<silence> Good morning. Tulsa Lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home with a $5 first. Mow. How we doing out there, folks? We’re doing good. We doing right? We doing happy? Why do I ask if we’re doing happy? Because if we’re removing leaves from your lawn, you’re going to be happy. Leaf removal is a wonderful thing. You know what leaf removal does? It takes a massive, heavy, gigantic thick blanket off of your beautiful lawn, and it turns it into, Hey, I can breathe, see, receive the air, receive the sunshine, receive the rain, all the nutrients I need, I can get. That’s what leaf removal does. It does so many wonderful and outstanding things for your lawn. Leaf removal is one of the best things anyone can do during winter for their lawn. Why? Because your lawn needs the air your lawn needs the sunshine.

What little sunshine there is? Your lawn needs the, how you say water? Well, if it rains, it’ll get wet. Well, the leaves are in the way. Didn’t you know their leaves? Man? They can’t stop it. Oh my goodness. So you don’t pay attention to your leaves. You don’t realize how thick and how much of a shield that they can provide When they get together, especially on the ground, they will act like a fortress and not let any water penetrate the ground whatsoever. Run that water off to different locations that are oversaturated and completely leave your lawn dry and dead. Now, is that something you want? Or, or it sends the water to an area that is oversaturated and washes away the dirt and, and maybe ruins a foundation or, or something like that? What? That’ll ruin my foundation. Yes, fool. What do you think I’m talking about? Will it happen every time? No, of course not. But is it a possibility? And how people re uh, are when winter comes around, they don’t do anything outside. They don’t go outside, they don’t do nothing. All of a sudden they say no. 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 years go by and they have these leaves that pile up and the way they pile up the water goes. And if they leave them there piled up, they’re more likely they’re gonna be there for years. So they’re gonna get all that rain, uh, erosion.

So yeah, all of a sudden, next thing you know, your foundation is exposed or cracking, or there’s something wrong majorly, and you got $10,000 fix all because you didn’t remove your leaves. What? Yes, to lawn care, community leaf removal is important. Okay? At the very least, worst case scenario, it will ruin stuff with your home. Okay? But again, worst case scenario, is it gonna happen every year? Is it gonna happen? No. No, it’s not. But you do want to be proactive and go ahead and take care of those leaves. Get them, get them off. Um, you know, best case scenario, maybe mulch ’em up if you don’t have too many. But even then, let’s say you do have a lot and it’s covering your grass already, and then you go to re uh, mulch ’em up, all you’re gonna do is turn ’em in, turn into big giant leaves that cover your lawn into tiny little leaves that cover your lawn.

So mulching isn’t necessary always the answer, but it is a good possibility. Uh, I typically recommend you have a leaf removal done once, uh, maybe twice depending on how many you have. And then, uh, come back through and have the rest mulched up. Uh, usually whatever’s left is just enough to, uh, get nice and, uh, broken up and spread out evenly over the lawn. And that way you can have some nice fertilizer starting in the winter. Uh, all organic, as they say. Wonderful, wonderful organic or, uh, fertilizer. Very good, very healthy, very nice. Uh, leaf removal. There’s a lot of benefits, uh, to it. It, it, and also while removing the leaves, you’re, you’re getting the stuff kind of moved around on the soil and, and, you know, some parts raked, things like that. Uh, so, you know, it’s, it’s kind of an activation of wake up for the lawn to start doing.

Its winter things, so very nice, very good. Uh, does some wonderful extra things for the lawn that you wouldn’t normally have done or whatever, just simply because you, you raked and, uh, some other things provided a blowing that’s that moved the dirt around and got things churned up. So a lot of good things you want to do. So toast lawn care community, please get those leaves removed from your lawn. Uh, enjoy the trees though. The trees are great. It’s just a part of having a house. It’s just the upkeep, the maintenance. It’s what you, it’s what you do as a homeowner. Um, again, uh, I have clients that they love it that we come out there and we’re out there for maybe two, maybe at most three hours, you know, and they’re just amazed. Uh, we take their leaves, they’ll tell me stories of how they were out there for two days and they had 47 bags of leaves, and they’re like, wow, you got everything gone in two hours. And, and it’s all in that little bucket you have. And yeah, that’s right. That’s, that’s what it’s there for. That’s what they do. That’s what they’re designed. Uh, and you got the right equipment, you know, things happen quickly and smoothly and, uh, we get things easily taken care of. So, Tulsa lawn care community, uh, get your lawns. Go, uh, get your lawns clear and gone of leaves this winter. Let’s protect them. Let’s keep ’em healthy. Let’s keep ’em strong.

Let us turn those leaves into dust. Get ’em sucked up, get ’em moved on and get ’em outta your way. Uh, you don’t want to, you got other things better to do than spend 14 hours, you know, over the next couple weekends trying to rake up, leaves back, breaking work. That’s just mind numbing. You’re out there forever. You, you, you, you start picking ’em up. The lit the wind starts blowing. They start going in different directions. I mean, it’s just, it’s a crazy mess. Okay? So in this instance, speed is a factor when it comes to, uh, getting your stuff done and picked up and removed. Uh, you don’t wanna sit there and get those piles in and then next thing you know, have nothing but, um, the wind re redirecting those piles everywhere else on the property. Uh, you want to get those piles done quickly, uh, next to the road and then get them sucked up and gone.

Uh, again, you know, from start to finish, you’re talking anywhere from two, three hours. Uh, obviously if you’ve got anything bigger than about, I don’t know, quarter of an acre, I mean, half an acre, uh, is always gonna take a little bit longer. Um, but most properties under half an acre, um, top, top time, three hours, quarter of an acre, even less. You know, the less you have to less, we have to move those leaves, uh, the better they will, uh, get to that curb quick and fast and then sucked up. So, Tulsa lawn care community, do not be afraid, uh, to take care of your house, to take pride in it. Don’t be like your neighbors and all these other people. Uh, again, not a big deal. If you go and remove ’em and then get ’em mulched up, it, it is probably good.

So it, you know, not a big deal. If you get your leaves removed and then your neighbor doesn’t, that’s fine. That’s their problem. Well, what about my lawn? I just paid for you to get ’em all done and it shouldn’t happen. And well, it, it’s going to, it’s nature. Things happen no matter what you may think, uh, should be, uh, so, and if, and if it does, again, not a big deal, you just mulch ’em up, uh, the second time around or whatever. Uh, unless you’re just in a heavily forested area, you know, heavily forced area, okay, sure, go ahead and and have a couple removals, that’s fine. Not a big deal. Again, we can take care of you, we can help you out. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we wanna do. So, Tulsa lawn care community, get on the books, get outside, get aware of what’s going on in your property and get it taken care of, okay?

Do not sit there and let your lawn rot with these leaves. That’s just, it’s just not, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. It’s not healthy for the lawn. It can cause all sorts of diseases and fungus. And next thing you know, you don’t have any grass whatsoever. And that’s just something. And then, then you’re out there trying to figure out how toea, then you’re out there trying to figure out how to add sod. Then you’re trying to figure out how to do all these other things and it’s just, at the end of the day, it’s just not worth it. You need to have your stuff taken care of now and let us kicking grass and taking names, lawn care, be the ones that come out there and get you taken care of as quick as possible. We wanna make sure you guys have a nice lawn come winter.

Um, when you have it prepped and ready into place, it can handle whatever mother nature’s gonna throw at it. The snow, the ice, the wind, the rain, all the above. When you have everything cleared out, if you have all those leaves on there, if you got a drainage system, if you got, um, sprinkler systems, all those things on there, none of that will will work if you have leaves in the way. So again, in order to keep your systems working, in order to keep everything going strong and, and, and proper, you need to have those leaves removed. Uh, if you have a people that come out and fertilize and weed control and do all that stuff, they will not be able to do anything for you if you have those leaves on the ground, okay? Even if you mulch them up, mulch them up into tiny little pieces, all you’ve done is create a blanket of that’s small, okay?

You had nice big chunks of blankets, now you have tiny little chunks of blankets. So, and again, the, the chemicals and things like that, that they wanna put down for you to take care of your lawn won’t be able to, won’t work just simply because there’s so much debris and stuff in the way. So, uh, kicking grass, taking names, lawn care home in the $5 first. Mow, let’s come out and remove those leaves. Make those lawns look great. Keep them healthy and strong all winter long. Call us (918) 872-0338 or check our website out, www.kickinggrasstulsa.com. Uh, send us a, a message through there or text us. We’d be glad to come out and give you a quote. Again, most lawns, quarter of an acre, two hours, you know, uh, so we are hourly on that. It does take time and it does involve some, uh, some, uh, high end equipment. So if you want it done, you want it done right, give us a call. Let us come out. We’ll take care of it for you.