<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn Care home with a $5 first. Mow. Wanna reach out to everyone? And let’s talk. Christmas lights. That’s right, folks. Christmas lights. It’s that time of year again. Uh, leaves starting to change, starting to come down, starting to fall, starting to make a mess of the yard. But it is also that time of year where we start to prep for the holidays, get the home ready, and of course, one of the things we do is clean up the leaves. Another thing that we do is design Christmas lights. Uh, we wanna get that house ready, uh, for Christmas. Um, all the holidays really. Uh, we are starting a new thing this year. Um, you know, depending on your colors and how you wanna see things, we can do Halloween colors, you know, orange and purple, even throw in all orange with a green.

If you have a peak, uh, to make a pumpkin, um, or Tulsa lawn care community, we can do orange and yellow, kind of like a candy corn, uh, Thanksgiving, uh, fallish foliage color scheme for your house. Uh, really nice, really bright. Um, something that, uh, can help with, uh, bringing joy to the home and providing a comfy atmosphere. And what I mean by that is, is lights are are great. Lights are wonderful lights, really set the mood, and that’s what you wanna do. You want to set your house up and design it so that it sets the mood for your season Tulsa lawn care community. You do not want to have a boring, dark house. Uh, you, you want to be festive. You want to, to look like you live there and enjoy the fact that you live there. You do not want to look like the scrooge of your street or your neighborhood.

Um, you want to be one that, uh, includes happiness and festivities and, and all that good stuff. So Christmas lights are great. Um, we install them custom cut to your home. Uh, they will be your lights. Uh, we will store, organize, maintain, and, uh, hold onto your lights, uh, for the seasons to come. Um, once you’ve, uh, purchased them, we’ve got ’em. Always have design and laid out for you. Uh, also, you can also pick and change your colors every year if you want, or you can maintain the same color, whatever, uh, whatever floats your boat. Uh, the color change program is probably the, the best option because then you can, uh, have your lights thrown up at the beginning of October or end of September. And, uh, you can celebrate October with, uh, Halloween colors. You know, like we said, orange and

Purple, purple. You can celebrate Thanksgiving, November with, uh, Thanksgiving colors. Uh, what we like to consider, you know, yellow and orange. And then, uh, comes Christmas. Uh, you know, and that’s gonna be whatever colors you guys want. Red and green, blue and white. Um, all that fun stuff. So don’t, uh, don’t discourage, don’t, uh, throw your hands up at it. Uh, it, it is, it is a pretty cool and, and nice little program to be a part of. Um, your house. Just change colors as it goes. Um, nothing to worry about. One price. Uh, so it’s simple, it’s easy. And, uh, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s fun to be a part of. And you have traditional looking lights. That’s, that’s the key right there. You don’t have these, uh, lights that you can only see from the bottom. You know, people will, uh, obviously be out and about with their drones and things like that.

Nature driving around. And, um, Tulsa Lawn care community, uh, I believe they still do the best neighborhood or most lit up neighborhood, and they do that from the air. Um, and if you’re one of those neighborhoods that have gotten into the lights where it’s underneath the eaves, uh, we don’t see your lights from the air, so you’ll have to, uh, you’ll have to partake in it another way. Um, but it is, it’s, it’s really awesome to go out and see those lights from above. Um, and, and, and all that. Uh, they’re very nice, very well lit up. Really, really brings, um, everyone together. I, I know it sounds corny, but that’s, that’s what it does. That’s, that’s it. It was something that was set in stone, uh, for generations before, because those are the lights they did. You went out there in the cold, you put your lights up, you know, they, they shattered, they broke.

You had to go get new ones. All, all that fun stuff. Um, but the design, the shape, the everything about it has, has evolved into what we have today. The LEDs, the, the strips, all that stuff. Uh, they got the same design and everything. They’re more durable so they don’t break as easily or, or have to be replaced as, as Ed. I mean, it is, it, it lasts a lot longer, a lot better. But they still give you that, that feet warm feeling because that’s just something that is transcended over time for generations, uh, of people. You know, it’s just something that you do. Uh, you know, you out there with your dad or your parents or whoever, and then you put the lights up and you saw those nice, beautiful colors and how big the bulb was and all that. And then, then you did the same thing when you got your older.

And then you pass that feeling onto your kids. And so it is, it is very much a feeling that has been passed on. And, and that is the reason why we have those, those colors. And that’s also the reason why those, the, the lights that go underneath the awning, which don’t get wrong, are nice and lovely. Just don’t give you the same feeling as the traditional C nine bulb looking Christmas lights. You, you really want to have that bulb out there on top of your roof, bright, shining, uh, those, the bulb was right on top of the peaks, all that good fun stuff. Um, you make it lovely. You make it nice. Uh, it’s, it’s, it’s a really great and warm feeling. And this is, again, it, it is subconsciously passed on. And, and it just makes you, you, you know, it makes you all warm insided.

You don’t know why. And you’re like, oh, you know, ’cause I have that memory from my kid. And, uh, brings you back to those times and that stages and all that fun stuff and, and you just something you, you know, subsequently pass on to your children in the next generation. And then they’ll do the same. So, toast, lawn care community, um, Christmas lights are great, are wonderful. You can do every color, every color, any color imaginable. Um, color combination. Um, you know, if you wanna do pink and purple, we can do that. Uh, remember, it is your Christmas. Um, however you guys want to celebrate it with whatever colors. Um, there’s, you can have meaning behind your colors. You can have tradition behind your colors. You can have trend behind your colors, you know, whatever is currently going on for you to feel, uh, to decorate the house in.

Um, and, you know, maybe you’re, you live in a neighborhood with an HOA or something like that. We can, we can make sure we all have the same colors and lights and, and it’s make sure we match what they want us to match for you. Um, so yeah, don’t worry about that. We, uh, we will get you guys taken care of and provided for with beautiful lights, uh, again, that your, your neighbors are gonna look at and, and, you know, we’re not gonna overdo it, uh, where we light every single line of your house up and have you glowing from, you know, the space station and they can spot your home or anything like that. Uh, we’ll keep it simple. We’ll keep it nice, we’ll keep it clean, okay? And like I said, uh, you know, we supply, uh, timers. We supply extension cores, which are also custom made for your home, wherever they need to be.

We provide, uh, you know, storage, we, you know, all that stuff. Anything for some reason, if they don’t work or whatever, we come back, we work on them, we pair them, you know, replace balls, whatever it’s needed. Um, so it’s just, it’s just an easy concept. All you guys gotta do is just text us, say, Hey, we need a little help with this or that, or something else went wrong. You know, can you help us out? Uh, not a big deal at all. Just let us know how we can help you get it done for you, uh, provide you with, with some really, really great service and get you guys looking good. Get you guys a part of the neighborhood and get you guys, you know, you, you’d be surprised, you know, you get ’em done and your neighbors come out and they, they, they talk to you about ’em.

Hey, man, looks great. Looks clean. You know, who did ’em for you? Uh, I really like it. I saw ’em out there. They were, they kept your yard clean. They didn’t, uh, damage anything. Uh, that’s, that’s our goal. You know, we want to keep, come out there and keep those, uh, the art looking nice. ’cause you know, we want, we want the, we’re going into winter and we wanna make sure it’s, uh, it’s clean and it’s not, uh, don’t leave any holes or tear it up or, or anything like that, you know, uh, because we want that grass to get as much sunlight as you can. Be healthy, ready for spring, ready to roll and get, um, get back in the swing of things. So, uh, Christmas lights, fun. Wonderful. Absolutely. Something to, uh, rave about. Uh, let’s just go ahead and get them planned out for you.

Let us be the ones that come out and, uh, provide you with some of the best looking Christmas lights that you’re gonna have. Uh, best looking experience. We wanna keep everything simple for you. So if you’re one of our mowing clients, you already know. You already know how simple and easy and, and, and great we are to work with, uh, you know, we send out our reminder texts. We, we send out our heads up texts. Uh, we come, we perform our job, and we send you the, uh, uh, all done text. You know, it’s, it’s simple. It’s easy. Uh, you don’t have to be there. Uh, we’ve already walk, walked, and talked everything out, especially when it comes to the lights. Um, so definitely, definitely check it out. Uh, it’s, and like I said, we we’re on your property already. We’re, we’re mowing it. We’re growing it, we’re, we’re taking care of it in so many different ways. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have us come out and, um, make that house look great. Tulsa Lawn Care community. Give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check us out on our website, www.kickinggrasstulsa.com. And, uh, you know, however else you want to contact us, let us know. Uh, come on out, check our stuff out. We’ve got you taken care of. We’ll make you look great. We’ll let you shine. We’ll let you be a part of the Tulsa beautiful skyline, kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first. Mow.