Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first Mo. How you folks doing out there today? Good. I hope it’s that time of the year. Leaves are gonna be changing. Leaves are gonna be falling. Cool. Weather be coming time for aerations. Over seating, depending on your grass. Time for Christmas lights. That’s right, folks. Christmas lights. What? Didn’t you just talk about this last week? Nope. Nope. I didn’t talk about last week, although maybe I didn’t. Anyway, time goes by. Time ticks on Christmas lights need to go up. That’s right. Kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care is once again in the Christmas light business folks, we want you to know that we are out there putting up Christmas lights, making the holiday cheer, making those neighborhoods sparkle, making them great. We go from making those crispy lines and curb appeal to making those high homes shine with some of the brightest L e D lights, C nines out there on the Tulsa Lawn Care market.

Uh, we will definitely outg glow out. Shine your neighbor who bought those big box store, tangled up mess lights, whether they see nines or whatever they are. Ours are gonna be brighter and better, and they’re gonna be straighter and they’re gonna be nicer. And you’re gonna like ’em and you’re gonna be happier and you’re not gonna have to deal with them. Why? Cause we’re gonna come put ’em up. We’re gonna comet them down. Simple as that. It’s not hard, it’s not complicated. Um, it’s just what we’re gonna do for you. Uh, Tulsa Lawn care community have no fear.

Tulsa Christmas lights will be put up by kicking grass and tings and lawn care. We will be the ones that come out to make your house look great and grand. Uh, we want you guys to know that, uh, it’s us doing it for you guys. Uh, you know, it, it’s, it’s a way to make sure our community looks nice and is in the spirit. And no matter who you are, how you feel, um, you know, seeing Christmas lights, seeing people decorate, seeing people get into the spirit. It’s fun. It’s nice. It’s, it’s, it’s comforting. Um, whether it’s because the, uh, however you wanna phrase it, the stigma from when we were children. The, you know, all the stuff that was, uh, firmed up and told us what we should like and all that when we were younger, uh, ingrained in us. That’s the word. Uh, to this day, just kind of bring back those Tulsa Lawn Care memories, those warmhearted, uh, bubbly on the inside.

You know, it, it, it’s nice. Um, it, it, it, it makes it comforting. It makes it, uh, home. Um, and then having your own house done up, coming home, seeing how it’s all lit up and looking nice and pretty and it puts you in a good mood. It does. I, I don’t care who you are. Um, Tulsa lawn care community, You’re gonna enjoy Tulsa Christmas lights and you’re gonna make it, uh, one of the best things out there for you. Uh, and, and you’ll cheer up your neighbors. Maybe your neighbor doesn’t, doesn’t want to do it, doesn’t have anyone to do it for. They still like to see Christmas lights. They still like to come out. Check ’em out. They, I, I guarantee you, they take the long way home during the wintertime, before Christmas to check out all the lights. Uh, they’re not speeding straight home.

They’re, if they’re coming home in the dark, they’re checking out the lights. They’re, um, looking at everything, scoping it all out, getting ideas, you know, Um, how many people do Christmas lights? Almost everybody. And that’s just it. It’s contagious. You, you do one, you do yours. Next thing you know, your neighbor does it. And then the next neighbor. And then the next neighbor. Um, so it, it’s a good trend. It’s nice, it’s fun. Um, cuz then you can always add little other things on there. You know, blowups and, and, uh, all sorts of different little creatures and statues and different things on the lawn. Uh, but nice, bright, shiny Christmas lights that you do not have to deal with that you do not have to. Uh, untangle. Debug, uh, what goes where. Climb that ladder, get on that roof. All the above. None of it.

None of your headache. Um, that’s for us to do, to figure out for you. Um, we’ll come through. We’ll, uh, have it all organized. We’ll lay it out. We’ll get those lights up. Highest peak you got, we got you covered. Um, so kicking grass and taking names. Long hair, Tulsa long care community. You’re gonna want these Tulsa Christmas lights more than guess under the tree. Um, it can be really giving real kind gesture. We got so many wonderful things, so many, so many colors to pick from. Uh, we have multicolors, we have two colors. We have whatever colors you’re gonna want. Um, it’s really up to you. Um, we can even do all orange if you want to put up some Halloween and then we can come back out and change ’em over to Christmas colors. Uh, it’s, it’s real simple, real easy. It’s, it’s not hard.

Uh, we want you guys to know that we are here to, uh, to, to make your house look the way you want it to look. Just like as if we were mowing it. Um, we want to come out there, we want make it look good. Uh, we want you to be happy with it. We want you to come home and just be like, Ah, that’s my home. Yep, that’s right. Done by us kicking grass and taking your names. Long hair home to $5 first. Mow. So you already know our work from the, from the mowing side. You already know how, how we’re gonna be there, show up, We’re dependable, we’re reliable, Uh, we’re there. So Tulsa long hair community, it’s time to think over to get those toast of Christmas lights and say to yourself, You know what, This is something I I could really indulge in and enjoy and, and treat myself too.

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Um, why? Because you and your loved ones are worth it. Um, it’s, it’s simple. It’s easy. It’s something that you can knock your plate and you get, And again, one of those things we, we keep saying here at kicking grass and taking names. Lawn cares. Get your Saturdays back. Why, why? Spend the whole day out there climbing up and down a ladder, trying to figure out if this fits, if that fits or what ball broke or, or how many clips you need, or any of that garbage. You don’t need any of that. You need, uh, one thing, one thing only. That’s our phone number. (918) 872-0338. Give us a call. Let us come out and take care of those lights for you. Um, let us come out and be, be one of the best, uh, best investments you’ve got for your Tulsa Lawn Care property. Um, guys won’t have to worry about a thing.

Guys won’t have the headache of, uh, storing them either. We’ll store ’em for you. We’ll, uh, keep them, uh, safe all year long. And, uh, when you’re ready for more, we’re we’ll be there with them. So, kick your guys taking names, long hair, throwing up them Christmas lights, um, line sockets, trying to fill our pockets. You know what I’m saying? We just wanna make some cash, uh, that way you guys can, uh, enjoy, enjoy giving cuz you know, we give to, we give back to, uh, St. Jude’s and other local, uh, charities around the, uh, green country, um, or local, local, uh, company. So we want to give local, um, but we also understand the important need for children. And, uh, we wanna take care of them. Make sure they’re feeling good and okay. We wanna know they have a good, safe place to go.

So, Tulsa Lawn Care community. Uh, don’t be afraid, uh, to order up on those, uh, Tulsa Christmas lights. You do get a discount if you order before the end of October. Um, that way we can, uh, space them out, get ’em all lined up. Uh, get you guys, uh, picked out the dates that you want. Uh, we want make sure you guys are all taken care of. Uh, so Christmas lights are one of the best things that, uh, we can do out there for you guys. We can really shine up the community. So make sure we get those, uh, Tulsa and Christmas lights out there for you. Uh, make sure we got them bright, uh, all sort different colors. Um, and again, you’ll, you’ll infect the neighborhood. We’ll start with you and, uh, we’ll get your, uh, your neighbors on board. Uh, we’ll do it all for you guys. We’ll take care of it. We’ll, uh, get them out there. We want you guys to know that we really do enjoy, uh, making neighborhoods look

Great. Whether it’s more on their lawn or, uh, cleaning the leaves up or just making lights shine. Um, it’s fun. It’s, uh, relaxing. Um, we’re out there. We’re, we’re, we’re doing the work for you guys. Uh, cuz it’s, it’s your home, your neighborhoods. Uh, we’re making, trying to look as good as we can for you guys. We don’t want you to be disappointed. We don’t want you to, uh, be upset about it all. Um, we want you to be able to come home and drive through your neighborhood and be and be happy and excited and, and proud and say, hey, uh, those are my long guys that did that. They made this look great. Um, cuz uh, lit up neighborhoods are safe, neighborhoods lit up. Neighborhoods are, uh, neighborhoods where the residents have good out. And walk around and look at each other’s homes and, and see what each other have done.

And, and, uh, admire all the beauty. Um, and then next thing you know, you’re, you’re talking with your neighbor. You’re getting along, you’re being neighborly. All the, all the above. It’s great. It’s wonderful. And it’s all because of Christmas lights. Uh, all because of our company coming out, throwing ’em up, making ’em look good, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Long hair home with a $5 first mo. You won’t find a better deal out there. You can’t even get a shake, fries, and a burger for five bucks. But you can get your lawn mode that is for sure by some reliable people that will show up. Uh, we’re also gonna throw in there that we’re gonna make those lights, sparkle and shine. Plug ’em in. They’re gonna be bright. So give us a call, 9 1 8 8 3 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, check out website out www kicking grass Uh, send us an email kicking dogra 21 Uh, multiple ways to reach out to us. Uh, find the one that best works for you. Uh, send us a shout out. Tell us what you need. We’ll get back with you, uh, when and where and how we can help you. So green country, we hope to see you out there. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the lights, uh, and just know that we’re gonna put ’em up there for you, given your weekend back.