Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first mow that’s right folks, $5. One mow. You get mowing trimming, edging, weed, eating hard surface cleanup. I mean a bargain and then some green country. How are we doing out there today? Kevin wants to talk to you about grass, height, warning due, all the wonderful things that happen to you. What I’m talking about folks is as we get later in the year, we want to raise the decks of our mowers. Depending on your lawn, you wanna mow your, your grass somewhere between three and three quarters and four inches don’t really wanna go over four inches. There’s a happy medium, too short. You burn up too tall. You smother out too many things and bite a lot of other different pests, things like that.
So, and then there’s there’s morning due morning due folks. It’s almost like you watered your lawn and the water, and it’s just sitting there covering the property. Then you get your guys at, normally come in at their regular time and they mow your yard and it’s a huge w and mess and you’re perplexed and confusing. You don’t understand why, why cuz you don’t worry about your yard. That’s our job. You don’t worry about your lawn. That’s our job. And all of a sudden you’re like, Hey, why do I see green tracks all over my cement? Why do I see this? Why do I see that? Why nothing’s changed other than the fact that you have heavier due in the morning at that time, that is all sun. Hasn’t been up long enough to burn most of it off. So you just got due.
You gotta do what the do, but Tulsa lawn care community. This is Kevin here telling you, don’t worry about that. It it’s gonna go away. We’re gonna make it look the best that we can. Sometimes it does get pretty heavy, pretty thick. It, you know, but we’re going to try our best to make sure we’ve got it clean and, and as minimalized to the Savannah as possible. But it, it is going to cause a mess. And I know some people you know, like I said, you, you’ve got your time, you’ve got your day, all these things that, that we have scheduled for you you’ve been happy all year long with it. And then conditions environmentally change that we really have no control over. And so it kind of causes a different look per se on a property, but you’re still getting the same quality cut. You’re still getting the same, everything. Just, you know, just a tab. It messier just simply because of the do and, and the change in the environment. So don’t be too upset. Don’t be too panicked or worried, nothing nothing’s gone bad. Nothing’s gone awry understand that we are still doing our best to make sure everything is nice and even, and flat for you.
And that’s what we’re gonna do for you guys. And then the Dew guys, I mean, it, it’s, it’s a catch 22. So while now you’re gonna have a little bit heavier Dew which is essentially watering your lawn. It’s gonna make it grow a little bit more. So your grass might actually be a little bit taller, a little bit thicker, so you might end up with a little more clippings than normal. So be prepared for that, understand that it is just, again, a part of the environment what’s changed, what hasn’t you know this year in particular, we went through an early dry spell. So lawns were starting to dry up pretty good and, and disappear and go dormant. But then then the weather changed and we’ve had a couple days of rain and now we’re having to do and all that good stuff.
And like I said, I mean little bit of water, a little bit of sun, and that grass is gonna grow. Doesn’t need much, doesn’t need a lot Tulsa lawn care community. You just gotta understand that we are here to take care of your laundry, the best of our ability the only option we can have for you is to come and mow more often. That’ll cause it less clippings and things like that. Now on a technical note you are supposed to mow your lawn every five days, but that’s a little unrealistic. That is a little excessive. There are people that do do that. They mow their lawn every four days, four to five days. It is heard of it is done. It is fine. It, it won’t do anything bad. But for how much you should cut off to the amount of height that’s grown and stuff like that, you know, is just more, more frequent and mowing.
So due, due is good because it, it, it waters lawn, right, when it should be watered early in the morning has a chance to soak in the sun then comes, heats everything up and the, the grass could not be happier. It’s gonna grow and it’s gonna grow a lot and it’s just gonna get big. And yeah, that’s, that’s where we’re at. So enjoy the free water enjoy the free growth of grass. And we’ll definitely be out there to check you guys out and help you out. Tulsa lawn care community. Don’t think that we’re gonna abandon you just because that grass gets thick and it gets hot. We’re we’re here to help. We’re here to come out there give you the best service in town and always communicate with us, let us know we can do things different or better for you.
We’re gonna try to do our best to accommodate change things up make ’em different. However we can we’re not here to go on and done. We’re here to go the distance things change as environment changes. We can change with it. You know, we can do some, some different tactics to try to get everything back in better looking order for you guys. So yeah especially going to the end of the year here, you know, we’re all racing, the mowers those decks are coming up. Most of ’em are gonna be right around four. That’s gonna give it a nice, good hike, nice, good thickness going in the winter. Keep everything out. And then come come fall, come
Winter. We can start doing leaves and, and all that good fun stuff for you. So Tulsa lawn care community, no reason or threat, no reason to worry king grass, state, and taking names. We’ve got the manpower, we’ve got the people coming out. We’ve got the experience coming in and we’re gonna take care of it all for you guys. We want you to know that we’re here to make sure that height, that grass height does not get outta control. We’re here to dry those lawns up, run our mowers over. ’em Get them working, get those fans blowing on. ’em Dry them out as best we can. And then we’re gonna show you guys how a lawn should look even in the do. So we hope you understand. We hope you can bear with us. Patients will virtue as they say why they say, I don’t know, but we definitely want you guys to know that we are gonna do our best to keep the, the heightened check even with all this lovely do that.
We’re getting to help spur growth, heavy growth at that which is, which is a wonderful thing. We want that grass to grow. We want to come out and see those lawns, make them prosper all these wonderful things. So folks just let us come out. Take care of you, provide you with one of the best services in town. We’re going to make sure the height of that lawn does not get outta control. We’re gonna keep it tame, keep it down. And yeah, just, we really, really want it to be something that you need to think about. And every once in a while something pops up just let us know. We’re gonna take care of it for you. We’re gonna provide you with the best services that we can get done in a timely manner.
And we’re gonna go from there. We hope you guys are enjoying your day. We hope you guys are getting your Saturdays back, not having to worry about your lawn care cause that’s the main goal that we have for you. We don’t want you guys to sit here and have to worry about any of these things. That’s the main reason why you have us taking care of your lawn, tell lawn care community. We are here to provide a service that you can put your feet up on. We want you guys to know that we are gonna here and take care of that lawn. You guys sit back, relax, enjoy your weekends, do something you’d rather do more than lawn care. If you do lawn care. Great, awesome. We’re here to partner with you.
If either something you do in, in your lawn care, you don’t wanna do, or maybe you’re out of town. You need a quality lawn care service. Hey, give us a call. We do vacation hit up, not a big deal. We can come hit your, hit your lawn 1, 2, 3 times a year, whatever needs to be done. Let us know. Well, we’ll fill in for you. Obviously we’re probably not gonna do as great as job on your lawn as you are. But we’re gonna compete that’s for dag on. Sure. We’re gonna make it look pretty, pretty good, pretty special. And we may make you wonder about why you’re not using us. You know we’re gonna be out there maybe 20 minutes, 24 at most getting that lawn
Looking great and lovely. And it’s gonna make you really contemplate while you’re not UN us on a regular basis. Cause we’d hate for you to have to spend a 30, 40 hour all morning out there mowing we know how it goes. We know how it is. You only use that sucker once a week. Maybe once every two weeks things break. You forget, you need gas parts missing, whatever it is, what it is. So yeah, let us know we’ll come out and take care of you make your life easier. Can we got a deal that you just can’t beat, man five bucks first mow, you know, that’s mowing edging, trimming, weed, eating hard surface cleanup. You know, there’s, there’s nothing better out there on the market right now. You’re not gonna find a better deal.
And on top of that first Mo man, that’s, that’s actually donated to the charity of your choice school district or St. Jude’s it’s all about the kids. We’ll make sure they’re taken care of helped. You know, that’s another reason why we’re out there Mo mowing the lawn. So you can be with your kids if you got kids do what you wanna do. Don’t sit here and have to worry about lawn care and other crazy little things like that. We wanna make sure you guys are using the Tulsa Lawn Care commodity that we find most valuable and that’s time maximize your time with doing whatever you want with whoever you want, you know whether it’s your kids or other family members or friends or pets or whatever you wanna be go ahead and take it on out there. Spend that time with ’em get things done and remember kicking grass, taking names long here, home with a $5 first mow. Come on, check us out, hit our website up. Give us a call call us at (918) 872-0338 website is www kicking grass, Check us out, hit us up. We’ll be glad to help you guys out. See what we can do for you. We’re gonna provide you with one of the best services in town. All right. Green country. It’s time to get your Saturdays back.