removals, fall cleanups, and knowledge services well in the fall that grass will grow. Even if it’s nose kicking grass and taking names, lawn care uses multiple methods to get leaves, blowers, tarps, rakes, debris loaders, all sorts of things.

Mulch, bagging gather up those leaves and take them off your property. Another idea is to help break down. Those leaves a little faster is just to mulch them up. That is always a possibility. Of course, if you got a lot of leaves, it’s obviously better just to take them and go, the same thing with grass clippings. If you’ve got a lot of grass clippings, it’s more, more ideal to take them all and go. Uh, but if you just got a few leaves, this mulch them up, no reason to sit there and tarp him off anywhere, especially if you’re more Oregon just shred them and tiny little pieces where they break down a whole lot faster and a whole lot easier. Um, and sitting there trying to load them to occur and get them loaded on your debris loader. So regardless, we have many methods of gathering your lead leaves and we’ll be more than happy to come and help you out with that problem. Kicking your ass and taking names long care. We care about your yard. We want to see it grow so we can Mo let us come and get your leaves. Tell us the lawn care community. Give us a call at (918) 406-2019. Check out our website, www.kicking today, we really love working with you for all of your Tulsa Lawn Care needs.