Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Tulsa Lawn care home. Oh, the $5 first Mo green couch. How are you doing out there today? I want to talk to you about downtime. Like what downtime that’s downtime I have to do with melon lawns and telling us about our lawn downtime has to do with mowing lawns. You did not want a mower, man, a man of mowing capabilities to come out and mow your lawn. Who’s been mowing lawns for seven days straight for 18 days, straight for five months straight. You do not want someone who has not had a break.

Tulsa lawn care community. Reasonable I’m done talking about downtime is because it is important. Just like anything else we talk about here at kick your and taking names. Lawn care downtime is crucial. Why is downtime crucial? Because you want a guy who’s taking care of your property to be on his best game. You want him to be noticing, uh, any flaws in the lawn. You want him to be paying attention to what he’s doing with the machines, uh, the weed whips all the above. You want him to be aware of what is going on? You don’t want him to be half asleep, half out of it, mind numb operation. That is a bad combination. We want to make sure we are alerts. We want to make sure we are aware. We want to make sure we provide you with quality service in order to do that, we have to have downtime.

What is downtime is whatever you want it to be. Okay. Maybe downtime is, uh, efficient. Maybe downtime is working on your truck. Maybe downtime is playing video games. I don’t know, do something where you can relax. You can, uh, put your feet up, enjoy with great passion, whatever it is that you are doing, uh, and have your mind off of, uh, earning money. Have your mind off of mundane tasks of your mind off of things that are requiring mental fortitude to figure out and conquer those. The lawn care community. You do not want to zombie mowing your lawn. You don’t want a zombie trimming those hedges. We did not want to zombie we’d whip in them, gardenias down. And if you don’t have downtime, that is what you will get. Tulsa lawn care, community, kick grass, taking names, lawn care thinks downtime is crucial. Go to the Lake, enjoy family, enjoy friends, no fish go hunt. Don’t take a nap in a hammock. Enjoy the utter chaos of what your downtime is. Do not be overwhelmed with work. As the saying goes, man cannot live on bread and water alone. He needs some spice in the life. Variety to the mundane.

We want to make sure our downtime refreshes our employees and brings them back. Refigured excited and ready to conquer. We want them to feel good when they’re out there. We want them to feel energized. We want them to be happy. They’re happy they’re gonna provide, uh, provide you a great service. They’ll provide you a great service. You’re gonna be a happy customer. If you’re a happy customer, you’d tell your friends and you get a call us back and we’re to come out and make that law and look at curb kicking jealous. And that’s what our goal here is to make sure your lawn is always curved, kicking jealous. We want to provide you with top-notch service and downtime is one of the best ways to provide you with that service downtime is very crucial for employees to reorganize regather. Their thoughts. Downtime allows them to see new things.

Downtime allows them to be aware of all that is going on around them, on the property to notice things that are changing good, bad, ugly in between, on your property. It gives them that extra little ability there to, uh, find the little things going on and the differences going on in a property from, from different times of services or maybe even different times of days and things like that, or different times service on days, uh, view and notice these things. Downtime is so crucial for employees, uh, for anybody for that matter, uh, to really help and allow you to refocus it. Re-energize one’s ability. Um, downtime allows you to come back at your best downtime allows you to really come in strong with your

Work ethic, providing a quality service King grass and taking names, lawn care, encourages employees to have downtime, encourages employees, to have hobbies, encourages employees, to do a multitude of things besides work, all work and no play makes employees burn out fast. And that’s what we don’t want because a burned out employee will not provide a quality service. A burned out employee will not do their best work. They’ll get a chip on their shoulder. They’ll be angry, they’ll be bothered. There’ll be all the above. It burned down. Employee is not an employee for kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. So we, again, we encourage that downtime. We encourage that time to go out and enjoy sports, enjoy kids, enjoy model building, whatever it is to help you get your mind off of the daily grind, help you get your mind off of, uh, all the, uh, little things that you have going on out there in the world of lawns and taking care of business downtime is, is crucial for, for the brain to refresh, to refocus.

Um, so many different ways to have downtime. And it’s one person’s downtime and may be drastically different than another’s. Uh, one person may view downtime as, uh, working out hard core. Um, one person might view downtime as just sitting there and watching TV. Another person may view downtime as, uh, sewing or knitting, a wide variety of things they use for downtime. We want to help our employees use downtime to the best of their ability. Uh, we want to have employees come out strong and, uh, be able to really go at it, give 110% all the time. Uh, what they don’t realize is it’s kind of like sharpening the sword, the story out there about the man, the older lumberjack and the younger lumberjack were told to cut down an acre worth of trees in a day. And the younger lumber Jack thought to himself that he was young. He was strong, he was fit. And this older lumberjack wouldn’t be able to hang in there.

So the lumber, the younger lumberjack just started going to town and knocking down all the trees. He could every once in a while, he’d take a break and he’d listen up and he didn’t hear anything going on with the other side of the mountain, from the older lumberjack. And then when they were done, the lumberjack had his acre down, but he came to find out the older lumber Jack had more down than his acre and did less work. He sharpened his ax. So downtime is kind of like sharpening your ax. Pretty sure the story is more to it, more detailed and better told by someone else. But downtime is the equivalent of sharpening. Your ax. Downtime is the equivalent of a deciding to go after it work hard. And we want employees with sharp axes coming out and doing quality work and employee with a sharp ax will, uh, work more efficient, uh, will work better and provide a better service for our, our customers, uh, out there in, in the Tulsa lawn care community.

Again, green country, when you’re wanting quality service, when you’re wanting somebody to come out and take care of you and provide you with everything that you’re going to need for lawn care needs, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care is who you need to call Tulsa lawn care community. Give us a call at (918) 406-2019. Check our website out at www dot kicking grass, Let us come out service. You we’ve had our downtime or refresh. We’re ready to go. We want to bring this and make your yard curb kick and jealous. We’ll see out there green country.