Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo how y’all doing out there today. It is a beautiful Friday morning. We have just finally received some rain. I don’t know if it was measurable or not, but we did receive some rain in our beautiful area. Now let’s talk about water once again. Water’s very important for our grass. Water’s very important for our humans. Water is very important for everything on this planet. Why cuz without water, none of us would exist. Water AKs things live water is a source of life. Water makes things grow. Water’s great. Water’s wonderful. We love water Tulsa long care community when it has been a hundred degrees or plus, and it’s going on 10, 12, 14, 15 days in a row. When we water, we want to water around.
We wanna be more more pushing out those days probably maybe two, three days in between, but then we want a water for longer periods of time. Most of the time I tell my customers go ahead and water for about 15 minutes every other day. But when it starts hitting temps like this, we need to start watering maybe 20 minutes per zone going out two days apart little, little more water, a little deeper. And then giving it that a little bit extra time to, to get saturated and a little bit extra time to, to penetrate the ground. We really want to give grass the best opportunity we can. Cause if you think about it, you know, when it rains, it doesn’t rain obviously on a schedule, you know, it it’ll rain a few days, you know, a week will go by it’ll rain.
Again, things like that. So, you know, there’s different ways that the ground can get moisture and, and stuff like that. But as far as the rain’s concerned, the rain just does what the rain does. And if it’s five days between rains, it’s five days between rains, but when it rains, it rains, you know, and it, it, it, it zones the area, it wets down the area for, for a good hour or two, at least, you know, definitely longer than than we do with our sprinkler systems and stuff and, and water hoses and different things like that. But Tulsa lawn care community, we, we really want to pay attention, see these temperatures because our grass can go dormant again. Everyone’s like, oh, my grass is dying. My grass is dying. It’s not dying folks. It’s just going dormant. It’s protecting itself. Okay. and if you care about your lawn and, and, and you want it to maintain healthy and strong, you’re gonna water it and you’re gonna water it the way it needs to be watered.
Not, not how if you remembered and, and things like that. But that’s the reason why you’re hiring me and my team. That’s, you know, you’re hiring us, we’re coming out there. We’re taking care of you guys. It, it let us take care of it. Let us do it for you. This is something we wanna take off your plate completely. All, all you need to do is say, Hey, kicking, congrats, come on out and take care of this lawn. And we’re, we’re good to go. We want you to to take care of it. We want this offer a plate and we just wanna enjoy it. And, and that’s what we do. That’s why you hired us. Okay. You’re going to enjoy your lawn. You’re gonna have a lawn. All right. You’re you’re not gonna have the, oh, is my grass dying question because we’re taking care of it.
Okay. We’ve got guys to fertilized. We can get a water team out there. You name it. We’re going to provide for this, for your lawns. Because you know, when you come home, you you’ve got so many other things going on. The last thing you need to worry about is your lawn. You need to come home and just be able to enjoy your, your, your place of refuge. Okay? You don’t need to come home and be like, oh, cool. What do I need to repair fix and or replace now. And then when you try and go and do that, next thing you know, you’re spending the next 30, 45, 3 hours at a big box store, trying to figure out a part, trying to figure out a thing for something you bought 12 years ago, finding out you can’t find it. It’s worthless. It’s no good.
So now you need to buy something new. The whole thing over again, by the time you’re sitting and done with it, you spent half your day. You spent just as much money as you would if you hired her team. So it, it, it’s all about getting that time back for you. It’s all about loosening up your day. So you don’t have to sit there and, and put up with this. You hire us and, and it’s done. All right, all you gotta do is say, Hey guys, take care of the lawn, send me the bill. And, and we’ve got it for you. No, if AMS or butts about it. No worries. No nothing. Okay. And when, when the variables change and things start fluctuating and it’s not a normal season, that’s why we’re here. Okay? We’ve got the experience. We’ve been there. We’ve been through this before.
We know what to do. Okay. We know what to increase, what to decrease. We know what to raise, what to lower. We know what to do to take care of the lawn. Okay? Let our experience work for you. Let us get your time back. Give, let us give us your Saturday back. Let us give us your weekend back cuz you know how it goes. We’ve all been there. Whether we were young with dad or whether we were young, young adults trying to do it on our own. Cause we wanna be able to do everything cuz that’s what we do. Then you quickly learn, you know what? I don’t wanna be able, able to do everything. I wanna be able to do what I want to do. I wanna be able to outsource and get things done quick and efficiently. That way one, I don’t have to put up with it not working anymore.
And then two, the project is done and over with. So sometimes it is better to go and hire somebody to get something done. So one it’s up and working and two, you just don’t have the headache anymore. Tulsa lawn care, community watering. That lawn is critical. You know? And, and here’s the other thing, Y you, there may not be research to show, but I’m just saying a lot of these older generations are very adamant about watering their lawn right up next to the house too. Cuz if you’ve noticed in folks that ground is starting to pull away, that ground is compacting. The ground is getting put together. Okay. There’s a good inch, two inch gap. Now between homes and their and their dirt foundation, all right. Things are moving.
I know a lot of people, a lot of older generation, they don’t care. Water restrictions are not. And I’m not saying you should, you should not abide by your, your county laws and, and, and suggestions and things like that. But I’m just saying some of these older generations like, Nope, my house. I’m gonna save my foundation. They water. And they have no issues. Okay? No issues. And then what happens? They sell their home to a young couple, to a young guy, whatever they don’t water ever grass. Go’s dormant grass. There’s brown. The founda, the ground starts peeling back away from the house. All of a sudden there’s foundation issues. It’s very interesting. I can’t, I can’t confirm. I can’t deny. I can’t say, Hey, this is the reason why, but watering helps in so many ways. Tulsa lawn care community, you’ve got to understand watering is important and it is not just to set it and forget it.
Okay? You need the experience of kicking grass and taking names long hair home of the $5 first smoke. We we’ve got the experience. We’ve got the team. We’ve got the members that come out there to look to analyze to figure out what exactly your lawn needs. Not all lawns are created equal but is our job to get them there. All right. We want them to get them to, to, to the point of it makes the neighborhood lawn guy that sits out there all day, every day, manicuring his lawn, getting nervous. And we want him to stare at your lawn. We want him to look at it alone. Like dang, I see those guys out there for only 30 minutes and they’re and they’re, they’re competing with me. Yeah, yeah. That’s right buddy. We are, we don’t need to be out there all day.
We know what we’re doing. Okay. We know how to, how to look, how to analyze. We know what to do for you guys. We know how to provide for you guys. Okay. That’s why we, that’s why we say you hire us. We get your, your weekends back kicking congrats to taking names, cricketing, grass, and taking names long here, home of the $5 first Mo we wanna make it simple, easy. We wanna bring our knowledge to you. We want you guys to be able to enjoy that weekend. Tulsa Lawn Care community. There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday, knowing you have nothing on your plates. No honey dos, no nothing. All you know is you’ve got a day full of whatever you want to go do or not do stay at home. Relax, enjoy that lawn that we just took care of for you. Okay? Paint, bright music, listen to music. Do whatever it is you want to do. Gotta do. It does not matter. Okay. Folks, what matters is that we water that lawn take care of your property. Okay? We water it to the point to where they have more, more than what it needs. Make it look green, make it really stand out to your neighbors who don’t water, make them understand why you do okay. Your house will be solid. Your grass will be green. It’ll be so many things so much better for you.
Then what your neighbors will be doing. And they’ll look at you with me. They’ll under why and it, and it’s never, it’s it’s never big moves. Folks. Never is. Whenever you look at people who are successful, when you look at people who do things, it’s the ones who stay consistent. It’s the one who, who, who, who hire the right people. And that’s us. That’s what we’re here for. We’re the, we’re the right people for you. We’re here to make that grass green, make that grass grow and come and cut it, mow it down. Okay. Like I said kicking grass, taking Tulsa Lawn Care names, long hair. I’m on the $5 first mow. We’re here for you folks. We want you guys to look into us, check us out, check our pictures out, check our testimonials out. You can’t even get a hamburger fry and a co and a milkshake.
Let alone a Coke for $5. Can’t even get any almost. You almost can’t even get fries for $5. These days. It’s all going up. But yet we still have you for five bucks on that first moment, no matter what, give us a call. Check us out. 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3, 3 8. Web addresses www dot kick and grass, you know, check us all out. Reach out to us claim that first service get. Let’s get you taken care of Tulsa. We want to be out there. We wanna make you guys look good. Make you guys look great and give you that time back. We’ll see you out there.