Good morning, Tulsa Long care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long Care home of a $5 First Mo. That’s right, you heard that right? $5 for the first mo and that $5 is then donated towards your Tulsa Lawn Care charity of choice being St. Jude’s and or a school district of your choice. Folks, how you doing out there today? Just wanna reach out to you guys and talk about maintenance, general maintenance. I know some people are like, Well, general maintenance, eh, every blue moon. But in the end, you end up paying for the same amount as you do no matter what. Whether you pay it for it weekly or whether you pay for it once a month, whatever you end up paying for it. Uh, and if you don’t, you end up finding a person that’ll show up once or twice. And then after that, they realize that they, uh, they are worth more than what they thought and, uh, they don’t come back because you’re not willing to pay more.

Uh, and so then you’re left with the frustration of sitting here trying to find people to help maintain your yard, people to help maintain overgrowth and, and all sorts of stuff that you got going on. Tell us the lawn care community. You, you might as well understand, You know what, let me find somebody that’ll pay and I’ll pay them a little a week and, and we’ll get it done. Otherwise, you end up finding somebody that once in a blue moon and you end up having to pay them a lot, or even better. You think you got a deal and the person decides to, to quit halfway through it because they realize, you know, this is way more work than the price that I quoted. And you’re like, Oh, well, that’s that person’s fault. Ha ha. Well, no, not really. That just means that person’s inexperienced and you know better because you’re the one that allows to, uh, have that overgrowth and allows for all that extra work requirement, uh, when you could simply just say, Okay, yes, come and take care of my lawn on a weekly basis and, and get it nicely turned up, or, Hey, even biweekly and I’ll pay a little bit more.

Whatever. It’s not that hard. It’s, it’s, it’s pretty simple. Uh, maintaining the Tulsa Lawn Care lawn is, is can be real easy, especially if you allow weekly service. Um, not too many people want to have hear mowers running all day long on their property, or have guys walking around outside while they’re inside, enjoying their, their quiet time and things like that. Maintain it weekly. We can show up the same time. Uh, we’re in and out probably under 20, 30 minutes at most. Uh, not, not there too long, Not in your way.

Uh, we do come with, uh, with equipment. We do come with trucks and trailers, so we do take up space. Uh, sometimes we have to block driveways, but again, if we’re there 15, 20 minutes, it’s not a big deal. You know, it’s, uh, if we’re there for like an hour trying to get things cleaned up because of the, uh, massive overgrowth, well then, you know, it’s a little, it’s a little different. We, we start to become in the way, which I understand. I do understand. Uh, so Tulsa lawn care community. Do not be afraid of weekly maintenance. Do not be afraid to ask. Do not be afraid to, to take that brave step and, and get your lawn taken care of. I know you guys aren’t out there trying to become the, uh, lawn of the week, but, you know, at very least, uh, just get out there, get it done, get it taken care of, Uh, have them come out, uh, and, and make a quick go of it.

Okay? That’s really what you want. You really want some guys that come out and they can see it on a regular basis. Uh, they can see week to week changes, if any, and provide suggestions. Um, there’s a lot of things we want to, uh, help you guys with. Let you know what’s going on on your properties. Uh, you know, moles pop up, govers pop up quickly. We can get you to the right guys that’ll help you with that. Um, there’s all sorts of different things that, that a weekly maintenance can provide. Just, just besides just a nice quick clean cut, um, uh, uh, of maintenance. You know, we’re, we’re in the neighborhood where we see, uh, everything on a regular basis. We kind of recognize everything and everyone that belongs there kind of know when things are outta place. Um, things like that. We can see all sorts of, uh, changes in the ground, alright?

Uh, especially as the seasons go on and stuff like that. Uh, any bumps, any, uh, any Tulsa Lawn Care grass disappearing, things like that, we’ll be, we’ll notice that right away. We can suggest, you know, 1, 1, 1 of the next steps to do to make sure to maintain the healthy grass growth and thickness and hardiness and all that good stuff. Um, but again, you know, it’s what we’re there for Tulsa long hair community. We’re there for you guys, uh, to be in there weekend, week out, Uh, making sure you guys have some of the best looking lawns in the neighborhood. Um, weekly maintenance is obviously ideal. Uh, it’s gonna get you the best looking results. Uh, biweekly is not bad. It’s, uh, it’s gonna get you, uh, pretty decent looking, uh, by no means, uh, a competitor for the yard of the week, like I said earlier. But, uh, you know, at Lisa let you cleaned up and keep the HOA and neighbors off your back.

Uh, anything really over that is, you know, you just, you you are, you are gonna be the eyesore of the neighborhood. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be rough. It’s gonna be, you know, neighbors kind of getting upset. Hoa maybe kind of knocking your door every once in a while, uh, asking what’s going on if you know you need some assistance or somebody to come and help or, or something like that. Uh, and really, like I said, it’s, it’s just you need to understand that maintenance is, is required for yards and you need to be on top of it and you wanna make sure you get it taken care of. You don’t wanna leave these yards out there,

Uh, for too long, overgrown, cuz it’s just a, um, domino effect, if you will. Cuz all you’re gonna have a lot of excess grass and that’s gonna mat down and that’s gonna end up, uh, covering up other grass. Uh, one of two things is gonna kill the other grass and make bear spots. And then two, it’s gonna, you know, hide taller grass and then we’re done. And maybe that p grass decides to pop back up and boom, there it is. You know, uh, kick grass, taking names, lawn hair, it’ll come out and we’ll take care of your property. Uh, we’ll make it clean, uh, fast. Uh, good service. Uh, we want you guys to know that we are the home of the $5 first Mo. Um, and yeah, we’re gonna come out there and take care of it. We’re gonna make you, uh, look great.

We’re gonna be, uh, uh, one of the best ones that out there for you guys. So we hope you, uh, keep in mind for all your, uh, yard needs is, uh, keeping grass and taking names, lawn care. Uh, we have some of the best guys, uh, out there that do like to, to go quick and they do like to take care of your lawn. And that’s just it. That’s, that’s the best thing about it. We’ve got, uh, two to three man crews that come out. Uh, we turn a 45 minute to an hour and a half lawn down to 15, 30 minutes. We’re in, we’re out. We’re outta your way. Um, so don’t be afraid to call us. Don’t, don’t sit here and, uh, and think, Oh man, I, I don’t, I don’t want to do this because, uh, it’s gonna be expensive and dah da da da.

No. It’s just like anything else. Um, quantities where we make our money, Okay? Uh, we don’t wanna be there out there all day. Uh, and you don’t want us out there all day and, uh, we got more lawn to get to, okay? Um, most people just want a nice quick, clean, friendly service. They, they, they’re not looking for people to be out there and be their gardeners. They’re not looking for people to be out there and, and, and cutting each blade individually to Tulsa Lawn Care community. Uh, just, just understand and realize that we’re gonna come out there. We’re gonna, we’re gonna take care of you guys. We’re gonna make you look sharp. Uh, we’re gonna make you look nice. Uh, neighbor’s gonna wanna know who did this and, uh, hey, take the credit. You did it. How did you do it? You called us. He said, Hey, let me get kicking grass and take your names lawn carry out here and, uh, make this lawn look good again. Um, that’s what, that’s what we’re here for. That’s what we do. We make longs look great. Um, we make neighbors, uh, neighbors very happy. Uh, we make you happy. So check our reviews out, check our website out. We got photos, we got all sorts of good stuff. Um, we’re definitely looking strong. We’re definitely looking great. Um, we don’t want you guys to, uh, to think that we’re not, uh, we got plenty of

Clients. We’ve got, uh, hopefully we keep bringing you on. Um, we don’t do that to brag. We do that to show you that, uh, we’re maintaining our, our abilities and our skills. The clients are happy. In fact, they’re bringing on referrals for us. It is really good. It’s really wonderful. Come check us out. Um, enjoy our services. Understand how good we, uh, we are and how hard we try for you guys. Uh, we wanna maintain all these wonderful things. Um, we like the sun, we like the wind, we like the water. We like a combination of it all. Uh, it’s really good. It’s really great. Tulsa Lawn Care community. Kick your and take names. Lawn Care wants to be the ones that come and take care of you. Check us out. Let us be the service of choice for you and your neighborhood. Uh, bring us in.

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Uh, you guys will be happy. Your neighborhood will look sharp. Um, and you know, I I, I know it sounds crazy, but a well maintained yard on a regular basis does bring up the value of the home. And uh, that’s something you need to need to understand, especially if even in the market to to sell. Um, we want you guys to know there is a chance that we’re gonna increase that value significantly. Um, don’t be afraid, uh, to spend a little cash to get that yard up to date and, uh, looking sharp, that’s what we wanna do. We want, we want to keep you going strong. Okay? So Kevin here with, uh, King Grass at taking names Lawn Care home of a $5 first Mo. Uh, remember you can’t even get a burger fry, a milkshake for five bucks anywhere. And, uh, but you can get a mo.

Doesn’t matter the size. $5. We’re gonna come a mow it. Keep a looking strong. Uh, give us a call. Let’s know what you need. Um, check our website out. Uh, phone numbers (918) 872-0338. Website is www kicking. Do kicking grass And uh, yeah, check us out. Send us to email kicking dogra 21 Let us know who you are. Let us know your needs. Uh, we got plenty of services, we got plenty of, uh, of team members that come out and, uh, and provide all sorts of different things for you guys. Uh, let us know what you need. We’ll be glad to help you out. Uh, Kevin here with uh, King Grass to taking names Lawn Care. We appreciate your help.