Good afternoon, Tulsa lawn care community. How are you Kevin here with kicking CRAs and taking names, lawn care out, and joined this beautiful weather we have going on in the Tulsa lawn care community? How are you guys doing? I hope you’re outside enjoying this weather in one way, shape or form, maybe at a kid’s sporting event, maybe out in your backyard, maybe looking at that grass going, I do not want to mow it. Who can I call? Cause it is getting so dang tall. You know, you can call, you can call kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home, or the $5 first Mo everyone’s favorites. Everyone’s only $5 first Mo tells us the lawn care community. Reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to come out and mow your lawn. Speaking of mowing lawns, let’s speak of overgrowth in thick growth. There’s a little bit of different overgrowth is when you come out and you start to walk into the grass and you slowly lose sight of your knees. That is overgrowth. That growth is when you have a healthy lawn and it’s thick and lush. And it even with a strong mower does not power through the first cut.

So I know there are customers out there. I know there are people who, for whatever reason, they don’t notice. They don’t care. They go to work in the dark and they come home in the dark. I don’t know, I don’t care, but their lawn gets way, way out of control. And then they call the lawn guy to come and mow it. And we’re six weeks into summer and it looks like nobody lives at this home because the grass is so long, many, many, many times I’ve come into this situation. And many, many, many times I have to turn it down. We understand, and we hear you that it’s your lawn. We understand. And we hear you that it’s something that you want to take care of and you don’t see why some guy in a mower and a janky truck can’t come out and just mow the yard and get over it. Well, what you don’t realize is we don’t know what’s lying underneath those two and a half feet of grass.

So while we may able to see some of it, we can’t see everything. And then once we start mowing, then it starts getting FIC. Grass starts flying. Something may get covered up. So we don’t know if we’re gonna hit a rock, a root piece of concrete, steel rebar that they have sticking your grounds. These are all things that we have to look out for when we Mo so worst-case scenario, we damage, uh, something of yours and the horrific scenario. We break our mower. So you’re wanting a $40 Mo or whatever done quick and easy. And you, you feel like there should be no issue and we’re risking a $10,000 machine. So we can come and mow your overgrown lawn. I’m not trying to sound mean or, or anything of that nature, but I’m just wanting things to be per perspective. I know a lot of people don’t realize the amount of money that goes into starting up a lawn care service. I don’t, I understand people don’t realize the amount of money that those long care guys are hauling, let alone the truck and trailer, okay. Anything over 10, 12 feet, and trailer. You’re, you’re talking to at least a good $15,000 worth of equipment, if not more. Okay. Cause then you can put a couple zero turns or stand ons on the back end of that. And now you’re talking a lot of money. So when guys come out there to mow your yard and all of a sudden they’re like no way I can’t mow.

You’re two and a half feet of grass. Then you know why Tulsa lawn care community. We just want to help share the wealth of knowledge that we have here at kicking grass and taking names as long care. Uh, we’ve experienced really tall grass. We’ve experienced really thick grass. Let’s say grass. It’s not that much of a deal because you can still put it. It says everything, walk around, drives through it. Uh, it’s just the thickness of it means, you know, you have to power through it. And maybe even though it twice, because it’s so thick, but it’s the long grass that kind of gets weary and dangerous. And you just need to be careful because the last thing you want to do is throw a blade or bust or break anything on your lawn equipment and have it come flying off and hit a person or something in the house or break something.

And then, you know, you’re liable. So tell us a lawn care community. Hope you guys can understand why some people get turned down while sometimes you have to have. And here’s the thing. It’s not that you can’t mow that type of grass. You can usually have to bring in a different type of mower. There, there are some mowers that are designed for that extra-long grass. Basically they’re a big, giant, uh, trimmer machine where it’s a, a, a line, a tremor that’s whipping around and not a blade. So it’s in there taking the grass down. And so if it does hit something, it’s not that big of a deal. And so, Hey, there’s another piece of equipment I need to carry around with me. Um, I know a lot of times people like should be nobody. Dealers should be able to run over everything well, kinda is.

Um, so, you know, you never know what you’re going to meet. You never know what scenario you’re going to come into. So then, you know, you have a 16-foot trailer, you have to carry all these different specialty tools with you. Okay? You have to have a mower that you primarily use. You have to have, I guess, this there’s long grass trimmer, uh, available and ready to use in case and in case. And when you do come across those lots that are overgrown and you do, especially when you run good specials, uh, you’ll come across people who, who want to take advantage of that and, and just pay you the, the minimal or the, whatever the, the deal is, which is fine, you know? Uh, but at the same time, it, you know, we don’t have to take the job. It just because we offer, it does not mean we have to take the job.

And nine times out of 10, if the grass is overgrown like that, we’re not going to take the job. Uh, we’re gonna analyze it, view it, and say the risk to our equipment is not worth the potential business that you could give us because we understand this business. We understand it very well. There’s a man with a mower on every other corner and, uh, lucky for us in a situation like that. Good. So you can call the other man on the corner, have him come, mow your lawn. Uh, some of us, uh, understand I’ve been there and done that. And I’ve been the other guy called in to, to mow it all up and have realized those lots. Usually don’t pan out and are not worth it. We really appreciate the offer. We appreciate the business. We appreciate the opportunity to come out and help and service and take care of, uh, but you know, most of our clients that we’re looking for are not going to allow their lawns to get two and a half feet long.

I understand if a property gets, uh, mishandled, if you know, maybe the owners live out of town and they think they have a mowing company coming in and taking care of their property. Uh, I understand that we can, uh, we can always work with, uh, people to properly and professionally maintain, uh, these properties. And again, those, those scenarios are, are far and few between those scenarios are also ones where the customer is not worried about deals or worried about, uh, service and product, uh, and the production of quality service, making sure that they’re taken care of making sure that they have all their ducks in a row and everything’s maintained to their property. Uh, so kicking your ass and taking names long here at home with a $5 first know Tulsa lawn care community, call us out, let us come, evaluate your property, let us come out and see how well we’re doing, how well you’re doing.

Let us come out and check it out. It, it, it costs you absolutely nothing for us to come out. Uh, if we can handle it, we’re going to handle it. Uh, if we can’t, we’re going, to be honest. That tells you upfront that we can’t and we’ll try to help you find somebody that can, uh, we are connected in the community. We do know other guys that provide other services. We do know guys who just like to brush hog. So, Hey, if you got a big property and you got a lot of growth, still give us a call. We can find somebody for you. Kevin, here with kicking grass and taking names long care home with a $5 first Mo we’ll see you out there at the green country.