A win-win situation, your time’s freed up. You have a great looking lawn, to go out and enjoy whenever and wherever you want. You won’t have to sit here and worry about, Oh, I gotta get out there and do this before this day or whatever. It’ll just be one more check Mark off the list that, that you’re taking care of, you know, um, so many things going on, you know, you know, just taking care of a home is, is time-consuming in itself for your Tulsa Lawn Care.

So having a little bit of help here and there to help you, you know, with some lawn maintenance or have somebody come in and clean the house every, every month or, or, you know, whatever it may be that you need. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s good. It’s nice to have. I mean, don’t wrong, that’s your thing. And that’s what you enjoy. Wonderful. More power to you. That’s a hobby. You want to spend all day out there.

Good. I know most people don’t. Most people that, you know, they have different hobbies. They have other things they want to go do and want to enjoy other aspects of their life and time. Uh, but we’ll want to come out there and remove those leaves. Protect your investment, keep your grass looking great, you know, uh, you know, keeping it green, keeping it healthy, keeping it strong, keeping, keeping your soil where it needs to stay.

So your foundation for your house is good. Uh, so you can enjoy your home. Uh, you don’t have to worry about cracks and, and, and pests and things like that coming in, you know, and then you can go outside, enjoy your grass all year long, you know, whenever the weather permits, you know, no, no, not going out there because look at all the lays and it’s hard to walk and you slip and, and then you get rid of the leaves and now you’ve got dead grass and mud and stains and you know that Tulsa Lawn Care is here to help you, just, just all sorts of things going off in there anyway. King grass and taking names is wanting to come out and, and take the chore of lawn care off your list. Just give us a holler, give us a chance, let us come out there, make you happy. And uh, we’ll go from there. You like us, refer us out. We’ll uh, come back at you with a $5 zero referral bonus, meaning you know, what your next middle of five bucks. All right, so we can, we can work something out for sure.

Um, definitely, uh, give me a, give me a shout out and I appreciate it. I remember kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, home of the $5 first Mo. And the guy that says he does it 45 minutes by himself, hogwash, hogwash, or that particular lawn took him 45 minutes, belongs it leaves. Do not take 45 minutes by yourself. I have talked to several local league guys around asking them their methods, how they do it. Um, they usually have always had helpers. Um, if there are, if they’re by themselves or out there for a few hours, um, easy. So tell us a lawn care community. Um, any guy who says he can come out there and be done in 45 minutes by himself, man, there’s a catch. Something is going on.

So again, in my experience, uh, we did our first lawn figured out real quick that just using blowers was not great. Uh, quickly adopted the, uh, tarp method to get leaves out of the back, uh, quickly enlisted more help, uh, quickly realized that I am not making any money doing this, nor am I even making any money back to cover the expenses I put into it. Uh, but of course, you know, the final leave jobs are, are far and few between right now just because, uh, I have a very low budget for advertising and a very, um, slow method for, um, very slow method of, of dating getting to the customers. That’s not in my opinion, efficient, but it does work by far. It does work. Um, Tulsa lawn care community. I appreciate everything we’ve, uh, we’ve learned from you so far. I’ve learned there are different style leaves I learned.

I like those big beautiful leaves that pile up because man, they suck up and shredded and nothing. I don’t like little leaves because they, uh, they’re heavy, they don’t strip very easily. They’re also sticky leaves, sticky reasonal horrible. Um, and, uh, also learn that I only have part of the solution right now and I know next year if I’m going to do LEAs, I’m going to get a new trailer to, uh, dump the leaves, uh, versus my trailer I’m using right now. Also gonna probably invest in a vacuum of sorts to find a lot to finish off the, uh, the area right now I’m doing, I’m doing a pretty good job getting all the, is the biggest, hardest part is getting leaves out of, uh, out of the, uh, landscaping behind the bushes and things like that for your Tulsa Lawn Care. I get most of them, but man, there’s usually a chunk that just like, Nope, I’m not going anywhere. So, uh, easy to, uh, easy to plan, harder to execute. The main reason is, you know, dump some money that we had into this. So that’s why we were able to get the equivalent we got right now. We need to pay off what we earn, weren’t able to just straight out. So, um, but overall it’s, it’s been a good experience, a good learning experience.

Leaves, leaves are good in the essence of, you know, I’ve partnered with my wife too, and she’s helped me and, we’ve been able to, uh, to learn a lot. Um, just doing leaves is pretty okay with the money. Um, if once, if and when the equipment’s all paid for, um, I could definitely see it being a moneymaker, but it’s getting over that first season or two of getting customers, getting, uh, getting your name out there with your Tulsa Lawn Care. Uh, and then you know, your price. Uh, some people are just like, wow, you’re too high. Uh, some people are like, uh, you know, that’s a good price. And some people are like, ah, I, I’ve had a few who are like, well, you know, I don’t know how long job that’ll be for that price.

So they want more, uh, which I hope to get to that level and have those types of customers. Um, and that, that last one is far and few between. I’ll tell you that much right now. Most people hear my price and they’re pretty much jumped right on it. Uh, and the people who say I’m too expensive, I’m pretty sure they don’t ever have anybody come out, handle their leaves or handle anything for him if, uh, cause I know, I know at a, at a good price, uh, so leaves, you know, were not what I expected when I first started. They have been more, more learning than anything.

I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from, uh, some coworkers and, uh, family and friends that have helped me out, uh, to knock this stuff out of the park. Uh, they have helped me immensely just trying to go out there and hustle up some more leave jobs for right now. And then we’re getting ready to start the season and you know, I think we’ll expand our, our tiny little fleet this season and uh, see what we end up with. But Tulsa lawn care community, uh, this is all I got for right now. I’ll come back with number two and we’ll go from there. Thanks.