Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long Hair home with a $5 first Mo. Wanna reach out to you guys. Talk about fall and winter cleanups, the fun stuff. It’s getting ready to be that icky wiki yicky. Lucky y, lucky a type of weather and the kind that you just really don’t want to be out in to do anything. Uh, it’s the time of the year that you want to be in a warm snuggie home, a fire going, uh, enjoying your, your couch, enjoying your tv, enjoying your whatever you’ve got. The last thing you want is to be enjoying the great outdoors in the rain and the snow and the wind and the cold. Uh, that’s why you got kicking grass and taking names long here Home with the $5 First Mo. We are here to take care of you guys.
Uh, so you can just relax and take care of your insides. Uh, you know, don’t worry about it, don’t fret about it. Don’t, uh, stress over it. Just give us a call. We’ll come out, remove the leaves, pick those twigs, get cleaned up, however you want us to get it cleaned up, get it taken care of for you. And, uh, yeah, you’ll be happy. Uh, mainly because come springtime and, uh, next season you’ll have a nice lush lawn. Uh, you won’t be, um, you know, wondering why you have no grass. You won’t be wondering why your lawn is still wet and mushy and all these other things. Lawns are actually rather peculiar in the fact that you, they do need to be taken care of, uh, all year long. Uh, obviously during the summer they need a little bit more of attention than maybe during the winter, but during the winter especially, uh, cuz it’s easy for one day to turn into two, two to turn to five, five to turn to a month.
And next thing you know, you haven’t been outside to take care of your lawn all winter long and you have a mushy, uh, soggy, wet dead type of mud pit growing around your house. And essentially what I mean by that is basically by allowing all the foliage from the trees and, and it’s twigs and just other things that happen throughout the days, uh, of fall, winter, uh, to hit the ground. There’s never, if you have all that debris in the way, there’s never a chance for the the ground to dry out. There’s never a chance for the, uh, ground to, to soak up the nutrients it needs to, cuz it’s got a layer of covering over it, whether it’s leaves or twigs or what. And it’s rather important to get those removed outta your way. Uh, so you can have an enjoyable lawn, uh, come springtime, end of the summer. Uh, you want grass, you don’t want mud. And in order to have that, you have to have stuff off of
The ground in order for the grass to grow. It’s, it’s actually quite amazing, uh, how much little effort you need to do in order to have a nice lawn. Uh, and really, uh, when I say little effort, it’s called call 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8 and say, Hey, come take care of my lawn. Uh, that’s about as much effort that you really need to have a nice looking lawn. Uh, we’re gonna come out, we’re gonna get those, uh, the lawn cleaned up. Maybe give it a trim if it needs it, uh, depending last time you had it trimmed. Uh, there’s all sorts of different things that we can do for your lawn to make sure it’s taken care of and, and looking nice. Uh, even in the fall, I know it’s gloomy and gross and yucky, but uh, you still want to have nice things. You still want to have it looking good come fall time cuz you know, your, your kids are want to go and go out there and play.
Your, your, your pets are gonna want to go out there and play. And you want have a nice, clean and safe environment. Uh, when we let that lawn go, especially during the winter, it invites, uh, a lot of insects and pests to come and make a home. And the last thing we want is for them to get comfortable and make that home and take care of, uh, or get in the way of progress of having a nice, good clean lawn. And remember, does everyone remember how to do that? Yeah, you called 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. And that is the first step in getting a nice, good clean looking lawn. Uh, it’s also the first step in a worry-free outdoor environment that’s been taken care of for you. Uh, you know, we’ll be there, we’ll show up. Uh, we communicate well, uh, just check with our other clients testimonies.
They love us. They like us. Uh, they refer us to their friends. So that’s how we know, um, we’re well connected. We do, we do a good job. And you know, what we do is not rocket science or brain surgery by any means. Uh, but we are consistent. Uh, we are consistent and we will show up and we are out there with a competitive price. Um, may not be the cheapest, but I know we’re not the most expensive. Um, but, uh, again, we are consistent. Uh, for those clients that I’ve had for multiple, multiple years, they have learned this. Uh, they understand this and they enjoy it. Uh, cause they know that, uh, through our communication, uh, we’ll be there and they can rely on us to take care of their property like it was our own and make sure everything’s put away the way you guys want.
Um, and if you guys don’t care, then we’ll put it away the way we see fit for that lawn and, uh, make sure you guys are satisfied and happy and everyone’s good with what they got. And anyway, kick grass taking ins, long hair home, the $5 first Mo uh, wants to let our Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, know that we’re here to get those lawns cleaned up, get it all looking good and make sure everyone’s happy. Uh, cuz a happy lawn means the Tulsa Lawn Care community is going to be looking good. And y’all have to realize you are our best advertisements in lawn care. People are gonna drive by us to your house and think, wow, that’s a nice lawn. Sooner or later they’re gonna drive by and see us at your house, if not our sign and go, huh? That’s how they have a great lawn.
I like how those guys do the work. Let’s get them. That’s right. We’re always willing to take on your neighbors. Uh, happy Lawn care. Happy Neighbor care. Uh, we wanna make sure that our Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, is a tight-knit community. Uh, the closer we can get everyone together, the better. Uh, you guys enjoy your lawns, uh, together while having neighborhood barbecues and all that fun stuff. Uh, very good, very fun. Um, always a wonderful or full, uh, way to celebrate summer, uh, by having a great lawn and by having, uh, a great company that can come and take care of all you guys at once. Uh, that way everyone is on board. Everyone, uh, on that street looks great all at the same time. And we’re, we’re looking like a top notch community that can really put a lawn together. And, uh, that’s what we do.
We make those lawns great. We make them look, uh, like they’re pristine. We make them look like, uh, you guys are spending hours out there yourselves to, to make it look right, make it look good. And, uh, the G code is that, that’s not the case. Yeah, you guys just dialed one number 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, you got us out there and we got you taken care of. Uh, we spend the time, you get the rewards. It’s, it’s a win-win. Uh, you can’t get anything better than that. It’s, it’s not, it’s not a bad deal. Um, I’m telling you, you guys will, will love the results of having a clean and, uh, manicure client. Now let’s get that debris picked up. Let’s, uh, let’s take care of it. There’s several ways to do it. We can blow it off with blowers. Uh, come back, mulch up what’s left.
We can mulch up what you got there. Uh, Tulsa Lawn care community mulching is, is probably one of the best ways, uh, during winter for your lawn to get, uh, some really good results. Uh, main reason is the type of fertilizer that you get out of it. It’s a lot of good nutrients coming from those trees and leaves, uh, that gets, uh, recycled right back into the, uh, environment. And we really hope you all can understand that and see that and, and know that in the long run it’s gonna be very beneficial to the grass. It’s gonna be very beneficial to the ground, the nutrients, um, and all the other positive things that molding can provide. Um, now if you have
Like, like a super, super ton thing of leaves, yeah, you may wanna have them removed and, you know, majority of them removed or something like that. But the Tulsa lawn care communities understand that mulching is the primary way to really have is, is the secret way, let me say, to really have a great lawn come, come spring because you, you just superly heavily fertilized, uh, at a really super reduced rate. Uh, your lawn, uh, tons of nutrients. You sp up the, uh, process of getting everything taken care of and, uh, all nice and clean and, and just really getting there and getting things done. And, and you have it like super, super healthy and ready to go, come springtime. Uh, it’s a good foundation to get it going. We want to make sure everyone is aware that, um, preparation is the key to a successful long and really in long care.
Everything is about preparation for the next step. Uh, fall, you’re prepping for spring. Spring, you’re prepping for summer. Summer, you’re prepping for, uh, fall. Okay, fall. You’re prepping for winter. I mean, it’s, it, it’s what it is. Preparation’s the key. So when you wanna prep and get your lawn ready, looking good, and for the next step, give kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care call. Let us, uh, take care of you. Let us provide for you. Let us be the ones 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, also give us a, uh, a checkout at Uh, bunch of ways to get a hold of us. Let us know what you need, um, whether it’s, uh, debris cleanup, Christmas lights, uh, edge trimming, it doesn’t matter. We got a list of, uh, great, uh, services on our website. Check us out, check our reviews out. Give us a call. Let us know what you need. Let us take care of you, give us that opportunity and be the next happy, satisfied customer in green Country. Thanks guys. We’ll see you out there.