Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first mow. How are you folks doing out there in green country? Good. I hope we are finally receiving some well needed rain for all those lawns that are not regularly watered. You are getting water now, getting refreshed, getting ready to grow. And that’s what we like to see. We like to see our lawns grow. We like to see our lawns healthy and green and all the wonderful things get, go with it. Folks, water in your lawns is very important. We need to make sure everyone knows to water their lawns. We need to make sure everyone knows how vital it is for your foundation on your property to have water in the soil, Tulsa lawn care community. Not only will it make you have a lush green and luxuriously looking lawn because we will mow it the right way.
It also, you know, help with the, like I said, foundation, if you had noticed your ground just before the rain came in, you would’ve noticed how much it was peeling away from the cement. It was peeling away, rather immensely. You were probably getting all the way up to an inch, maybe being an inch and a half of separation which is very bad. So you wanna keep that, that ground moist several, several reasons number one reason, being a green and lush salon. And that’s just because I’m very biased and I want to always have the lawn taken care of, but you know, it’ll help with that foundation of that giant cement slab. You have holding up the roof that we’re mowing around, called your house. It’ll help keep that from cracking and buckling and doing all that expensive stuff. That’ll give you a headache later on in life,
Tulsa lawn care community. We do not want you to have a crack foundation. Why cuz that means expensive repairs. If you have expensive repairs, things start to fall off the to-do list or fall down the pecking order of the to-do list. And we don’t want your grounds to be one of those things fall down, cuz those are important things to help keep up the beauty of the home to help keep up the value allowing things to grow and overgrow over time stuff grows no matter what, whether you pay attention to it or not, those weeds are gonna grow. They turn into trees. People think they have trees and they wonder why they, where these trees came from and why they’re so close to their house or their fence simply put they’re not they’re weeds that, that you neglected that were neglected by your former law service team that will not be neglected by your new law and service team called kick grass and taking names, lawn care home.
Oh the $5 first mow and the proud sponsors of giving your weekend back. That’s right folks. We are the proud sponsors of, Hey, it’s your weekend? Don’t spend half of it mowing a yard. Again, we’re in, we’re out maybe 40 minutes and that gets a lot accomplished yard mode. We needed and edged little things taken care of like tree limbs and stuff like that picked up gone. I mean, we’re here for you. We’re there for you. We’re taking ’em we’re going it’s it’s a great and wonderful thing. So folks keep an eye out, let us know what else we can do for you than other than just mowing. But remember even your even your curbs will be peeling back. You’ll you’ll notice that the ground will peel back from the curbs. They’ll be separation chipping when, when we go to edge, we’ll have to use our weed eaters because there’ll be so much gap won’t even be dirt there to to, to edge back and get a crispy line going.
Cuz we all like our crispy lines. We like ’em nice and fresh. Just, just looking boxy. It’s wonderful. It’s great. So to us lawn care community just know that keeping grass and taking names, lawn care is out there. We have our best interest for you. Our our main focus is just trying to make sure your lawn is not your focus. We don’t want you to have to worry about it. We don’t want you to have to put up with it. We want you to know what’s being done and taken care of and the best interest of you and we’re gonna make it look good on rainy days. We’re gonna have to skip and then on not so rainy days, we’re gonna have to come mow. It’s pretty simple, pretty easy. We, we, we’re not too complicated with how we operate pretty upfront, pretty open.
We like to know you guys that we’re there to take care of you and give you guys the service that you need and deserve. But again those lawns are now getting watered. They’re getting refreshed. Please expect a lot of growth and know that we will be there in time to handle such growth to take that on for you. We will get it tamed and in, in shape, don’t worry. We’ll be there. Just gotta be patient cuz everything’s gonna hit at once while these lawns started going dormant and pushing back and pushing back was have we had a little more room, had a little more freedom, but now the rain came and it’s gonna request a little bit more attention and it’s all happening at once. We do have several clients. We want to try to help as many people as we can.
And so yes, patience with us as we go around and hitting every lawn that we can in a timely manner and in a, a safe manner. There are some lawns that we will not be able to get to right away. And hopefully, you know, these other Tulsa Lawn Care lawns won’t grow too severely, but we’ll get you guys mode and taken care of nonetheless. So the lawns are getting watered. They’re starting to look good. Just note it is that time of year they’re supposed to be raised higher cutting that way. The longer periods of no rain, the lawns can’t handle and do and survive and hopefully not go as dormant as easily. We want to make sure we keep our lawns refreshed, healthy and a fighting chance as we head into fall. So don’t forget. One fall does hit kicking grass and taking names. We’ll still be actively doing things such as mulching leaves and putting Christmas lights up.
So folks do not forget us. Do not then let the lawn cause the lawn is really an all year job and it needs to be taken care of. You need to do things for it throughout the year. Different things that our guys have experience with and knowledge on that we can make the Tulsa lawn care community understand that, Hey, it is well worth it to hire these guys, let them come in, do their thing and move on. It’s not something that you guys need to educate yourself about deal with or whatever. We’ll have the the quick tips we’ll have the equipment we’ll have everything we need to do it fast and efficiently. And yeah, we’ll get it done. We’ll we’ll provide it for you guys at kick grass and taking names long here, home of the $5 first mow.
Yeah, we’ll get you guys squared away. You’ll have a very beautiful lawn. You know, you don’t wanna mushy lawn going into the, the winter. You want that lawn to be clear of debris able to breathe free flowing, let that grass do its thing. That way comes springtime. It it’s coming back thicker stronger and better than ever. So many things do you think about going into the fall? When was the last time you had your lawn, a raid? When was the last time you had your lawn power rate, all sorts of different things and services that kicking grass and taking names lawn care can provide to get those lawns looking spectacular and lean and mean it’s just a really nice, wonderful way to help your local lawn care provider out and have a really good, great looking lawn.
And if we’re the ones doing it, we know the history of it. We know when it needs certain things and all that fun stuff, we’ll make it looking great. You’ll have the yard of the neighborhood. People will be jealous. The guy that is retired and isn’t in his yard every day for like three hours a day will sit there and just be upset, cuz he sees us roll through and sees us there for 40 minutes. And your lawn is looking just as good as his he won’t understand why. But that’s because he has a passion to be out there all the time. Doesn’t realize that he’s got other better things to do and should allow it seem like you have to take care of your lawn in a timely, efficient manner. We won’t be out there all day.
We’ll go, we’ll get it done and make your lawn look great. That’s what we do. Tulsa lawn care community. We have been serving you guys for the last five plus years. We hope you guys are enjoying our services. We are knocking yards out of the park, making people love ’em they’re great. They’re wonderful. Folks. Give us a call. 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out. Www dot kicking grass, We got photos, galleries, all sorts of things. Check ’em out. They’re awesome. They’re wonderful. You’re gonna like it. You’re gonna love it. We’re doing great work out there. Let’s keep those lawns healthy and green. Let us come. Cut. ’em for you. That way you have your Saturdays to do how you want kick and grass and take names, lawn hair, home of the $5 first Mo we’re here for you. Give us a holler. Let us know what we can do. We’ll see you out there.