Good morning. Tulsa Lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 First Snow. Hey folks, just wanna talk to you guys about, I don’t know, snowplow, snowing, cold firewood, all that fun stuff. It’s that time of year. Snow’s starting to fall in green country and you’re gonna wanna stay warm. How do you stay warm firewood. Why not have the folks that come out mow your yard? Why not have the folks that come out, put up your Christmas lights, bring you some firewood? All right? Um, we can get you firewood. Nice. Good mix.
Nice, good heat coming off of it. We’ll come, we’ll deliver it, stack it right wherever you want it. And there you go. You got firewood. It’s great. It’s wonderful. Um, it’s easy. It’s simple. It’s one of those things. I mean, we’re here to provide you a solution to your outdoor, uh, chores. Um, when it gets that time of year when it’s cold, yucky, and mucky out. You do not want to have to deal with anything outside. You wanna stay warm, you wanna stay cozy, uh, you know, you just wanna be happy. The Tulsa Lawn Care community does give us a call. Let us come out, take care of these outdoor, uh, chores for you, uh, from raking, from doing leaf removals or even leaf mulching, which benefits the lawn. Do not forget. It is, uh, kind of like a free fertilizer. Uh, so we got leaf removal, leaf mulching, we’ve got firewood delivery.
We got Christmas lights. Who wants to bring their Christmas lights down in the cold, brisk wind of January? No one. That’s why you have us. That’s why we come out and do it. That’s why we take care of you, okay? We provide the solutions to the outdoor cold headaches. Do not have, submit yourself to those, uh, atrocities of nature and allow us to get out there. We’ve got the equipment, we’ve got the clothing, we’ve got it all. We’re gonna take care of it. We’re gonna, we’re gonna provide for you guys, and you, you already know us. We come out, we mow your lawn. We can only mow your neighbors lawn. Why not have us come and do the rest? You know? Uh, we’re a good team. We’re, we’re, we’re dependable. We’re gonna show ’em what you say. Um, you know, so we’re pretty solid. We hope you guys enjoy it. Uh, we know we, we provide you a, a good quality product. Uh, easy, simple, nothing too complicated. Um, and yeah, that’s, that’s it, folks. I mean, that is, that’s all we got for you. Uh, um, I don’t want you guys to get confused or, or misunderstand. I mean, it’s not that hard. Tulsa lawn care community. We want to come out and just provide you with some simple delivery firewood. Um, we already know your gate gates. We know, um,
How the property’s laid out. We know where you wanna let, we’ll know where you want to put it. Uh, no confusion. We keep it simple. Um, yeah, that’s, that’s how it works. It’s great. It’s wonderful. Um, we try to keep everything, uh, simple for our customers. We don’t want them to, uh, have to deal with too many things. Uh, we, once you, uh, know us, and, you know, you know, it’s real simple. Just, you just send your request over what you need, what you want, and it, and we get it done. Um, that, that’s kind of how it works with us. Uh, we don’t want to, uh, have to make too many things for you guys have to jump through too many, uh, headaches, too many of that, God awful, uh, whatever you wanna call it. You know, we just want to keep it simple.
We want to keep it, uh, easy. Um, the easier it is, the more likely you are to use us. And we just, that’s how we want to keep it. We, uh, we don’t want complicate anything for you guys. We want you guys to know how simple things are with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home with a $5 first mo, uh, Tulsa, US long care community. We will deliver that firewood, uh, deliver in the snow. We deliver in the rain. We, we, we deliver it. Um, it is for you guys to have and to enjoy, to keep you warm. Um, we can deliver it multiple times a year. We can deliver a bunch of Ricks at once. Uh, it’s really whatever you want. Um, if you’re anything like my family, you’ll go through about three rigs a year. Um, that’s what we do. Really enjoy our fires.
Uh, every night there’s a fire going, um, that we can have. And it’s, it’s nice. It’s relaxing. Um, so yeah, uh, there we are. We we’re out there. We’re, we’re getting the firewood. We’re get in the, uh, everything, everything you guys could possibly want, need, uh, on the outdoor chore list, okay? Um, so, you know, don’t forget those Christmas lights. It’s cold. It’s, uh, it’s high. You know, uh, we’ve got all the little tricks of the trade to get ’em up to, to get ’em hung and, and, and all that stuff. Uh, to change the length of your lights. We can change the colors, whatever you need. So just let us know. We’ll be glad to help you guys out. Um, those outdoor chores can never be fun. They’re never too, uh, exciting. So we don’t want you guys to get locked into them and, and get unhappy.
So, uh, you have us out there anyway. So let us take care of these outdoor chores. Let’s take care of these, uh, cold responsibilities. Uh, we are going to, uh, be at either your property or neighbor’s property anyway, doing something else. Uh, some kind of work. So we might as well just go ahead and take care of the rest of that for you. Uh, no reason to, uh, have two people suffer. Just get out there and let kicking grass take it in, take care of it while you enjoy the warmth of a home. And, uh, we make the outside shine. Uh, that’s what we’re there for. So, to lawn care community, uh, give us a call. Let us come out, um, show you our ability, show you our, uh,
Way to, to we treat, uh, your home like ours. We’re making it pristine and clean. We don’t want anybody to think otherwise when they see your property. Cuz remember, our best advertisement is your home. Uh, people will drive by, look at your home all the time. If they notice all of a sudden a nice big change in it, they will want to know why. And then you can tell ’em it’s us. And, uh, and then we got your neighbors, and then we got the whole neighborhood looking good. And then, you know what happens? And it’s something I’ve said from the very beginning. Uh, when you, everyone starts to take care of their outdoor property, uh, you know, lawn and hedges and all that fun stuff, you know what happens? Property value goes up. That’s right. Property value goes up, huh? Who would’ve thought? I know.
It’s crazy. It’s, it’s, it’s wild. It’s, it’s, it’s trickery, I tell you. But yes, Tulsa Lawn Care property value does go up. Um, take care of all the, uh, crazy things needed and, uh, cold things that you have to deal with. But yeah, we’ll, we’ll get you there. We’ll get you taken care of. We’ll make you look good, look great. And, uh, yeah, we won’t, we won’t waste your time. We, we really think, uh, king, congrats of taking your name. Long Care has a, a great deal to offer for you guys, and we hope you enjoy it. And we just wanna come out and deliver firewood for you. Um, firewood is, uh, is great. It’s makes the house smell great. It really brings a home together. Uh, like you say, you know, the edging of the property is what really makes the whole property look nice and clean.
And, uh, put, well put together, uh, the fire in the house, the, uh, the firewood place, the fireplace, uh, where you burn the firewood is, is what’s gonna really make the home come together. Uh, it, it really, it does it, it’ll bring all the people, uh, out of the rooms. Uh, it’ll bring them around the fireplace. Um, it, it’ll bring ’em out. Uh, the animals. You got animals, you got pets, you got anything like that. They’ll, they’ll come out. They’ll, they’ll lie by the fire. And, uh, everyone will kind of gather there. It’ll be the focal point. Uh, it is a natural, uh, attraction to people. Um, so if you really want to bring, uh, the family together, uh, start a fire in the fireplace, it, it’s, it’s wonderful Tulsa lawn care community. Um, you cannot beat having a real live fire in your fireplace.
It’s just the smells, the, uh, the heat, uh, the coming togetherness in the family. Uh, I promise you it is. It’s, it’s, it’s great. It’s, uh, it’s very, it’s amazing how silently if you sit back and watch what happens to the dynamic of the family when, when you do that, um, they, they real come out. They will gather together and, and, and enjoy the fire and look at things and, and just do whatever they were doing in the room. They’re just do it by the fire. And it’s amazing. It’s great. It’s wonderful. Uh, it’s simple. And, and
It’s usually cheaper than running your heater. Um, so if you got a good fireplace, a great Tulsa Lawn Care fireplace, man, light it up. Make it work. Uh, enjoy it. Um, we, we just really want you guys to, to know that we can take care of all the outdoor things for you, that you do not have to worry about that. Um, we are and will be your, uh, outdoor chore company. Um, that’s, that’s what we want to take care of. All your outdoor maintenance needs, uh, provide for anything that you could need outdoor, you know, from lawn maintenance to hedge trimming, to Christmas lights, leaf removal, and firewood. Uh, you know, uh, and like he said, we can stack as many Ricks as we want. Um, get ’em out there, get ’em lined up. Uh, just get ’em all nice and, and, and ready to go for winter.
Uh, you want some nice, some nice firewood? You want some, uh, some warmth in the home. And, uh, I mean, it, it really turns a house into home when you, when you light the fire in the fireplace, it, it’s a wonderful thing. We want you guys to enjoy that. Want you to enjoy your home. I mean, that’s why you have it. You have it there. Not just so you can have a base of operations and go to work, want you have it there to enjoy. And, uh, having to do every single chore in the house is not enjoyable. Uh, so let us take care of your outside chores, you know, uh, kick your grass and take your names Lawn Care home with a $5 first bow. We want to come out and help you guys out. Uh, you know, there’s gonna be things that you guys like to do wonderful. Get those things done. But for everything else outside, let us take care of it for you. Let us be the one from firewood to Christmas lights, mowing a leaf removal. Kick your to taking names. Lawn Care home of the $5 First Mo Green Country. Give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Let us know how you’re doing. Let us know, uh, what we can provide for you. Uh, let us know what we can make easy for you. Um, that’s all we need to do, folks. We’ll see out there. Uh, people warm.