Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo green country. How you doing out there? I hope you’re doing great in this drastically hot and and horribly hot and extremely hot weather that we have going on now, obviously, you know, it’s hot and hot does not necessarily mean good because without the heat or with heat, without water, things don’t grow. When things don’t grow, we don’t mow. And we don’t like that. So I want to talk to you about mowing height, Tulsa long care community mowing height is extremely important in the sense that it allows the grass to get more things when needed. So adjusting your Heights is important. There are optimal growth ranges for certain types of grass. Having said that not all grasses are the same, so some are will die quicker in the heat than others. Some will thrive in the heat and some will, you know, just wither away heat and grass height, two very unique aspect aspects in mowing. Having to mow at a specific height can be rather cumbersome in the sense that, you know, ground is not always even.
So when the ground’s not even obviously, you know, you’ll end up with a couple different Heights here and there, you got bumps, you got low spots, things like that. Nice even ground, you can mow your grass really short nice level ground. I’m sorry. You can mow your grass really short. It will thrive depending on the type that you have you know, here in green country, our Tulsa lawn care community has just a few types of grasses. Majority of the grass out in the area is Bermuda. And then the second most common grass is gonna be FCU. Okay. But, you know, coming in pretty hot is enjoy the punt is Zoya.
Yeah. Yeah. Zoya, I’ve noticed a lot of lawns have a wild batch, if you will, of Zoya. It’s just, it’s just randomly growing. Everywhere we go everywhere. We see, we see tons of Zoya and properties that have, you know, a mixture of Bermuda FSQ, you know, on all sorts of things. So, you know, FSQ, you can, you can mow pretty short all the time. I’m sorry. I apologize. I take that back Bermuda. You can mow pretty short most of the time especially in the beginning of the season nice and low. There are different hybrids in, in Bermuda you know, and there are some that you can show Mo really, really, really, really, really short like cord of an inch type of short make it look really fine and good, almost like a carpet and there’s other, Bermudas where they need to be longer and stuff like that.
Bermuda, you know, you want to, you don’t want to go any taller though than about three or three quarters, maybe four you don’t really want to get it over that cuz as they say in the reading, you know, you get over that that four inch mark and you start to start to get the ability for it to grow infections and, and different types of parasites and, and things like that. You wanna keep it low and maintain it, you know, as possible. Except when that heat comes in, when he comes in, you know, you, you need to get it up there, let it grow, let it that way has more ability to absorb more water if, and when it does come and stuff like that. So sq is the same way. It’s got height and short requirements.
We want to make sure our total lawn care community understand sq is, is, is a fragile, delicate, and very needy grass. It’s very involved. You do have to watch it, take care of it. You have to be on top of your game when it comes to FSQ. It is just, it’s just a very needy, needy grass. So FSQ does you, you really don’t want it mow it shorter than three and a half. You wanna keep that puppy long if you want to make sure your blades are sharp when you go over FSQ it does not like to get cut by dull blades and of course spinning at thousands of revolutions, you know, a minute there or hundreds of revolutions a minute. However you wanna look at that. You, you wonder how can it tell the difference, but man, it, it can, it can, you can see your FSQ turn ’em white going white.
When it’s got do blades you know, anything, anything will tear when things move fast enough, but you know, SCU SCU is very particular how it gets kept. So, and how, how we cut grass is a whole nother storyline versus sharp blades, doll blades. You know, argument is a over, under cut is better than a rotary cut. So it’s better for your grass healthier chops it the way it grass needs to be chopped, but that’s for another time and place today, we’re talking about grass height. So the minimum for FCU is, is three and a half inches. The ideal height is probably about four, but when it starts to heat up, like it has been in green country the last few days, you, you really want to one quit mowing your rescue and then two, just let it grow water.
It you know, about 15 minutes in the morning when I say in the morning, I mean like, you know, am like 5:00 AM. Give that time for that water to soak in penetrate the ground get to your, get to the roots that it needs to get to before the day, the heat of the day starts coming in and, and cooking that water off. The last thing you wanna do is water your lawn and then have the grass just bake all day long, like a like a pot of water on a stove. So Tulsa lawn care community to understand that, you know, these are living things, they need requirements. They need need things to make them survive. And not only do they just need things, they need to make sure things are the things that these grass need are given to ’em at the right time and in the right manner.
Just like with us too much of anything is bad. So moderation is the key. And people think you have to water your lawn hours on end all day long in order to keep it healthy and shiny and, and all that good stuff when no, no, not really. In reality you know, 15 minutes, a every other day in this type of heat typically 15 minutes every, every three days or something like that is all your grass really needs. But as I said, right now, we’re going through extreme heats triple digits several days in a row.
And we want you guys to be aware and make sure you’re taking proper care of your lawns. I know some people don’t mind but you know, those are the ones who then all of a sudden are like, oh, what happened? Why is my grass gone? So no matter what, you will be taking care of your lawn, no matter what you will be taking care of a price tag is this gonna be up to you? How you wanna do it? One, you can maintain it and have that price tag, which seems more expensive than beginning, but it’s not because trying to reseed or resaw will be extremely more expensive. And then if you like, well, no, I’m just not gonna do anything at all. Just sell my house and move one day. Yeah, you don’t have any grass, so that’s gonna be a big hit on how much the value of your home will be worth.
Oh, Hey, I have dirt for our front yard. Awesome. Great, wonderful. Yeah. That’s a really good seller with with customers, especially given the fact that at current market we’re in yeah, it is a seller’s market. We have no the buyers have really no power it’s take it or leave it type of options right now, depending on how bad you want the homes. So yeah, good luck. If your home doesn’t meet their criteria and there’s 20 million other homes out there available, they’re just gonna move on to the next one. So you wanna make sure you keep your lawn looking pristine tip top. Okay. Don’t I’m not trying to say you have to compete and get the lawn of the month, but Tulsa lawn care community, you, you wanna have a lawn for several reasons. You wanna have a grass to help keep the ground next to the foundation of the house foundation of the house cracks when the ground starts to separate now the reason to water the lawn.
So there’s several reasons to water the lawn, not just for aesthetics, not just for a green, healthy, lush lawn, and not just for us. Awesome mower guys to come out and take care of you and make you guys look good and get a ride around on our sweet rides. So Tulsa lawn care community do me a huge, huge favor, you know, come out check us out, find us on www dot, kicking grass, Give us a call at (918) 872-0338. Let us know you’re out there, let us know what we can do for you. We have tons of opportunities to provide you guys with all sorts of different services out there in the Tulsa lawn care community. We want you guys to know that we’re here for you. We mow grass, we kick the grass and yeah, we do it well, we do it right.
We want you guys to be able to enjoy your Saturdays. We want to take up too much of your time. So we’re in, we’re out, we’re fast. And then you’ve got your weekend free to do things that you wanna do. So just remember graphite, it is important, helps out with maintaining the lawn, keeping it going strong make sure we pay attention to that. And if you trust us, cool, let us do it. Let us take care of it for you. You’ll have green grass all season long, you know, and you know, it goes dormant when it should. So, all right, green country thank you for listening. You guys have a great day. Give us a call. 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Text, whatever email kicking dot grass, two, one and check our website out. Okay. Remember king grass to taking names, lawn care home with a $5 first mow. You can’t even get a shake of fry or burger for that. Hey, you can barely get fries for five bucks. So yeah. Give us a call, man. We got a deal for you.