<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Lawn care community Home of the $5 first. Mow, this is Kevin with Kicking Grass and taking Ames Lawn Care. Folks just wanna reach out to you, allall, see how you’re doing and see what’s going on in our lovely community. Hope you guys are enjoying the last couple days of warmth that we had. Um, and now we’re back to Fri attempts, folks. Fridge attempts are not, the leaves are out, the leaves are down. Trees are bare. What does that mean? That means we need to get them off the ground. Uh, folks leaves. Leaves are a, uh, wonderful and beautiful thing when they’re on the trees and when they change colors and things like that, but leaves on the ground. Uh, huge mess, huge ordeal. Uh, especially if, uh, you’re in a small neighborhood or something of that nature where you have a lot of drainage and things like that, gets in our sewer systems and it can just be a real pain, a real mess, a real headache.

Um, so another huge benefit to having leaf removal is making sure it leaves Do not get into our drainage system. Uh, last thing we want to do is clog up one of our, uh, drain systems that alleviates rain water, things like that. Then we get a backup, then we get a small flood. And, uh, depending on the, your property, that flood could, uh, be very devastating. And that’s the last thing you would want, simply because of leaves. And when I, when I say that, folks, I, I don’t say it to, to frighten you to worry you. I just say it as a, Hey, this is a real possibility. Every fall, uh, we have a great and very true chance of leaves coming in and covering up and, you know, filling in the spots that we need emptied. And, uh, if they cover up our drains or if they cover up, uh, anything of such nature, then, you know, it can lead to some damaging repercussions, uh, just simply because we didn’t have removed or picked up.

And there’s no need, especially this time of year for the Tulsa Lawn care community to get out there and do it themselves. Um, kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first mow is, uh, more than happy, willing, and capable and able to get out there and take care of it for you. So folks, let us know what we can do for you. Let us know how we can help. Let us know how much money, um, uh, you wanna spend. Do you wanna spend the, uh, small amount that it takes for us to take care of the leaves? Or do you wanna spend, uh, remodeling amount of money? Okay, again, not a threat, just a, just a knowledgeable heads up. You know, um, we are marginal and, and fractional as far as the cost is gonna be concerned for, uh, a, a, a remodeled basement or framing

Of a house or things like that. So just keep that in mind. Leaf removal much cheaper than remodeling the home. Uh, and you’re saying yourself, man, that’s crazy. Uh, there’s no way, you know, all this can happen. Well, you, you’d be surprised. Leaves, leaves, block your gut’s up, right? And then you have water coming over the side, or water starting to leak up into the roof, right? Again, I’m just saying, I mean, you, you look at your house, you tell me if you have leaves and you look up in your gutters and you see a bunch of leaves in there, and then it rains. Does the water drain or does the water, uh, come up over the edges? Wherever it can. Okay? If it does now just think about that happening to your drainage system, Tulsa lawn care community. It is much smarter to go ahead and get it taken care of now by the professionals at kicking grass and taking names of lawn care home with a $5 first.

Mow to let us come out and get that leaves off your property and out of your drainage system. Okay? Can we do gutter cleaning? We do everything. There is not a, uh, issue or problem with that. Um, so let us hear about it, let us know about it. Let us get it done. Folks, you need to really, uh, hear us out. We’ll be more than happy to provide you guys with a, uh, good and low quote and, uh, we can come out and take care of it for you. So, Tulsa lawn care community. Do not be afraid to get those leaves removed. ’cause again, we will be, uh, getting them removed from your house, gutters your piping that’s leading out to the street drain. And we will get it removed out of any drains that you may have out front and things like that. ’cause the last thing we want to do is clock those drains up and not be able to properly disperse water from the house.

We need to disperse the water from the house. We need to make sure we are taking care of our property. ’cause this is our best and biggest investment. So folks, don’t be afraid. Call us. Let us know how we can help. We’ll get you on the schedule, we’ll get you taken care of. We show up, we mow up. That’s what I like to say. Okay? And what does that mean? Most of the time we’re mowing. So when we, when we call you, we’re gonna show up. We’re gonna mow your yard, but this is regard to leaves. So we’re gonna be there. Long story short, we’re gonna be there for you. We’re gonna be there to take those leaves and make sure we, we get you guys squared away and looking good. Tulsa lawn care community. Too many times we’ve ended up having to come in, take those leaves out only to discover rot up against the house or the foundation or whatever they got going on. Then we have to tell the homeowner or send ’em pictures and, and they have to move on from there to find a rapid

Roll repairman and things like that. So it just goes from one contractor to another, to another, to another. And we, we wanna eliminate that for you guys. We want to take one of those headaches away for you, and we wanna make sure that, you know, we are here to help you get these things done, okay? Uh, be house aware, know what’s going on with your property. Uh, we like to inform our clients of all the things they have, uh, going on, any, any troubling concerns that we may see and that we have seen that can potentially cause, uh, long term, uh, destruction or headache or somewhere down the line where you might have to put up with this. So, Tulsa lawn care community, definitely need to, uh, give us a call. Let us know how those leaves are, how they stack up. Especially if you haven’t had your leaves removed in the last couple years.

You definitely want, uh, ’cause we already know in that one corner of the house, there is no grass. It’s nothing but, but, uh, very soft, soft mud. The foundation is probably a little weak and crumbly and crack after having to spend a year or two in a suspended, uh, mo you know, gooey state, uh, having to give in to all the, uh, lack of support that it’s had from no ability to dry out that corner and, and things like that. So you, you know, there is that crack. So that’s where the waters are probably leaking in. That’s where the waters are, are definitely going to, um, make their entrance into the house and to make sure that there is an issue. Uh, and so how to prevent that. Simply calling us, get us to remove those leaves, get us to come out and really pick it up.

Uh, we can, uh, do a full leaf removal, then come back through and do a leaf mulching. Uh, really the best of both worlds. Uh, reason why is you get the majority of the, uh, leaves gone from your lawn, and then you get a good amount of mulching done on your property that is some free fertilizer, good nutrients right back into the property at a time that’s, uh, best for it. So we can grow and use those nutrients later to become, uh, a good hardy, healthy lawn. So folks, there we are. That’s where we’re headed. That’s what we’re doing. We’re here to take care of those lawns, make ’em look great, um, and make sure those leaves don’t cause damage, but benefit the lawn. Um, so yes, that’s, we right? We said benefit the lawn. Um, leaves can be good, can be great, uh, just simply by allowing them to be mulched up. Uh, but again, you don’t want to have too many. If uh, you have too many, then it’s still is going to be, uh, working on the same purpose of

Blanketing the lawn and not allowing enough nutrients and lights and things like that through. So folks call 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Let us know how we can help. That is for kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home with a $5 first. Mow, we want to come out, take care of you, take care of those lawns, remove those leaves and get you guys back up to a great and healthy status of lawn care. Too many lawns are left unattended and are left to the wilds of winter, okay? And what that means is they’re neglected. They’re not worried about, they’re not taken care of, they’re not provided for, they’re left unattended, they’re left carefree, they’re left to be dealt with by nature itself. So let us be the ones to come out and get you guys a good looking new lawn so you all can be able to go out and enjoy it.

Come summertime too many people end up with lawns that they’re unable to enjoy because of various reasons. And they start now. They start now from, uh, weed controlling fertilization to leaf removal. Okay? So look, don’t let that happen to you. All right, folks. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn Care home with the $5 first. Mow want be the ones to come out and take care of those leaves for you and make those yards absolutely wonderful. Again, give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Check our website out www.kickinggrasstulsa.com and let us hear about you. Let us know that we can get you money. Let us know, uh, that we can, uh, get you guys all taken care of in a lot of different ways. We even do snow removal folks, okay? Give what it’s called. We’ll help.