Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo reaching out to you folks, seeing how you all doing out there in our beautiful, lovely green country area. Folks let’s talk level ground. We need to understand that ground is not perfectly level, no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you wanna believe and think it is a very flexible moving thing, ground is just, is just, it does not stay flat. Okay. there are a lot of conditions that go into affecting the ground weight of objects going across it. How many things go across it? How, how heavy they are how much precipitation it gets.

There’s a lot of effects to the ground that we don’t think about. And that can cause indentations different Heights, waves, bumps, all sorts of different things in the ground. So when you have someone come out and mow your yard, you need to understand this. Having said that mowers usually when people come and mow your yard commercially they usually set them higher than normal. So Tulsa lawn care you need to community, you guys need to understand that when guys come out to me, they’re not gonna mow it the way the homeowner would, who who’s going to be out there all day long. Who’s going to sit there and, and critique every, every Stripe and analyze it and go, oh, I can do this. And I can do that. We’re here. So you don’t have to do that stuff. We’re going out and doing this.

So you don’t have to have the headache of, of does my mower work? This part broke, find this, find that, oh, I forgot the gas. I forgot this. Why won’t it start all that stuff. We’re there to come mow. And, and, and you don’t have a headache. You don’t have a worry, okay. You’re mode. You’re, you’re done. You’re taking care of, and you guys are off enjoying whatever it is. You wanna enjoy. If you’re going to sit there and, and, and critique and say, Hey, no, I need it mowed this way. If you’re going to be, be very specific about it, then one of two things, one get out there and do yourself or two pay the extra money that it’s gonna cost to. Somebody sit out there like a homeowner all day. So instead of being a, you know, 45, $50 lawn, you’re looking at somewhere else, 75, $80 for me to come out there and act like I’m the homeowner.

Okay. what I mean by that is that you you’re wanting it. Push mode. You’re wanting it, it done this way. Oh, this is uneven here. Can we even this out? Sure. We can do all that. You got the money. Okay. We have to understand that as a business, we’re out here to, to make money. We’re out here to make things easier for you. That’s the whole reason why you want somebody to come and mow your yard. Okay. Tulsa lawn care community. You’re, you’re not, you’re not gonna be able to hire what you’re thinking. You can hire for 20 bucks. Those days are long gone. There’s just too much money in the equipment and in what people want for pay and things like that, to, to think that you can get in and get out for a 20, $25 mow. And they’re gonna do exactly what you want with pushing and all that.

Okay. It, while we’re going to do a good job and take care of your lawn, we can’t spend the whole day out there like a homeowner can. Okay. And you need to understand that your yard is uneven and that if you want it evened out, which we can do, then you’re gonna have to pay for it. And even then it will eventually become uneven. Okay? So it’s a lot easier and better to understand that your yard is gonna have different Heights. Okay. One height may be higher than the other. That’s what different Heights means. Your yard is gonna have bumps and waves and all sorts of different things going on in it in order to get mowed, you’re just gonna have to accept that we’re gonna have to mow it at a higher height. It’s gonna look good. It’s gonna look nice. It’s gonna look filled.
Plus you know, a lot of homeowners, they, they mow it low thinking. It’s not gonna grow fast back when actually the lower you mow it, the faster it grows back and looks shady or shaggy. I’m sorry, not shady shaggy. So also a benefit, depending on the type of grass you have the taller you keep it the more it, it has to fight out weeds and things like that. Now, having said that though, going over a certain height will allow other fungus and things like that to come in. So it is a balance. You don’t want to go too low. You don’t want to go too high and you want to keep it at a, what I believe is a good height and that’s around the, you know, three and a half to four inch mark especially going into fall.

You want to raise your deck up. Typically you don’t want to go over four inches with your Bermudas. That’s a pretty, pretty high, pretty tall for Bermuda. But yet it still looks good. Look, looks manageable and things like that. So Tulsa lawn care community. I understand we’ve been doing this for, we know what we’re doing. We, you may know what you like. But just because it’s what you like does not mean it’s what’s best for your lawn. But having said that, especially if you, you have Bermuda, your grass will survive pretty much anything you’re gonna want except extreme cutting, meaning like really low, super short you do that and your grass will just disappear dissipate and kill off and go byebye. So to keep that grass looking green and looking good and looking all that awesomeness, all right, allow us to, to evaluate lawn, see what the best height is for your lawn. What’s a good cut for your lawn and let us, let us do our thing. We have the experience. We have the knowledge, you know we understand every lawn’s different. There’s gonna be mixtures of lawns with Bermuda and other things in it.

You know, so maybe your lawn should be higher. Maybe your lawn can maintain a lower cut. Maybe you’ve got a lot of trees. There’s a lot of variables that go into place as to why we’re gonna cut at a higher deck level on your lawn versus somebody else’s, you know, maybe for whatever reason, the cement is deeper into the earth, on your property than it is someone else’s. So, you know, you’re coming on and off your property. We, we don’t wanna leave marks. So, you know, we have to do all the roundabouts on the, on the property and stuff, you know, so all, all sorts of reasons, higher, higher debt coming on and off, raising it up, keeping it clean
Postal lawn care community. Just just understand that we’re, we’re looking out for you and your best interests. We want you to know that we will provide really good service. We’re gonna show up here. Here’s the thing. We’re, we’re cutting lawns. We’re we’re not performing brain surgery, nothing too hard, nothing too complicated. Your lawn’s gonna look good. You’re it’s gonna look really nice and you’re gonna be happy with it. The main benefit that you get from us is the experience that we have mowing lawns be able to figure out real quick what we need to do, how we need to handle it. And, and the other thing is that we’re gonna show up. We’re gonna be there. We’re gonna be there at the same time. We’re dependable. We, we call ahead. We’re not your typical
Lawn care company. We, we like to communicate with our Tulsa Lawn Care clients. We like to give ’em a heads up, tell ’em what’s going on. Things like that. We, we will get notifications from us. You will get Hey, we’re on our ways, text messages we get text reminders and you’ll get follow ups. Okay. So that’s what we like to do. We like to take care of our clients. We like to make sure they’re in the loop by no means, do you ever have to respond or, or get back, unless there’s just something that you, you need to let us know, or you just want us to, to know that that you, you know, that we know, you know, So it’s, whatever’s gonna be easiest for you guys. Whatever’s gonna help take care of you guys. That’s what we’re here to do and provide you with. Okay. Again, we know it’s not hard. We know it’s not complicated, but this is something that we don’t want you to have to put up with and deal with. And we’ll take care of it for you. And it’s, it’s, it’s once we’re signed up, it’s a set it and forget it. Never have to worry about Jolan again, we’re gonna keep coming. 20 weeks, 26 weeks strong take care of that lawn weather permit. We will get you nice cleaned up and we’re gonna keep going. So we hope you guys understand told us the lawn care community, want you to guys to know that we have one of the best deals in town, $5 first, Mo you can’t beat it.

You can’t even get a milkshake. You can’t get a, a, a fry and you can’t get a hamburger for five bucks. I mean, there is no $5 meal, no more. Even the five for five is no longer five for five. It’s like five and change. We are flat $5 that is mowing trimming edging and hard surface cleanup. All right. Any size yard, anything you guys have. It’s kicking grass at taking names, lawn, hair, home with a $5 first mow. That’s gonna be out there to take care of you. That’s gonna bring you everything you need. Tulsa lawn care community. Give us a call, check us out. We got a website, www dot kick and grass, Email address, kick in dot grass, 21, and our phone number (918) 872-0338. Gives us a call. Sign up, hook up. Let’s get your services started.

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