Uh, but we do lose a lot of leaves out the back and kind of have to re suck them up and, and re clean up. So it’s a little redundant at times and what we have to do. Uh, but for the most part, for the, uh, amount of lawns we’ve gotten and I think that it’s worked, uh, we’ve had to be creative, um, using bungees and clamps and, and all sorts of stuff. Uh, it’s worked out pretty well for us. Um, other than that, uh, utility trailer, I mean, I mean it’s, it’s lived up to its means. It’s been a really good utility trailer. It’s, it’s held up. Uh, granted, yes, it’s brand new for our Tulsa Lawn Care. All the lights work helps out a lot. Uh, it’s amazing what more you can get done when you can go into the dark and not have to worry about having to be done before, uh, you get off the road before it’s dark.

That was a lot of, uh, worries I had back with my old trailer. Um, but yeah, the lights all work and it’s little things like that that make, uh, that make you able to get more jobs and, and get out there and be able to accomplish more things. Um, I do have a couple of signs on my, uh, on my box trailer there that I made. Um, I also found out that a tarp on top is, is not that wonderful without our Tulsa Lawn Care.

Catches a lot of air. Um, talked to a couple of guys and they said the meshing mesh tarping on top of you lose a little bit of dirt and debris and stuff like that, but, uh, I think it works out better, you know, for your truck, for your equipment. It runs, runs pretty good. Uh, so Towson lawn care community, I highly recommend, uh, always asking those guys that you see out there so far.

Everyone out there has been helpful, uh, with advice. Um, you know, all sorts of things. Nothing, uh, no one’s been to, uh, unwilling to help out. Everyone I talk to is always willing to talk and be friendly and, and you know, always help you. Cause, uh, you can’t have every lawn out there and the Tulsa lawn care community, but you can, uh, definitely get a good, good chunk cause for everyone coming in and someone is going out and uh, hopefully, I’ll be doing this for a little while and if and when you need your lawn serviced, remember I’ve got a $5 first Mo, $5 referral Mo and uh, I’m here to serve you also do your, uh, your leaves. Don’t. Don’t forget about your leaves cause I won’t, you guys have a great day. I’ll see you later.

You know your house is your, uh, your getaway, your house is your shank sanctuary. Okay? You want to come out, get there, relax, put your feet up, um, and enjoy your home. You don’t want to get home and have to get on a ladder and you know, then, then when you can do with all this stuff, once you get it on a ladder, you know, you got to get out trashcan and, and do all this other, other stuff to get rid of it.

You know, when you’re not necessarily, it’s not that it takes training, but I mean, you know, when you do it consistently, you, you build a rhythm and you figure out your chaos and, and your order and you know, it takes you very little time. I mean, these are tasks that homeowners can do, but how much time is it going to take you to do said task? You know, are you going to be out there all day cleaning gutters or would you rather be out, you know, shopping or playing golf or whatever it is that you’d like to do?

Bike, bike riding, marathons, I don’t know. Uh, whatever there is out to do their Tulsa lawn care community. You know, I want to provide a service that you guys can be, uh, happy with. Uh, I know there are tons of guys out there offering all these things.

Um, but you know, the difference between them and me is I’ve worked in customer service. I understand it. I also know that all I’m selling our services and what you want to buy is a reliable service. And like I said, I’ve been doing this for about 10 plus years now. Um, we, we provide, you know, we call you, we tell you when we’re be there. We show up on time. Uh, you know, we’re there.

Um, we’ve got, uh, we’ve got a website, we’ve got information out there. We’re, we’re not hidden. You can see us. You see our names. We’re on Instagram, on Facebook, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long care, check us out. Tulsa lawn care community. We’re here to provide you this service. You know, again, I reiterate no need for you guys to come home and do all, these chores. We take us about an hour roughly to come and Mo, uh, you know, takes us maybe 15, 20 minutes to knock out the cleaning of the, of the, uh, the gutters.

You know, these are all services that we can provide, um, that you don’t have to sit here and worry about and you know, and you know, your investment is being taken care of. Um, granted there are a lot more things you need to do, uh, with your investment. But I mean, at least these are some things that, you know, you don’t have to put up with. Uh, the, uh, you know, putting up with August heat in Oklahoma is not fun. Um, Tulsa lawn care community, you know, by getting your gutters clean, you’re protecting that investment. You are looking out for your investment. You’re making sure your investment, it’s going to be around for a long time.