Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking dam lawn care. Homo the $5 first. Mow. Hey folks, how’s it doing out there in this snowy week end? Huh? Why do I say that? Because it is frigid temperatures, single digits wind chill. Well below zero. It is cold out there, folks. Let’s talk snow. Let’s talk precautionary. Let’s talk snow removal. Green country. Just wanna mention that. Kicking grass, taking names. Long care does do snow removal. We have salt we can put out, we have shovels we can use. Uh, we have small plows that we can handle. Medium size driveways. It’s great, it’s wonderful. It’s crazy what you can do with the right equipment. So, as I say, lucky, yes, it snowed. Or when opportunity meets preparation, I’ve just created my own luck a few years back. I said, you know what?
Let’s go ahead and do this and buy some extra equipment and do some extra things. And al it paid off. This, being able to have the equipment right when you need it, and being able to have the supplies right when you need it, right? When the time calls, lets our Tulsa lawn care community know we prepare, we prepare for the snow, you know, leaves are coming. We know grass is growing. We prepare, however you wanna look at it, however you wanna say it. We prepare, uh, we try to be there for you. We try to be there for our clients. No, we do not know if and when it will snow. No. We do not know if what our clients would want, if it, if and when it does snow. Uh, however, we do know that, uh, if we have the, uh, right preparation and the right stuff in place, that we will be able to help our clients.
And that’s what we want to do. We want to help our clients. Uh, we want them to know that we can be their one stop shop if they know, all they have to do is notify us, Hey, this is the service we need, or buy one of our packages where it’s included, and then that, that case will reach out to them and see if they want to add services in their packages. So having a one-stop shop outdoor maintenance company is a no-brainer. Being able to rely on one company, um, to take care of all your needs. Easy. You know who they are. You know their work, they know your property. They’ve already been there. You’ve already got them, uh, on speed dial. Uh, you already know they’re gonna show up. You know, they’re gonna take care of you. So there is no reason for you to worry or be bothered or any of the negative things.
So let’s talk snow removal. Tulsa lawn care. Snow removal is tricky. And what I mean by that is, um, it is a one industry where it’s an all or nothing deal. Um, snow equipment, uh, all that snow stuff you can’t even finance you have to outright by. They will not let you finance the snow equipment and, and things like that because it is such a finicky, finicky industry. Uh, so again, if you’re, it is something you’re gonna do, it’s something you’re, you’re taking on, you’re willing to do, willing to handle, willing to muster, uh, right from the GetGo knowing very, uh, very well how it could affect your, uh, your bottom line. Uh, knowing that if you have the equipment and it happens, man, you’re gonna profit and you’re gonna do great. If it doesn’t have happen and you have the equipment, you’re, you’re not, not not in a bad situation, but you know, oh, well, and if it does happen and you don’t have the equipment, well, you have the time off.
It’s not your headache. You don’t have to worry about it, but you don’t make any money. So it depends how you wanna look at it. But we come out, if we know a storm’s coming, we do like to pretreat. Uh, it helps it a lot easier when having a scrape everything off. We throw down some salt, come the next day after it snowed. We’ll come shovel everything off. Uh, throw down some more ice melts and boom, boom. There we go. No sheet of ice, no nothing for you. You guys are good to go. Uh, everything cleared off, uh, all wonderful all the time. Tulsa lawn care community, uh, snow removal is not for the week. It is bitterly cold. Um, it is one of those things where you, you need to make sure you have the, uh, right equipment and right clothing. Um, I know a lot of homeowners just wanna run out there real quick.
They think it’s not a big deal. Uh, current temperatures and situation, it is well below freezing. Uh, we’re talking single digits anywhere from, uh, one degree to four degrees, depending where you are in the city. Um, so as you tell those, those are not temperatures you wanna play with or play around, uh, you want to make sure you are properly suited for the environment, uh, that way you can, uh, handle the project or the task at hand, uh, efficiently and quickly. Uh, but hey, you know, a better way to handle that is to call us (918) 872-0338. Let us be the ones that come out and handle that task for you. Why? Because we handle your mowing. We’ll handle your relief removal, we’ll handle your Christmas lights. Let us handle your snow removal. No reason for you to decide to get out and get frozen for that, uh, especially considering, uh, slip and falls and frostbite and all those horrible things that go along with the cold.
Uh, you, you hired us for a reason. Let’s be the ones to fully take care of you and, uh, make your property good and all that fun stuff. We can come take it, clean it, uh, get all that stuff outta your way. You have a nice safe driveway to drive up through, uh, sidewalks to walk on. All that good fun jazz. Uh, nothing big, nothing bad. Um, we hope you guys are well taken care of, and we can only know for sure if it’s us kicking grass and taking names, taking care of you. Uh, we want our Tulsa Lawn Care community to know that we are in snow removal business. Uh, we can handle small residentials to medium size. Uh, we do have all the equipment needed for that, and we can get ahold of more if larger properties are required. Do not be afraid to reach out.
Do not be afraid to say, Hey, it’s cold outlet. You guys handle it. That’s what we’re here for. Uh, we’re, we’re weather. We’re a weather company, okay? We, we like the heat, we like the cold, we like the the perfect fault weather. So give us a call. Let us know. We’ll be the ones to take care of you. We’ll come out there, we’ll cut that grass, we’ll move those leaves, get that snow outta the way. We’ll do it all for you. We’ll light the path with those lights for the main things we like to do. Um, we’re good, we’re efficient. Um, once we got you in there, we, we, we get you locked down. We, we make all and make your life easier to where all you have to do is pick up a phone, send a text, tell us a color, whatever it is that you need, and boom, it’s taken care of.
We’ll set you up We’ll, uh, get you taken care of, uh, quicker than any other company out there. They do not want to, uh, know the efficiency that we can provide you with. Uh, congrats to taking names. Long care home of the $5 first. Mow, uh, wants to know, let our Tulsa Lawn Care community know, uh, that we mean business. We want to be efficient. We want to come out there and remove the snow. Make your property safe. Uh, so it’s not just about even looking good with a snow removal. It, it is a safety issue. Um, so we will be there. We, we will keep you safe. We’ll keep it clean. Uh, we’ll make it nice, you know, and, and, and it’s things you never think about. You know, just, it’s your home. You just, right up and down those stairs. You just, you know, you, you don’t realize how sloped your driveway is and things like that until all of a sudden there’s a sheet of ice and you go flying. Uh, what better way to, to protect yourself than, uh, to make sure that we’re out there melting all that stuff away and getting it pushed off and letting it soak into the grass so it gets nice and moist and, and all the above. Uh, so kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first, mow, we’re gonna be the ones that come out and, uh, make the property safe
And make the property good looking. Uh, that’s what we do. We’re good looking and safe. Uh, that’s a good way to describe us. Uh, at least I think so. Uh, so check, check us out. Check our, uh, website out. Check our, our customer testimony is out. Check everything we got out and, uh, give us a call. Give us, send us a text. Let us know. We’ll, uh, we’ll be right out, uh, get you guys taken care of, uh, especially during the snow removal time. We’re almost a 24 7 operation when it comes to that. Uh, so just let us know what, what you need, where you need, and how you need. And, uh, we’ll get it done. Uh, make sure you have all that ice gone and make sure all that, uh, snow is removed. Uh, keep the property safe. Uh, you know, uh, we like to be, uh, fast, clean and efficient.
Doesn’t take much time, uh, but we, we want you guys to know we will be there to take care of you. So we are kicking grass at taking names long here home with a $5 first mo. Uh, give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, check our website out, Uh, several ways to get ahold of us. Let us know what you need, how you need, why you need, and, uh, we’ll be right there. Um, yeah, snow removal. It’s what we do Well, we love, enjoy the cold. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet. It’s uh, white. It’s gorgeous. It’s, uh, all the above. And, uh, I’m telling you, it’s, uh, it’s a wonderful thing. Uh, so let us come and plow that snow and, uh, we’ll make it so you guys can be safe, happy, and, uh, warm. And, uh, we can bring you firewood. Oh yeah. Don’t forget the firewood. It’s firewood season. Folks. Give us a call. We’ll check you out. We’ll see you out there. You guys enjoy.