Hello, Tulsa Lawn Care community! Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of pushing mowing your yard versus using a riding or standing mower? Well if you have this is the article for you. Today we’re going to discuss the differences between using a push mower and using a riding or standing mower. So Tulsa Lawn Care community first up, the push mower. The push mower is good for many reasons, one of these reasons is that it is on the smaller side of most mowers. It can get in places that bigger mowers like riding or standing mowers can’t. And because it is smaller that also means that it weighs less than a riding or a standing mower. So if your lawn is all wet and squishy from a recent rain storm you might still be able to mow because a push mower won’t leave as heavy of tracks in your yard making tons of noticeable dents like a riding or standing mower would. And because a push mower is smaller that means it can be easier to store than a riding or a standing mower. But that also means it has a smaller gas tank so that means you will have to fill it up more often because it can not hold as much. Push mowers also tend to be cheaper than riding mowers and standing mowers. Some push mowers come with an automatic pushing system which means that you will not have to push it yourself while you are walking around your lawn to cut your grass. It will push itself for you. All you have to do is steer it. Next up Tulsa Lawn Care community, we have the riding and standing mowers. These mowers are huge machines. They can be a lot more dangerous to handle than a push mower although all mowers should be handled with extreme caution. Alright anyway, let’s get to the good stuff. So riding and standing mowers do most of the work for you. They have a spot somewhere on them made for you to sit or stand while the mower is on. This way you can steer the mower while it cuts your grass without having to walk behind it. The other great thing about standing and riding mowers is that they have a wider circumference than a push mower. That means that it cuts a wider path than the push mower will. The other thing that is great about riding and standing mowers is that they can go faster than you can with a push mower. It is like driving so you get the speed of running with a push mower without the exertion of having to do that. The other great thing about these types of mowers Tulsa Lawn Care community is that they have huge gas tanks so depending on the size of your lawn you may not have to fill it up often. Now for some of the bad things about these mowers. They are very big machines which also means that they are very heavy. This means that when your lawn gets all wet and mushy and squishy and muddy and soft it will be all torn up by your riding or standing mower. It will also leave really big tracks in your yard that won’t always disappear when the ground hardens back up again. And because this is a really really really really really big machine that means that you will need a lot of space to store it. Like an extra shed in your backyard or your garage, but that means that you may not have enough room to store your car in there as well which can be a really big problem when bad weather such as hail comes into town. So Tulsa Lawn Care community have you figured out which kind of mower would be better for you and your lawn? No? That’s okay. We still have a few more differences to go over. A push mower is fairly easy to operate. You just pull the string and push the handle down and off you go! Standing and riding mowers are a bit more complicated than that. They have a lot more controls to worry about. You can control the speed of riding and standing mowers. Most of the time there is a lever. On one end of this lever, you will see a rabbit and on the other end, you will see a turtle or tortoise. While you may think that’ll control your speed, it doesn’t. But it does control the speed of the blades spinning underneath you. Mostly you’ll just keep that on full speed the entire time. There is also another control that will turn the blades completely on or off. On some mowers, this will be a little knob that you can pull up and push down. You can also control the height of your blades. This will allow you to adjust how high or low you want your grass cut. And depending on the type of grass you have this will be a very important feature for you to understand how to work Tulsa Lawn Care community. If you want your grass too low you might kill it off and you don’t want to not cut it enough or you’ll be cutting your grass every other day. You can also raise and lower your blades for when you need to ride or drive across sidewalks or driveways. And this function would be controlled by yet another lever. All this and I have not even talked about how to start the mower! Unlike the push mower riding and standing mowers require a key to make them start which can get really complicated when you can’t figure out why it won’t start. But not to worry folks! Kickin’ Grass will take care of all your lawn care needs so you don’t have to worry about any of this. Just give us a call at 918-827-0338.