Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first mode folks. How you doing out there in our beautiful green country, where it is now finally wet. Guys. I wanna talk to you about leaving things on the lawn, leaving things on the lawn. What do you mean leaving things on the lawn? Well, I’m talking about leaving objects. There are foreign to the lawn on top of the lawn. This will to put a bluntly kill ER, lawn folks. What I mean by this is when we leave our hoses outs toys out, clothes, chairs, you name it. You think of something that it, plastic cardboard form, whatever you leave it out on the lawn. And it’s going to kill that area that it covers why cuz that area is getting no light whatsoever and it’s just being suppressed and we’ll eventually die.
So there are sorts of things that we need to look for on the lawn. Okay. We, we need to go out and pick up the things from our lawn make sure they are off our lawn. And if we have things that stay out there, like let’s say trampolines or pools up ground pools, things like that, what we need to do is make sure those things get moved around. Obviously if you have an above ground pool, you’ll be more inclined to let it stay there to be there, to hold it. It’s not gonna be easily as moved because it has gallons and gallons and gallons of water. So obviously that’ll be more of a permanent situation, but you know, something like swing sets or trampolines, or just varying different things that can cover up the grass and cause it to die are things that we need to make sure we move hoses.
Okay, tarps barbecues, these things need to move around. They, they need to have space. They need to just create different areas of shade on your lawn. Cuz shade is not always good on certain types of grasses. For, for example, Bermuda if you have Bermuda long periods of shade will kill it. So consider things lying on top of your grass, long periods of shade, Tulsa, long care community. We, we want you to understand that even organic matter, such as a broken branch or a fallen half of a tree or, or a Bush hanging over any of that stuff will also can also, it might also cause your grass to die. So Tulsa lawn care community be on the lookout. Always remember that when we’re out there, we’re not just trying to upsell you on stuff.
We’re there to take care of your lawn. That’s what you hired us to do. So we’re going to suggest and, and, and give recommendations. You know, if it’s a behavior matter, we’re gonna say, Hey, you know, just FYI, if you could help pick up the yard, when we come, it makes it faster, more efficient for us. And then you don’t have stuff lying out there all week long. Cuz if we pick it up, we don’t know where it goes, what it is or whose it is. It may not even be yours. You’d be surprised how many times we find stuff in the backyards of customers. And they’re like, that’s not mine. Is it yours? And we’re like, no, we found it here. So all sorts of things can happen and we just need to make sure we’re on the same team. The team being let’s take care of your lawn, tell us the lawn care community.
You need to understand that we are here providing this service to you. So you don’t have to worry about these headaches. You don’t have to worry about all this stuff. The only thing you gotta worry about is having a good lawn. All right? So keep in mind things happen. Things break things fall. Okay. When we come by every week, then we can be like, oh, Hey, we notice this. You want us to take care of it. Things do cost money. There are disposal fees and things like that. So you gotta understand, but for the most part, let us let us know what we can do for you. Removing limbs racing trees up a little bit. So that way they can, the grass underneath can get a little bit more sun grow a little bit more for you.
That’s that’s the kind of stuff we’re into. That’s what we’re trying to help you with. Tulsa lawn care community. We don’t want you out there thinking we don’t care about the lawn. Then that’s the whole reason why you hired us. Okay? You hired us to care about the lawn. You hired us to make sure your lawn is looked after taken care of and provided for. So we’re gonna keep our eyes out for, for different things that we notice that needs to, to that. We notice that need to happen for your lawn to grow and succeed, to become green, thick and healthy. We want you guys to know that we will be doing these things on your behalf. Keeping grass congrats on taking names, lawn care home of a $5. First Mo wants a good looking lawn. Cuz as we’ve said before, your lawn is our best marketing tool to your neighbors.
If they see how well we take care of of your lawn, then they’ll know how well we’ll take care of their lawn. If they see how happy you are and how little time you have to spend out in your yard and you have the freedom to do other things, then they will know that too. And they will know that they don’t have to worry about their lawn. They’ll also know when they see us picking up the limbs and other things that we are there to take care of the lawn and make it look as presentable as possible with little headache to you. So folks, when in need of lawn care, give us a call at (918) 872-0338. Think of us, find us, check our galleries, check our testimonials see what we can provide, see what we can do for you. We want to make sure we have a green grass, not a yellow grass. We wanna make sure things are picked up. We wanna make sure things are taken care of. And that’s why you hired us. You didn’t hire us to come in every few months to a loan that we hardly see mow a little bit and then suggest things to you. You hired us to come in weekly provide a good service
So you can have a green lawn and have everything taken care of, picking up all sorts of things. I law ahead of time, not only saves your lawn and keeps it healthier and longer, but it helps us to be more efficient on your lawn to do other things for you. Trimming bushes, hedges, all sorts of different matters, things that you guys don’t need to worry about, but that we’ll notice and take care of for you when asked we’ll give you a heads up and make sure that’s a service that you want from us. Providing these types of things is one of the best things we can do for you because it again, frees up your time for your interest and or other abilities to make money. We don’t want to tie you guys up with anything too long or too bad. We want you guys to know that we are here to give you a good service at a reasonable price. We want our one of Tulsa’s most reviewed lawn care companies. We are heavily Googled old
Called at least once to twice to three times a week from new Tulsa Lawn Care customers, referrals and other ways of being reached out. Why cuz we take care of those lawns. We pick up the things off the lawn and make sure that you don’t have a squiggly deadline running down your lawn from the hose that was left without all week. Which again, like I said, I understand I’m a homeowner too. And you, you know, your life happens and you get to going and things get left behind. So don’t feel too bad about it. Just know that’s that’s what we’re there for. We’re gonna wrap the hoses up. We’re gonna get things put away. We’re gonna get that stuff cleared off the lawn so we can have a green clean lawn, nicely mowed, trimmed, and edged looking good. We want you guys to know that we are there for your beautiful looking lawn.
The Tulsa lawn care community can rest assure that they’re getting one of the best deals on the market. Cuz like I always say you can’t get a milkshake, fries and a hamburger for five bucks, but you can get your lawn mode size doesn’t matter. That’s right. We’ve mowed from two acres to five acres for $5. We can mow your lawn for $5. So folks don’t be afraid. Try us out, see what we can do. See what we can provide Tulsa Lawn Care for you. See the results. Look at the gallery, look at the testimonials, see the happy customers. We know what we’re doing. We have the experience. We have the skills we have machinery. We’re gonna come out. We’re gonna cut that grass down, make you look good. And it’s, it’s what we do. We’re gonna get those yards cleaned up. We’re gonna get the stuff out of the way that is turning it yellow.
We can trim up those branches, trim those bushes, whatever it is you need, you want let us know kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo reach us at 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Give us a, a text, a call, whatever you want. Check our website out. Www dot, kicking grass, Lot of pictures on there. A lot of testimonials, great things select your service. Let us come out and be the ones to provide it for you. Remember a hamburger, a French fry and a milkshake. Can’t even get that for five bucks, but you can get your lawn mode. Let’s free those Saturdays up folks.