Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin hair, kicking grass, and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo one, or reach out to you guys today and see how you’re doing on this beautifully rainy day. And this rain has made me think of cleaning, Cleaning while you’re stuck in the house. Anyway, might as well clean. Right? And what I mean by cleaning, tell us a lawn care community is cleaning your equipment, cleaning your yards, the importance of cleaning the equipment, the importance of having a clean yard. I’m sure you’re thinking yourself. It’s just going to get dirty again. Why clean, but well, like any living thing,

Things, or have pests, things have fungus things grow things transfer. You have to keep it clean. Okay. Having said that, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, cleans their equipment, blow off excess grass and dirt washes the equipment. At the end of each route per day, we want to keep that equipment clean. We want to keep it sparkly fresh for several reasons. One clean core equipment operates better. Okay? To clean equipment looks better. Three clean equipment does not bring diseases and other unwanted things to your life.

Tell us the Tulsa lawn care community. Do you want?

What do you want for your lawn? Do you want it to be healthy? Do you want to be looking good? Do you want to keep it nice or you just want it? However, a lot of people don’t realize, you know, when they mowed their yard, it’s, it’s always their yard stuff. So it’s not a big deal. You’re not bringing any for lack of better words, foreign contaminants into your yard because it’s your mower only sees your yard. Uh, it’s it’s having, Tulsa lawn care, guys that come in from other yards to do your yard. That is an issue, or can be an issue. Uh, that is why you want to take care of your equipment. That is why you wanna make sure your equipment is clean. That’s why you want to make sure you have a company that’s going to service their equipment. Keep it looking nice. And to properly help take care of your lawn because not only is, you know, making sure they, they mow it. Not only is it making sure they treat it for the, uh, the bugs and the fungus’s and things like that. But if they’re constantly going to a yard that’s dirty and they’re constantly going to yard that has a lot of fungus or whatever you want to call it. And then they come to your yard. All right, then there you go. You’re, you’re just, it’s a never ending cycle. So you want to be with a company that takes care of their equipment that keeps it clean. They know how to clean their equipment. They know how to operate their equipment. They know how to troubleshoot their equipment. Um, cause the last thing you want is some sort of fungus or spore or whatever from another lawn brought onto your lawn.

Last thing you want is a leak. The last thing you want is oil or gas or something coming out of the engine of this mowers onto your property. There’s a lot of things. Uh, you know, people don’t take into consideration when looking for a long company, they just think, Oh, I just need some guy to come over here and do the work that I don’t want to do. You’re right. You do, you do need a guy that come over their debt, but you also need a guy or a company for that matter. That’s going to have the knowledge to, Oh, let me make sure my equipment everything’s working right clean and ready to roll for you in your lawn. We want to provide you with a, uh, a quality service and that quality service were cars. So attention to detail, attention to detail being, making sure our equipment is clean, fresh, working properly.

Everything’s screwed on, right? All the tires aired up and ready to roll. So there’s a lot that goes into these things. There’s a lot to be considered while mowing a lawn. It’s not just coming out, mowing and going. There are those guys that do that. There are those people that want, that you pay for what you get. Uh, they’re also more than likely going to be the people who do not care how their lawn looks, how it is treated or what has done to it, which is fine. Don’t get me wrong. And the lawn is going to be there just fine. And it’s going to serve its purpose of being alone. But then there’s people who care about their lawn a little bit more who want it to look nice out there. The Tulsa lawn care community who want to make sure they have a respectable looking home, one that people drive by and sit there and wonder, wow, what did those people do for a living?

Uh, the Tulsa lawn care community has several of those properties. Several of which I am very proud to say, keen grass and taking names. Lawn care takes care of to help provide and maintain that curb. Kicking jealous. Look, we want our customers to be recognized, not just by the signs that we leave in their yards and the recommendations that they give out. But by just the way their lawn looks and how well it’s maintained and taken care of. Um, we don’t want our customers to go out to the yard and look and see, Oh, what is this funky looking diseased, written fungus growing in my middle of my grass. We want to go out there and for them to look at and go, Oh, this is a beautiful grass. They want, we want them to be able to have the kids run out and play in it and have their dogs run around and enjoy the grass fresh green lush, all the above.

And you’re like, this is just from cleaning your equipment. Yes, yes. It literally is cleaning the equipment, keeping it nice. Uh, taking pride in, in what we do. Okay. Uh, yeah. We mow lawns. We’re a good looking lawn mowing company. We have a great logo. We wanna, we want it to look good. We want to look sharp. We want to impress, okay. It’s not just that. We want your yard to look good. We want your, your, your yard is our advertisement. The better your yard looks. The more business we can take on the cleaner. We keep our equipment. The less work we have to do, cleaning your lawn up, making sure that there’s no, Funguses making sure that there’s no, uh, unwanted weeds or anything like that. Tulsa lawn care community. You want a company that’s going to take care of these little things. You want a company that’s going to work hard and provide, uh, the service. And they tend to the detail that we’re known for kicking grass and take his name, names, lawn care with that comes a price you pay for what you get. If you’re paying the cheapo Depot, $15, $20 guy to come and mow your lawn, he is not worried how well your yard is looking. He is worried how fast he can get done because he’s got to hurry up and get to another lawn for the same price. That could be twice as the size of yours, or that could be half the size as yours. But he’s got to worry about getting to that next lawn and make more of that money. So there’s a reason why you have different price levels that vary drastically, because you have guys that are going to pay attention to detail. You have guys that are going to make sure their equipment is working right and doing what it needs to do and all these things, what you do not have in the 15 $20 guy is someone who is making sure their equipment is sprayed down is someone who’s making sure all these little things are done and taken care of.

You’ll notice with the 1520 guy he’ll, you’ll all of a sudden have strange things popping up in your yards, mushrooms and all sorts of weird fungus, fungi and weeds, and all sorts of headaches, Tulsa, lawn care. He, when he trusts me, you do not want those headaches because once you get them, you get them for a while. They’re hard to get rid of. It’s easier and better because in the long run, you’ll end up spending more money and chemicals you’ll end up spending more money in treatments. You’ll end up spending more money and finding another company to come and service because your lawn guy at 15, $20 is one too busy running between lawns to get everything mowed and try to make money to stop and try to help you with your weeds or anything like that. And then to the other company, you’re in a hire is going to charge you more money for the service of taking care of your weeds and trying to control it. And then that’s, you know, that’s even if they show up on time, that’s even if that fertilizer company, weed company has everything, all their kinks worked out and show up on a regular basis, Kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care wants to provide the Tulsa lawn care community with quality service, clean equipment, providing you a clean looking lawn, a fresh looking lawn, a lawn that enables her to look at and go, man, that is it. I am kicking the curve so jealous how good that lawn works looks and jealous of how much time they spend out in their yard. And you do not there a ton of things that you can do out there other than yard work like kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, come take care of it. With our clean equipment to provide you one of the best looking lawns in Tulsa. Give us a call (918) 406-2019. Or check our website out www dot kicking grass, Let us come and mow for you.