Good morning, Tulsa Long Hair community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home of the $5 first. Mow reaching out to you. Talking about Christmas installation. What does Christmas installation means? It means we’re going to come out and install happiness. We’re gonna come out and install memories, core memories for your family. What else does it mean? We’re gonna come out and install unbelievable joy. We’re gonna come out, install a feeling of togetherness. A feeling of giving. A feeling of love. A feeling of warmth simply by strapping some lights to your house. That’s right, folks. Kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care is wanting to put up the Christmas lights of your dreams and make your house glow like the grizz walls.

Maybe not as gaudy, but we’re definitely gonna make you look good with Mc nines. All right, folks, call us, check our workout, have us come out and show you the beauty that we can do. Light up your street, light up your neighborhood, light up your life telling you folks, it’s something you, you just, you should do. Enjoy. You won’t regret it. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day, you’re tired, you just wanna go home on your way home, you come around the corner and there it is. Your house lit up, warm and inviting, welcoming you home. The best part is you didn’t have to do it. The best part is you didn’t have to get out there and fight with ladders and get up on your roof and figure out what fits where and length of that. Why you got kicking grass and taking Aimes long here to come out and custom build your set of lights.

Tulsa Lawn Care community. There is nothing better than a set of custom built lights that will bring you joy and happiness. And when we say custom built, we mean literally custom built to your house. We’re gonna put lights where you want them and not where you don’t, okay? We’re not gonna be going off that extra foot or two or having a double back or anything like that. We’re gonna have custom lights designed for your home. We’re gonna have you looking good. We’re gonna have you looking so bright that Santa will have an easy time finding your house. We can do all sorts of colors. We can make patterns. And you’re like patterns. Yeah, patterns. We can do a candy cane, we can do mountain tops, we can do Santa Claus hats. I mean,

It’s really up to your imagination as far as what we do, what we can do and how we can do it. So Tulsa lawn care community. Do not be afraid to get creative. Do not be afraid to stand out and be different. Don’t be like every normal little uh, person. Go to the box stores, grab your little generic little lights. Throw ’em up there. You got lights everywhere. Twisted, crooked, hanging low upside down. I mean, you name it, you got it. All right. You have us come out, you have us work hard. Get those lights up, get ’em straight, get ’em looking good. Peaks on point guys. We we’re gonna have you lit, okay? Uh, other thing is like with our custom lights, you gotta change out your colors if you want. Uh, from year to year. If you guys want, you know, red and white one year and then blue and white the next boom, we got you.

We can do that. Not a problem. Okay? If you guys want purple one year and then all blue the next, or all orange, I don’t care. Whatever it is, whatever’s gonna make you guys happy, whatever’s gonna be Christmas for you. Whatever’s going to be warm and inviting folks. ’cause that’s what you want. You want warm, you want inviting, you want something that’s gonna be comfortable when you come home. Tulsa Lawn care community, there is nothing better than having those lights on on a dark, cold night. Your house is shining bright. Nothing better. I’m telling you guys, you’re gonna be happy. You’re gonna be looking up, you’re gonna be like, man, that’s my home. And it’s gonna look good. It does. Those Christmas lights really do make the houses pop, okay? Especially when you get these, uh, professional gray custom cut ones. All right? I, I mean, I am not knocking the box door ones, but you will outshine your neighbors if that, that get the box store ones.

They are not going to be able to compete with you on brightness, on just, just, it’s gonna look good, okay? And you are going to see the difference and it’s gonna be worth it to you, okay? For so many reasons. Why? Because when do those lights come down? That’s what a lot of people like, ah, I wanna put lights up, blah, blah, blah. Pay someone to do it. I can do that. Okay, cool. I’m so glad you a man. That is so awesome. Okay man. Where you at in January? It was gold outside. Oh, okay. Okay, cool. Yeah, it is cold outside. All right, now you dumb, dumb, dumb self have these lights up and it’s February, march and you still got your crystals lights up. Well, it’s cold. Those excuses. Alright, cool. Well, if you had paid for it, we already be out there getting it down for you like nothing. And then your house be looking good again, then you wouldn’t be looking like a lazy sack of potatoes. Just lying there going, oh man, what should I do? No, you’d be looking good. You’d be looking pretty, pretty, pretty well off right now.

So to lawn care community, come on, let’s get those lights off for you. You don’t have to crawl on the roof, you don’t have to do anything crazy like that. We’ll take care of it all for you. We’ll get up there, we’ll get ’em clipped in, we’ll get ’em locked in. Uh, we’ll take care of all of ’em. Uh, as the season progresses, lights out, uh, anything falls down, whatever it is, let us know. We’ll be there. We’ll get it, we’ll get it fixed and hooked right back up. Okay? All it is is just a quick text message. Hey man, this went out, this popped down. Lights didn’t come on. Whatever it, whatever it is, we will be there. Alright? So let us know what, how, what, where, what color, how long, when you want ’em on, when you want ’em off. That’s it. Okay, well, simple.

Well simple. We’re easy. We don’t make things complicated or hard. So folks, all you gotta do is come in, call us or text, preferably text so we know what you want and we get you set up on the right path, right from the get go, get you taken care of and say, wow, here are those lights. Boom, we’re gonna show up quick and fancy. We got our nice blue trucks rolling. Um, we got tall ladders, folks, we gonna be there for you. We gonna be there for you. If you guys need to understand that, you guys need to know that. You guys need to just enjoy that. Do not hesitate or be afraid. Tulsa lawn care community. Let’s light up your neighborhood. Help us, help us. You help us, help you. What, what better way than to turn down a street and have the whole street lit up?

I mean, then you’re talking, wow, now you’re talking joy. Now you’re talking to have me. You’re talking, you’re talking to your neighbors. You ain’t talked to before. Simply ’cause you got ’em to put lights up. Everyone’s talk, man. Yours look good. Oh, I like that color combination. I like how you did the, the, the outline of the house. Man, it looks early. Nice. Oh man, those decorations on the lawn are great. Everyone be happy. Everyone be in joy. It’s a good time. Y’all be happy simply because you put up Christmas lights. Can you believe that? Can, would you believe Christmas lights does that? It does do that. It does. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself. Don’t be afraid to be a big kid. You know why? Because your wife’s gonna love it. She gonna look over you like, oh, he does care.

Yeah, actions speak louder than words. You guys can talk all you want and justify and all that, but when you come, when you go out there and you say, all right guys, let’s do this. Let’s slap them. Lights up there, and your wife comes home and she’ll be like, oh my gosh, look at our home. It’s so gorgeous. It’s so beautiful as you’re gonna look, you like, oh, you do care. Yeah, trust me, that’s those actions of you getting that done and making your house, uh, festive and warm and inviting is gonna be more to her. Say more to her than you could ever justify in your words. So if you want to have a home that’s a beautiful life, that’s happy, a warm, inviting home that your kids can remember and look back upon, call us. Let us take care of this for you.

Let us be the ones that come out there. You guys go off to work, to school, come back home. Bam, there it is. Shining bright, your house looking good as a symbol and oasis of happiness and joy in the middle of a dark, dark night. And it’s gonna stay up there. It is gonna be looking good. You, you guys are gonna be covered, okay? Rain, sleet, hail, snow, whatever it is, we’re gonna get you taken care of folks. So don’t be afraid. Don’t be shy. We want those lights to shine rightly, and we want them to provide the best and most, uh, memories that they can do and, and, and will do for you. Uh, folks, let’s, uh, let’s get out there. Let’s turn them lights on. Let’s shine off the neighborhood. Let’s encourage other people to be, uh, festive and in and in the spirit. And, uh, remember that these lights represent lie to Jesus in our life. It’s your name we pray. Amen. Now give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Let us light up your life.