Good morning. Tulsa Lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first. Mow. That’s right, folks. $5 first mo. Boom. Bang baby. That’s awesome. Um, folks, how you doing out there? Uh, we want to talk about, uh, mowing in general. Um, you know, mowing is not a very hard, uh, to honey to-do list item. It’s just a consuming honey to-do list item. And folks, what we mean by that is it takes up your time. It, it requires you to go out there and work. It requires you to go out there and, um, sweat and get hot and burn yourself. Run things over, make sure equipment’s working. You gotta be a mechanic. You gotta be all sorts of crazy things in

The ability to diagnose problems. Remember things, uh, know how to automatically fix things. Tulsa lawn care community, be a mechanic in this day and age is not easy. They keep changing things on you left and right. So things that you, you thought you knew, figured out, fixed, whatever you want to call it when you were younger, may have changed. Maybe you bought yourself a quality piece of equipment and it’s been working nicely and then all of a sudden it’s not, and you gotta figure it out. Anyway, long story short, kicking grass and taking names, long hairs here to mow for you. Having said that, I’ve said several times before that we are not here to compete with the retiree who sits out in his yard all day long, pruning and picking and, and making just it daum perfect yard so they can be yard of the week. Whoa. So folks understand that. However, with a team of professionals like kicking grass, taking names, lawn care, home of a $5 first mo and having a partner with, uh, a ation team and a landscape team and all these other teams, miracles do happen, folks. That’s right. We do have our first yard of the week. Uh, we are in a neighborhood where it’s highly competitive. And what I mean by that, there are at least four homes with a husband, wife team that are consistently out there on a regular basis.

Manicuring their yard. That’s right. Manicuring their yard. They’re out there with all sorts of tools, tricks of the trade to make sure their yard is pristine.

Well, just so you know, our client this week decided to send us a little picture. She woke up and saw that’s right, Yard of the week sign, stuck in her yard. We’ve always tried to do our best. We just tried to make it simple and easy for her. We’re on her on her property. No more than 30 minutes. Same with our, uh, weed guide. We keep those flower beds looking nice. Toast Lawn care community. That’s right. We got an award yard of the week. Nothing better, baby. So, as you can tell, we can produce award winning results. It’s what we do. It’s what we want to do. It’s what we want our, uh, clientele to know and understand. It is possible. Now, understand that this client is a weekly client. This client has an irrigation system. This client takes care of their yard, so biweekly and, and people without irrigation systems, things like that.

Guys, that’s, it can be done. This is gonna be more work on your end. But she has got systems in place kicking, congrats at taking names, Lawn Care as one of those systems to where she does not have to worry about anything. Everything is set in place and go. She knows we’re showing up on, on a specified day. She knows her. Her waters going off on specified times. She knows that her weed and fertilization guys showing up on a specific day. Uh, we’re there, we’re there to please. We’re there to help. We’re there to make it better. Guys, we just wanted to know, let you know that this is gonna be something that you don’t have to worry about. Tulsa Lawn care community kicking grass and taking names is here to do one thing, one thing only. And that’s to take your yard work off your plate, let you guys go and do something else.

Let you guys enjoy your time doing something else. Uh, mo again, mowing is not a hard job. It’s just a, uh, long and, uh, time consuming job. If it’s something you don’t do all the time, uh, you know, your equipment may not be ready. Your, uh, you may have to find gas. Um, and, you know, especially nowadays with, uh, the types of gas that we have. Does your mower take this kind? Do I need pure gas? All these crazy things to consider, uh, if I don’t use it, do I need an additive? Yes. All these crazy things, folks. That’s, that’s, this is our domain. This is what we do. Wheat turn. What’s about a four hour task for a homeowner into about a 30 minute, uh, no brainer. Um, there’s nothing better than knowing that your yard is in and out, done, gone looking sharp, looking good, uh, especially at no inconvenience to you.

We want you guys to understand that, uh, mowing is just something that we do. We like, we really enjoy the, uh, the product when we’re done. Uh, we like seeing it nice and shaped, crispy lines, uh, all edged up. It’s looking good, it’s looking lovely, folks. And, and it’s really what we want to do for you. Um, we just want to give you guys the heads up that we can be quick, we can be fast, we can get it done. Um, and, and that’s why we do it. Um, our main purpose is to give you your Saturday back. We, we want you guys to know, yeah, we are going to be faster than you, but that’s our goal, okay? We’re gonna show up with the equipment and with parts, everything that we’re gonna need. And we want you guys to know we’re, we’re gonna be quick about it.

Uh, we want you to know that you guys can take the time off, go relax, do whatever it is you need to do and not have to sit here and worry about, oh man is my yard mode. I, I I gotta get it moed for the HOA gets on me and things like that. Oh, neighbor Steve, he’s, he’s always perfect. I gotta make my yard mode. He’s gonna sit there and gimme a dirty look. Guys, log us in weekend week out. We got you done. We got you taken care of. We’re gonna come, we’re gonna mow, we’re gonna make you look great. Uh, headache off your, uh, your plate. Nothing to worry about. Tulsa Lawn Care community kicking grass and taking names is here to, to make your life easier, not harder. Uh, simple communications. Uh, we, we mow, uh, based off recommendations of the local agricultural site.

Uh, so keep that in mind. Uh, if you do prefer other types of heights and things like that, please just let us know. We, we’ll be glad to accommodate to a certain extent. Uh, sometimes we just can’t go as low as some customers like, simply because we don’t wanna damage our equipment. Um, cuz our equipment is how we make our money, so we need to make sure we keep it in pristine condition. We’ve got other clients to, uh, to attend to. I know some clients do like their lawns mode very low. And, uh, some of our equipment is not designed to go too low. It’s, uh, just designed to keep it all looking good and at a nice good height. Um, also depending on the height, uh, there are ways to, uh, it helps kind of keep out and stuff out the, the weeds and the fungus and things like that.

It is a balance. Um, that’s why, you know, you do want that weekly mow in Tulsa lawn care community. Let me tell you, uh, nothing better than a weekly mow. Um, your guys are, are there less time on your property? Um, the, your property overall looks just really nice, really good, really clean, really crisp. Uh, one of the best, uh, lawns in the neighborhood by far, uh, for sure. Uh, not having said that though. Even the biweeklies look great right after the mo. Um, they, they look crispy. They look, they look very nice. Uh, but if you want that competitive edge, if you want that lawn to, to say, Hey, I’m a winner, You definitely want that weekly cut. You definitely want it to look good. You definitely wanna keep it, uh, short, uh, a good respectable height. Like I said, uh, it’ll allow the grass to fill in where it’s low and, uh, it’ll be long enough that’ll help to choke out, uh, the weeds and, and the bad fungus and things like that.

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Uh, keep ’em all at bay. Um, so there are, there are good, there are thought processes behind, uh, the heights. It’s not just for, uh, cosmetic purposes. We do want you guys to, to know that there are reasons that we want to cut it at certain heights at certain times of the year. Uh, beginning of the year, you know, not a big deal to cut it down low, throw all that good fresh stuff down, get it going, uh, let people know that it’s, um, it’s starting off fresh again. We wanna scalp it and get all that good dead winter junk out of the way. And low and behold, what do you know? Uh, as the season progresses, we want to provide the higher cuttings, uh, to help the, the yard do what the yard does best. And, uh, it, it, it automatically knows how to fight off, uh, let’s say diseases and things like that.

Um, on, on its own. It’s almost like, you know, the human body. Um, if you let it do its own thing, it’s gonna take care of itself. And that’s exactly what we want it to do. That’s exactly what we want you guys to know. Um, so there’s a little bit of science behind the cut, just not just, uh, pretty pretty, but definitely something for you guys to, uh, think about and, and keep in mind and reason why we do what we do. Um, but again, is your lawn we’ll, we’ll accommodate to the best as we can. Uh, we’ll make it look good. Uh, no matter what, it’s gonna look great. Um, we’ve got the right equipment, we’ve got the right talent, we’ve got the right experience. Folks, we just want you to know we’re here to make it look good for you. Uh, kicking grass to take names.

Lawn care home of the $5 first mo. We hope you guys check us out. Check our website out. We got pictures, We got all sorts of good things. Uh, we’re looking good, we’re looking great. Uh, we want you guys to understand that. Uh, we’re here to do one thing, one thing only. That’s to make your life a lot easier. Um, kicking grass and taking lanes lawn care home of the $5 first mo, check our website out Check our, uh, gallery out our pictures, our Tulsa Lawn Care reviews, everything, man. It’s great. It’s awesome. Uh, we’re doing the best that we can do for you guys. Uh, we want Tulsa’s, uh, highest rated, most reviewed, um, company out there. We want to, uh, show the community that we can support them and, uh, give ’em back with what they need. Uh, give us a call at (918) 827-0338 and uh, or give us an email at kicking dogra two one Uh, several ways to contact, reach us out. We’ll get you guys taken care of. Give us a call. Let us do what we can do for you and get started. It is getting that time of year starting to think about leaves. Folks, uh, let’s get them off that property, keep that grass growing. We’ll see out there.