Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community, Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home of the $5 First Mo. That’s right, you heard it. Five bucks. You get your lawn mowed, you get it trimmed, you get it edged, and you get the hard service cleaned up. It is one heck of a Tulsa Lawn Care deal. Nothing better. Not even a hamburger. French fry milkshake can beat that even if you could find it for five bucks. But you know, you can’t toast lawn care community. It’s that time of the year. Grass is slowing down, leaves are fallen, those sockets are getting put up so we can still line our pockets. That’s right, folks. Holiday lights, Christmas lights. Okay, we’re not just limiting the lights now to Christmas. We have Halloween colors if you want. Um, that’s right. Orange and purple. Be festive. Be fun. Uh,
Remember the, uh, the lights that we use are commercial grade heavy duty. Cut to the specifications of your house and or your desire, meaning you’re gonna have lights where you want and not where you don’t. Um, we put ’em up, we take ’em down, we storm ’em for you there, your lights, uh, cuz they’re cut to your house. So there’s no worry there. Um, definitely something to, uh, to enjoy. Um, and again, you know, putting him up in October, November, December, what, two, two and a half months, maybe three months worth of, uh, extra wattage juice. But we’re talking about l e d folks. Not that big a deal. Not that much. You, you probably won’t even notice a bump.
And if you, you do see a bump, I mean, you gotta realize it’s getting darker earlier, so you’re flipping your lights on faster. So, um, it wouldn’t be from the LEDs. Um, and if you got nothing but LEDs throughout your house, then you’re really not gonna see a bump at all. You know, maybe even, maybe a small hiccup or a slide increase. So nothing too bad there. And, and then here’s the other, here’s the other kicker. And this is the best part. It’s gonna be done by the guys that take care of your lawn, that you already have a reputation with, a relationship with, that you already know, trust and know are okay with these guys that you have on your property once a week, uh, for almost 30 weeks a year as it is. So, yeah, like, like I said, Tulsa long care community, not a big deal.
Uh, it’s us. We’re gonna come out, we’re gonna provide it. Uh, we’re gonna knock it out. We’re, you’re gonna be the brightest one on the curb. Uh, having said that, unless you know, we’ve got your neighbors and you all will be the brightest, uh, yes, these are some really great lights. Uh, they’re very colorful, uh, very prominent. You see them from a good distance away. They’re very clear, they’re very, uh, defined. Um, so yeah, you’re gonna like it. You’re gonna enjoy it. Uh, it, it’s gonna, it’s gonna get that feeling of, uh, childhood back in your heart. You’re gonna be appreciative that you did it. Um, it is gonna be a really nice, uh, addition to the house. Really help bring it all together. I mean, you, you’ve taken care of the lawn all, all season long. You’ve had it manicured and, uh, looking nice.
Um, let’s, let’s make sure we, uh, we, we top off the year by getting those lights up, making it look good, making it look festive. Uh, making sure, you know, you show your neighbors that you have spirit. I mean, and that brings up the whole neighborhood. You know, it’s something small. Uh, putting Christmas lights up or holiday lights. Um, and when I say it’s something small, I mean, it’s not that big a deal, but I think it provides a large impact for the neighborhood. Uh, almost infectious. Uh, so if we get one or two people to do it, then you’ll notice 3, 4, 5, you notice a lot more people and, and it kind of brightens up the neighborhood that way. Uh, both, uh, figuratively and literally. Uh, because, you know, obviously you’re putting up lights, so it’s gonna cause a brighter scene. Uh, I remember, uh, last season we had a row of homes.
Neighborhood is basically a street. Uh, one, two people got ’em done. There’s approximately, I think 12 homes on the street. And, uh, within the course of the next two weeks, all 12 homes were, uh, were lit up. And it was just a really nice, it was a beautiful magical street. The home was lit up. So many different colors. Uh, so many wonderful things. Uh, Tulsa lawn care community, you know, um, don’t, don’t be the grinch, don’t be the, the fussy, ugly mean one. Um, enjoy, enjoy your home. Enjoy your, your, your, the fruits of your labor. Um, and help your neighbors out. Help them enjoy. Okay? Uh, maybe they just can’t afford for lights to go up or get their own or anything like that. And, and they, they can enjoy lights that you put up. You know, it’s not just a you thing. It’s, it’s a neighborhood thing.
It’s about, uh, community and making them feel better and, and let ’em know that, hey, you know, we’re all in the season together. And, and here’s a little something to brighten up the day. So don’t be, uh, don’t be greedy with your, uh, with your beautiful homes and things like that. Show ’em off. Make sure, uh, make sure everyone knows and sees and, and can enjoy, uh, the hard work that you guys put into these things and, and to make ’em look good. Uh, it’s kinda like having a old fashioned muscle car or something. You don’t wanna keep it in the garage the whole time. You wanna take it out and drive it around. Show the world, world. Uh, even if you’re a car guy, you appreciate those things cuz you know, um, the labor it takes to go into restorations and, and keeping things nice and stuff like that.
So, hey, like I said, even if you’re not a home person, uh, you still like to see the lights. You still like to go out there and, uh, view them and look at them, and, and they bring that, that childhood memory back for you for most people. And it really brings a smile to a lot of people’s faces. So, decorate those homes. Make ’em look nice. Uh, have, kick your grass, take your names, lawn care come out, throw those lights up for you. No climb on Latice for you. No, no having to detangle anything. Uh, we’ll have anything stored and ready to roll. Uh, we’ll have all the pieces, everything we need to make your home look good. We provide timers, we provide, uh, extension cords, whatever else you think you could possibly need. Um, and yeah, we’ll get it put up there. We’ll, we’ll make it look good.
We’ll make it look, uh, one of the best houses in the neighborhood. Uh, for sure. I mean, we’ve already been doing that with the lawn. We’ve already been making your lawn look great, keeping it trimmed all, uh, all season long. Uh, keeping it nice and tidy, uh, making sure people, uh, know that your house is, uh, properly maintained. And that’s where we’re at on that. So Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, don’t be afraid to reach out. Uh, we are already putting the lights up. Um, we started a little early this year. We’ve had an increase in, uh, interest, so we wanna make sure we can get, uh, previous clients taken care of and our new clients taken care of. Uh, so yeah, reach out. We got colors, we got lines. We, we got everything you guys are gonna need and want. Uh, we want you guys to know that.
Uh, we’re here to provide, uh, plenty of service for you and, uh, make sure everyone’s homes look great and nice and, and fe for this season. And then come January, we, uh, bring it all down and, uh, like I said, take it away, store it. Uh, no headache, no mess, no fuss for you. Um, you are just well taken care of. And, uh, that is, that is all we got. That is, it’s a great thing. It’s a wonderful thing. Uh, we hope you guys really enjoy the lights that we’re gonna put up around town. Uh, remember when you see those bright homes, those bright lights, you know, who did it? Kicking grass and taking in with long hair home with a $5 first bone. Uh, we’re gonna make them, we’re gonna make those homes glow. We’re gonna make those homes shine. Uh, you folks are gonna be, uh, ecstatic and pleased and happy.
And, uh, as always, like, uh, we like to say in all of our stuff is, uh, we wanna make your home curb kicking jealous. Uh, that’s right. Curb kicking. Jealous. We want your neighbors to look at your home, kick the curb and go, man, that home looks great. You know, we want them to look at it and go, man, those guys, I mean, they must, they work so hard. They make that make the grass looks great. They make the lights look great. They make it all look great. Yeah. And, uh, don’t let leaves, uh, ruin the fun there. You know, uh, those leaves fall, those leaves, uh, stay on the grass. They get stuck in there. Um, we don’t, we, you know, we work hard to make that grass grow and make it look good and nice. Uh, don’t know if those leaves do the, through the lawn end, uh, help have us come out and, uh, either get them removed or, uh, mulch ’em up.
Uh, we do recommend mulching, uh, depending on the amount of leaves you have. Uh, no matter what we do recommend Tulsa Lawn Care mulching, at least some of them, uh, because, uh, mul the leaf mulch turns into, uh, some really good fertilizer for you. And, uh, we like that because why it’s free. All we gotta do is go out there and mul it up for you and, uh, get the lawn prep basically for, uh, the next season. And we’re gonna get ready to roll. Um, it’s really good. It’s really great. Um, we hope you guys, uh, enjoy all the services that we can provide. Check out our website, Uh, send us an email kicking dot grass 21 Give us a call, 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Uh, reach out to us. Let us know what we can do for you. Uh, you know, we, we take care of it all.
Uh, 1, 2, 3 acres, uh, you know, commercial properties, residentials, um, we got things lit up everywhere and anywhere. Um, we’re gonna make you guys look great. Um, we want you to know that, uh, festivity is, is, uh, something we like to bring to, uh, to your home, to your commercial properties, wherever we can. Uh, we want you guys to enjoy all the, uh, good lighting that we have. So Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, Kevin here, really appreciate you guys, uh, service us last couple seasons, um, reaching out, having us come out. Uh, don’t forget, uh, we are donating the $5 first mo to either St. Jude’s or the school district of your choice, uh, here soon. Uh, we’re probably gonna change that in next couple years to a little different, uh, donation amount. Uh, we really want to give back to, uh, local communities and, uh, let you guys know how well rooted we are in, in the, uh, Tulsa and Green Country area. So give us a hollerer, check us out, see what we can offer. We got a lot of great, uh, offerings for you guys and uh, you know, the quicker you call, the sooner we can get you booked. So we’ll see you out there, green country. Thanks.