Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home. Oh, the $5 first Mo How y’all doing out there in green country.

Enjoying the nice, cool weather. Nice calming fall season, watching the wind blow the leaves. Fall time for reflection, time to shed the old, get ready for the new Tulsa lawn care community. Let’s talk branding branding. You say, Randy has to do with lawn mowing easy. You want to have a good looking lawn by good-looking Tulsa lawn care crew. I know everyone go through phases. Everyone goes and hires the 15 year old kid in the neighborhood to come over and mow the lawn. And It looks like the 15 year old kid neighborhood mowed your lawn.

And then you do that for a while and you decide, man, I think I need a little bit more and think about growing this kid. And I think he, you know, I need somebody with a little bit more experience. So then you move on up the food chain there and you find a guy who’s well more experienced, a little more expensive, has a little more color to his truck. And, uh, you hire him on and well, for lack of better words, he’s a little spotty let’s say shows up when he wants shows up. Uh, Not all the time. Maybe just all sorts of different hits and misses with him and stuff like that. So now, you know, you think, you know what you want. You know, you’re wanting somebody who’s a little more into the lawn service industry. And so now you’re starting to look around now, you’re starting to see all different trucks. Now you’re starting to see all different flyers, yard signs, uh, ads, everything. And you’re starting to see all the different brands, a lot of these brands at some point or the 15 year old kid and where the guy that kind of showed up when and where and how he wanted Tulsa lawn care community. These guys have had to rebrand and rebrand and rebrand. What I mean by that is they’ve showed up as one company, learn. Some lessons made some mistakes, rebrand and regroups showed up as a bigger, better batter company out there serving you and crushing your lawn service like one else had before. So rebranding is good and important. All right, you want a good crisp, clean look. You want a name that can stand out a name that has a good meaning to it, uh, meaningful, uh, whether it’s some sort of exclamation of excellence or comical relief on the grass.

Uh, but you want something that’s going to at one stand out and then to show that you’re a real company providing real service, at a reasonable price and making sure our customers understood they pay for what they get Tulsa lawn care community. When you hire these companies, your hiring experience, you’re out, you’re hiring the kid that was 15 years old at one time. Learning absolutely everything from his customers, what they liked, how they liked it, how to do things, how to, how to handle customers at, to wherever they are now. After they’ve had to rebrand and regroup and come back bigger, stronger, and better, they’re there to show you all their techniques that they’re to show you all their skill sets. And they’re just show you everything they’ve learned and mustered up over the last several years, Tulsa lawn care community.

If you find a well-branded lawn care company, I will show you an owner who has been doing it for 20 years. They started out when they were young with their name, whatever it was, lawn care company, moving on to making it a fancy lawn maintenance management property with a large tool base and even larger skill base and an ability to knock out all the little things that people take for granted when hiring companies, things that people take for granted when they hire companies Are the, all the knowledge that these companies have built up. And obviously people are like, Oh, it’s yard service. So what knowledge do you need? Well, you need a lot. You’d be surprised to be efficient, to be quick, to be productive. You need to have a good system place. You need to have a good knowledge of place. You need to know your equipment. Uh, you need to end up knowing the land. You need to end up providing several Ideas and come up with good solutions to provide to these customers. What they’re looking for. Tulsa lawn care, community, kicking grass, and taking names along here has worked for roughly 20 plus years in the lawn care industry. We started off as the 16 year old kid providing lawn service, push mower, weed eater blower, Working on hardest learning are our skillsets. We’re pretty knowledgeable. Now. We’re pretty efficient. Um, we’ve got good equipment, a good setup. We’re out there with a new brand. We’re out there putting a lot of work behind this brand.

We’re out there showing these customers what we’ve learned over the last 20 years to bring them a service that is efficient. That is good. And that when problems do pop up, they don’t know about it. And what I mean by that is when the problems pop up, we’re able to figure them out, solve them like nothing had ever happened. And the customer, all they have is a nice, beautiful lawn to deal with. They don’t have a headache of a guy having to leave. They don’t have the headache of a guy saying, Oh, can I borrow any of this equipment from you? Do you have, as a homeowner, all I have is a nice lawn manically, manicured taken care of and clean Kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care is providing years of service to these customers who are seeking.

So I want to take care of their property in a good and efficient manner. That’s what we want to do.

That’s how we want to provide this. We want to give you guys our brand. We want you to, to be able to see our brand and know that that is quality work, that, that take care of you. They try their hardest and finish phenomenally. You can grass and take names, lawn care home with the $5. First Mo wants to take care of. You wants to provide you with a service, wants to be the brand that you see and refer out to your friends. We have a referral program that gets you back to that $5 Mo. So refer, and that it’s an unlimited referral program. So kicking grass and taking names long here, out there to provide quality service out there, to provide a clean yard out there, to provide a great brand, a brand that you can be proud of. That shows up on your lawn, a brand that you can tell your family and friends, grout, a brand like no other. It’s hard to maintain the ability to provide quality service for a long periods of time.

What is it hard is when you figure out your systems and you figure out your branding develop a following and people know when they see kicking grass is going to be quality service, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or 10 years down the road, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care will provide you with a curb kicking jealous yard. That neighbors will wonder how why and where they can get in on kicking grass and taking names.

List Of lawns to be done down the streets.

We want to be a solid foundation, a solid piece in the neighborhood. Just like your mailman. Um, just like your FedEx guy, just like your Amazon delivery guy. We want to be one of those trucks that people always see in your neighborhood. Providing quality service to you out there in green country, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home with a $5. First about give us a call, let us know what we can do for you. Check us out. Phone number is (918) 406-2019 websites, www dot kicking grass, We’ll see out there green country.