Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home. Oh, the $5 first SMO green country. How are you doing out there today? Let’s talk. Hydration, hydration. You ask. Sure. You’re thinking yourself. What does lawn care and hydration have to do with anything? Well, As a homeowner, you don’t want your lawn guy to pass out on you. Second. As a business owner, you don’t want your employee lawn guy to pass out on you. Third as a human, you don’t want to pass out.

A lot of people depend on you, whether it’s the homeowner, the business owner or your family, but people depend on you. So hydration is key. Hydration of proper liquids is cheap. And you may, you may wonder to yourself, what does he mean by proper liquids? Well, proper liquids would be water, maybe a Gatorade, maybe a body armor may be a soda. Wait, what a soda? Ah, tell us a lawn care community I got ya. You have never been out in the sun in August in Oklahoma. Well, yes. I said soda. Sometimes that’s the right balance of what you need in your belly because water is it enough and eating food and may make you pass out. So soda will have the just right amount of undesired nutrients for you

So you can, um, function and the right amount of fulfilling Tulsa lawn care community hydration is key to, uh, to success in and all you do really, uh, the more you, uh, hydrate the day before, uh, the more you drink, the more you flood your body with all the good stuff. Uh, the longer you can last, the better your last come your Workday, no matter the heat, um, cause you’ll have all that, uh, water stored up burning off. And then as you’re burning off, all you need to do is replenish a little bit here and there. Um, but you need to, uh, Gorge yourself so to speak on water the day before or the evening before. Um, pretty pretty stoutly tell us along here, community hydration is key. Knowing when to hydrate, what to hydrate with and how to hydrate are, are, are very important.

Um, so we’ve already talked about hydrating beforehand, uh, with lots and lots of lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of waters, lots of waters, uh, and then hydrating during a little bit of water, maybe throwing in, uh, uh, body armor or Gatorade in there and then hydrating afterwards. Uh, definitely definitely a Gatorade or a body armor. Uh, I wouldn’t go too heavy on either one. Uh, they can have some adverse effects, uh, and then there is some soda, a nice, good dark soda bouts, somewhere between 12 and 20 ounces. I wouldn’t exceed more than 20. Um, and again, everyone’s different. Everyone’s got different desires, different needs, uh, for that, that type of Tulsa lawn care stuff. But generally speaking, that’s pretty much a good, a good rule of thumb to follow. Uh, you just have to experiment on your own to figure out, you know, your needs for your body and things like that. But again, hydration is key. Um, Homeowners, uh, definitely do not want to go have to go out and see their, uh, Their lawn care guy lawn flat on the ground because of heat exhaustion, uh, in our lovely office, just heat.

This is not something that they’re going to be very happy with or want to do or have to put up with, uh, business owners, uh, same thing they don’t want to have to hear their employee is hospitalized or lying on somebody’s property somewhere causing a scene of nuisance, things like that. Uh, that’s not professional that shows that you don’t take care of the little things, which is key to success in business. A proper hydration would definitely be one of them. Um, and you know, it just, it just really shows the bad example, um, for your company, uh, for yourself and, uh, shows. You’re not very knowledgeable of what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

And then for yourself, uh, heat exhaustion, uh, worst case scenario is, and we don’t, we don’t want that. Um, and then the one of the least problems with it, you know, obviously lost the job because you know, you’re, you can’t function at the level that you need to function at doing what you need to do for the company and you need to do it for, um, which in turn will cost the company money because they have to pay for your medicals. And then they have to, uh, comp to the customer and do all sorts of things simply because you refuse to drink water or properly hydrate yourself with good fluids and not that bad fluids. Are there such a thing? Ah, yes, there are. While knowing beer is bad. And in that sense, any alcoholic consumption is bad while knowing it’s kind of like driving except for really sharp blades.

So all that’s bad, water is good once you hydrate and hydrate, cause we need to go out there and kick the grass and make those neighbors, curb kicking jealous because we want to, because that’s another thing you’ll be able to run rings around the competition simply because you’re hydrated, proper hydration, a lot of success in job completion. What, what are you talking about? How does hydration lead to jobs? Success easy, properly hydrated. You’re not having to sit there and slow down, catch your breath, become dizzy. You, you can focus. You can do what you do. You do grab your equipment, keep moving, keep going. Your body feels good. Your body feels strong. Tulsa lawn care community. You want guys that know what they’re doing from that drinks say intake to the equipment they use to the techniques. They use the types of lawns, shrubs and things like that that you have.

They know how to handle and take care of and provide. If the guy can’t properly hydrate or take care of himself out there in our TOSA lawn care community, how well do you think he’s going to take care of your property? So we emphasize, recommend train and educate on how to properly hydrate and figure out what’s good for your body and Tulsa lawn care. And there’s a trial and error method at this point in time. But soon we’ll get to the point where we, where we can analyze and adjusting how much water intake, individual needs seeing, um, a type of energy, drinks, not energy drinks, but it’s seeing the type of, uh, electrolyte drinks they need at the end of the day or during the day. And then for ride them with such needed fluids. Okay?

Total lawn care community. We want to come out. We want to service your property and we want to do a clean, quick, efficient manner. Uh, you don’t want to look out there and see a guy panting and bent over and tired, worn out. Uh, it happens regardless of how well you hydrate, but you want to see a guy that has some energy. That’s a pep in his step. Get out there, handle your property, uh, in a good clean, efficient manner, and provide you with a product that you can be proud of that you’re having. All right, you don’t want to come home and see somebody passed out in your lawn, kicking grass and taking names along here, home of the $5 first Mo we’ve got guys hydrated, ready to roll to your property. Get you taken care of, provide you with a service that is curb kicking, jealous to your neighbors.


Don’t see guys out there that are strong and efficient and taking care of your land, making it bleed down the street and see that you’re not out there on the weekends. We’re giving you your time. Freedom. We’re giving you a good looking lawn and we’re there in a short amount of time. We’ve got proper nutrition. We’ve got good equipment, the right techniques. We’re in, we’re out. We’re done. Give us a call for your $5 first Mo chicken grass and taking names. Tulsa Lawn care, (918) 406-2019. Check our website out at www dot kicking grass, We’ll see some out there, green country.