Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first SMO guys want to talk to you about leaves. How many people like leaves everyone stand up, cutting you in the back. Oh, okay. No one likes leaves. I understand that. Why do you guys feel it is necessary for you to do the leaves? If you don’t like the leaves and the leaves frustrates you and you have to back up 54 bags of leaves and it takes you from 10:00 AM till 6:00 PM on a Saturday to bag up all your leaves, Tulsa lawn care community. I am reach out to you and say no more. Call kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, and let us come and take care of your leaves. No, it will not be free. Yes, it will cost money, but you will have your Saturday. And what is that worth to you having your Saturday? Is it worth anything? How valuable is it?

You want a green lawn? Do you want any lawn? Do you care for your lawn Tulsa lawn care committee in any way, shape or form? And I say that as a serious question, because these leaves will destroy your lawn. Think of leaves as a natural barrier to the sun. If you leave those leaves on your lawn, they will kill your grass. Just like when you leave your sons or daughters toy out in the yard for a few days, and then you come back and you’re like, Oh, I have a dead spot. Why do I have a dead spot? Because you left an item, covering up your grass, allow us here at kicking grass and taking names long here to come and take away your leaves. We want to take care of your grass so we can come and mow your grass. Come spring, summer and fall leaves are treacherous to poor defensive, little grass, Tulsa lawn care community.

We want to provide you with good service, fair price. And we want to mainly give you back your weekend. Go do what you want to go. Do no need for you to sit here and rake leaves. Cause it is a time-consuming frustrating task. We have the proper equipment to make this task go smoothly and quickly. Yeah, we have the right blowers. We have the right system and method in place to quickly pick things up, make your lawn healthy, make your lawn look great. And again, the whole thing is about time management. The whole thing is about the fact that you’re not out there for eight hours, raking leaves breaking your back, getting frustrated, getting gunk stuck in your noses and your lungs and all sorts of things.

It’s a win-win situation. Give us some work. We give you your weekend. Can’t get better than that. Toast lawn care community. Having the right equipment is crucial, especially when it comes to, to leaves. Uh, if you’ve ever raked leaves before, you know how tedious, how hard, how frustrating it can be. Raking leaves is not fun. You’ll rake the same spot several times over just to rake it several times over again. We want you guys to know that we understand this, and that’s why we’ve invested in our company, invested in our skills to come out and perform this task for you. So you do not have to put up with these leaves.

No one likes to spend their time off or even have to take a day off and do yard work. Who wants to do yard work? No one wants to do yard work. Okay? No one wants to go out there and rake leaves. Don’t go on. Some people like to plant flowers. Wonderful. And that’s, that’s fun. That’s great. And I’m happy for him. But when it comes down to the maintenance of the yard, the weed pulling the leaf, raking the, the mowing, things like that, no one wants to in any way, shape or form perform those tasks and those duties. That’s why we’re here kicking grass and taking names, lawn care. We’re here to perform that for you so you can enjoy your weekend. You can move on. You can have a great afternoon with family and friends and not out there in the cold and freezing rain and other elements going crazy because your 22 year old rake starting to fall apart that you don’t use every other year. And then you’re frustrated because you don’t want to go buy another one, which I understand. Trust me. I do.

When you’re out there in the community, raking leaves, when you’re out there picking up debris, you learn methods. You learn, you learn better ways to do things. That’s what we have for you. We have solid methods. We have, uh, quality gear. We’re want to come out and do, do better for you. And again, it’s about time. Freedom. I cannot cannot emphasize this enough time. Freedom, freedom to do what you want when you want, where you want. No need to sit here and worry about your yard. That’s what we’re for. Okay. We’re here to take care of that yard. Let you go about your Merry way, enjoy the day. And that’s it.

Nothing else to it. Kicking your and taking names. Names, lawn care, loves the leaves. Let us come out and take care of those leaves ASAP for you. The quicker, the better, the more the merrier folks. We’re here to eat. Them leaves up we’re here so you can enjoy your weekend. We’re here so we can, uh, get some work done, everyone. Uh, everyone’s got something better to do than rake leaves. Everyone’s got something better to do than bag leaves. Everyone’s got something better to do than leaves. So awesome. Let us do the better. Let us do the work. Let you enjoy your, uh, warm home, cozy home. Uh, have your, have your, uh, hot cocoa, worry about, uh, other things and those leaves, cause we’re going to take care of them before you knock it off your honeydew list. So to speak, Not all backpacks are the same. When it comes to blowing those leaves, you need to have a well-made quality constructed backpack with enough force and air volume to get those leaves moving. Cause some of them get stuck in there and sometimes they’re wet. So these are the things that you need to, uh, to know and think about kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care is here to come and take those leaves for you. Okay. Again, we invested in our company to make your life easier. We’re trying to provide a service.

Providing a service for you is what we do providing a service and removing leaves is what we do. So not only are you going to have to bag leaves up and have them sitting on your truck forever a day, we will come. We will take those leaves and we will take them with us. So within a matter of hours, everything is done and gone. You don’t have to deal with how many bags the trash guy can pick up. You don’t have to deal with having bags on the side of your house for weeks on end. All you have to deal with is walking out and looking at your yard with no leaves in it.

It’s a great concept.

Having a good system in place that works for you. Tulsa lawn care community can go a very long ways. Many systems can work. Um, just as good as any and using multiple systems to clean up yards is probably the most effective. And we have a couple of different ones we can rake, blow and uh, suck up the loose debris. So we have about three systems that we can provide service on your yard with depending the level of detail you want. Speaking of detail, leaves and flowerbeds leaves of flower beds are a good thing. You want leaves and flower beds. You want them there. You want them to keep your, uh, your flowers warm and tucked in and all cozy through winter. Let them break down. Naturally let them, uh, fill the void and you’ll be good to go. There’s a lot of things to consider when taking care of a lawn, getting ready to leave is a major part of that. Having those leaves taken away in a timely manner is huge time management, Tulsa, lawn care community. Kevin here with kick your and taking names, lawn care, reaching out to you, letting you know leaves are our thing. We love to watch them fall because when they fall, you can call after you call we’ll come and get him and you’ll let them go.

Take them away until the next great big show. Kevin here. Kicking your. Take names, lawn care home. Oh, the $5 first Mo reaching out, wanting those leaves. Give us a call at (918) 406-2019. Check our website out. Www dot kicking grass, Let us come work for you.