Good morning, Tulsa Long care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first mow green country. How we doing out there? Let’s talk about planning, thinking ahead, setting yourself up for success. And what I mean by that is, you know, every year summer’s gonna come and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna get busy, you’re gonna want to do things, it’s gonna get hot. Water’s gonna hit the ground, and grass is going to grow. And long story short, what that means is you need to hire your lawn care crew in the spring. And while at first you may be like, well, why it’s not growing yet, one, it is growing. Two, it gets them used to and acclimate it to your lawn. They built up a good quick system. So by the time that the stride hits of the season, they are in and out of your hair in no time, not pulling up, figuring out your property, seeing what you might need, seeing little things that they need to fix here and there. They are done with all that. They’re coming in, they’re mowing, they’re cutting, they’re going, they’re not there for hours, they’re not there for whatever. They’re not trying to upsell you on stuff. They’ve got everything taken care of. They got everything trimmed, they got it all done, and they are downright taking care of you. They got you all set up for success. Why? Because you planned ahead. Why? Because you set out and picked out your guys and got them lined up for the season.

So many times people wait until they’re like, oh, my grass is two feet tall. I guess I should find somebody to mow. And by then, planters have already got ahold of most of the mowers, and all of a sudden you’re like, there’s no one that mows lawns anymore. What is this? Well, that’s simply because you didn’t plan ahead. That’s simply because you didn’t think far enough ahead to go and find someone before the problem became a problem. Uh, you didn’t think it was an issue, and now it’s become an issue simply because you chose not to act, uh, in a proper and timely manner. Tulsa Lawn care community, mowings not hard. Anybody can do it. It is this time consuming, especially even the wrong equipment. You want to make sure your equipment is good, quick and efficient when you use it. You want it to be reliable. You want it to turn on, you want it to take care of all sorts of different things and have it out there to provide you with a dozen different ways to get things done. Having the right equipment makes all the difference in the world as to whether or not you’ll be successful.

Having the traditional homeowner push mower, things like that. And you let your lawn get outta control. Yeah, you’re gonna suffer. Yeah, you’re gonna be in, you know, taking time to mow the lawn and it’s gonna be a headache, it’s going to be a problem. Um, that’s why, like I said, you just want us to come out, get on board, get on path, get things taken care of. So we highly recommend, highly, highly, highly recommend that you guys check us out, have us come out, take care of your lawns, get you set up for success, get you set up so you are ready to, to hit your summer running without worrying about your yard. You’ve got us in place, you’ve got us set up, you’ve got our method down. You understand how it works. You know, when we’re gonna show up, you know, um, who we are.

You know, everything you need to know about us, we’re there for you. We’re there to help. We’re there to keep it solid. Um, yeah, it’s good. It’s wonderful. It’s a really nice, unique, easy way to get things done. And we, we look forward to serving you guys out there in the Tulsa lawn care community. So many different times. People just wait, wait, wait, wait, wait and wait until they’ve got super tall grass. And then they wonder why, you know, that’s so expensive. Why do you charge so much? I mean, time is money. And this is where you really learn that lesson. Um, and what I also mean by that is, is as a homeowner, you learn that lesson, but as a homeowner, it doesn’t strike the same cord because it’s your home. So you’re at home, so you really don’t realize it, but you just spent three hours in the yard mowing, and then you see these guys pull up and they jump out with all this equipment and you know, maybe it’s one guy, maybe it’s two guys, and they’re, they’re there for like 30 minutes at most, maybe maybe 40 if it’s overgrown.

And you’re like, how’d they do that so fast? One, they just know, know what they’re doing. Two, they got more powerful equipment, okay? And three, they’re not at home. So they wanna move, they want to get things done. Tulsa Lawn Care community, when you’re at home, you go and you’re, you get even the idea of, you know what, I’m hot and tired. You just stop. You just leave that more right where it’s at. You walk inside, you do some milk, lemonade, beer, whatever it is you want to drink, lie down on the couch, start watching tv, take a nap. Next thing you know, it’s four hours later and you’re like, oh, I still have to mow, I still have to finish. Yep. You still have to do things. You still have to get things done. It’s crazy how that works. That’s okay though. Tulsa, the long care community kicking grass and taking names. Long care home in the $5 first Mow

Is, is ready to roll. We have our, our mowers ready, we have our blades sharp, we have everything we need to go and be successful on your yard. The only thing we don’t have is your address. So send us your address, let us know how we can help. Let us know how, what route we can put you on and get you taken care of. We have so many different, uh, and unique ways to help you guys and provide for you guys that we just, we we long and we hope to, to serve you. Uh, we wanna make sure that you guys are taken care of, you get the service that you need. And, and ma the main thing is we want to take the worry of the outside of your house off your plate. We wanna be in place ready to roll for you so you guys don’t have a single thing to worry about in any way, shape, or form.

And that’s, that’s how it works. We, we want to be taking you guys taken care of. We want you guys to be seen as a, a wonderful and taken care of and nice looking home. We don’t want you guys to be trashy. We don’t want you guys to be left in the desk. We don’t want you guys to be forgotten about. We want your your home to be taken care of, to be seen as a, a, a good, a clean home. And, and that’s what we do. We provide these things. We make these things easy for you. We make ’em nice, we make ’em solid. Um, there’s not too many ways that, that we can do that other than just coming out showing you what we got and making it happen. Um, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first mow Tulsa lawn care community.

Do not let the opportunity to go by. Don’t let another day go by that we can’t come out and service you. Let us be the ones that come out and make sure you guys are provided for and have all the things taken care of that you need. Mowing grass is, is not a fun shore. It’s, it’s, it can be time consuming with the wrong equipment. I mean, you go from owning a small plot of land to half acre. Next thing you know, that 15 minute job and you loved it and you thought it was nothing. You’re out there for two and a half hours mowing that yard with that little 21 inch push mower, and you’re like, this is ridiculous. So now you’re like, do I go drop two, three, you know, $2,000 on a mower from a box store, you know, and then have it break on me all the time?

Or do I go hire a company? Do I go spend $10,000 on a real mower? And I’m like, okay, I just spend 10 grand on a mower just to mow my yard. I mean, yeah, but how long does it take you to mow it now? And if you don’t wanna spend that money up front, you’d rather be doing something else. Is there something else with your time that you could do to earn more money? Okay, is it more profitable for you to go and hire a crew to come out and knock out your yard for, I don’t know, 50 bucks, 60 bucks while you gonna make 80 or a hundred? I mean, that’s still a, you know, 30, $40 profit. Um, even if you’re charging $60 or they’re charging 60, charging you $60. I mean, there’s, you gotta do the math on some of these things and just realize, all right, cool.

Um, I think, I think it’s more profitable for me to go and earn, earn what I earn and let these guys do what they do. All right, love my yard and all, but man, it’s, it’s gonna cost me a hundred dollars to mow my yard if I do it. And it’s gonna cost me $60 to mow my yard if have these guys do it. So right there to save 40 bucks. So it’s all how you wanna look at it and how you want to perceive things, you know, um, if you’re not making any money at the moment, then yeah, you’re right. Why cost yourself money? But if you can make money at the moment, then why cost yourself money? You know, go earn your money, pay someone else to do it. Outsource as much as you can, and you’ll have a happier, healthier life, especially if you’re making more money than what you’re outsourcing.

Uh, that’s the whole point in outsourcing to, uh, make it easier on yourself while you make the money. Uh, there’s so many different ways to do that. But one of the best ways to start is with your lawn. So kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 first mill. Let us come out and take care of you. Let us come out and show you how it’s done. Let us come out and take that headache in shore of, of mowing off the plate. We’ll make you look great. We will, you’ll be a contender. You’ll be up there. So give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8 or uh, check our website out, We got all sorts of good news for you. We’re taking care of the lawn. So that right there should say it all. All right guys, give us a call. Let us know how you are. Uh, let us know what, how, and when we can help you. We’ll see you out there, Tulsa.