Good morning. Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first. Mow. All right, folks, you know what time of year it is? I bet you don’t, you have no clue what time of year it is. One, because this is a document and you’re not really looking at the outside, you’re looking at a screen. Um, two. It is, uh, September in Oklahoma. We’re in a nice transition period. Uh, we’re going from mowing to leaves. Okay? We got leaves falling. We’ve got, uh, we got all sorts of fun going on right now. Um, there’s lots of, uh, activities with landscaping and other things going on, and we have a lot of good deals. We want you guys to know, uh, what is out there. We want you guys to know the, the services we offer. We, we offer a lot of good things for you folks.

Um, we want you guys to check our website out and know that we take care of those leaves. We follow those leaves, and we’ll pick those leaves up as they fall and make a mess and try to destroy your lawn over the winter break. Uh, we do not want to allow those leaves to do that. As always, folks, leaves are wonderful and they’re beautiful when they’re on the trees, but then they are deadly, absolutely deadly to your lawn. And the reason why I say that is ’cause they act like a blanket. And what happens when you lay something over the grass in your yard? Anybody, uh, you in the back, it kills it. Awesome. Wonderful. Uh, not wonderful that it kills it, but wonderful that you get the answer right. Uh, that’s what it does. It kills the lawn. And then, you know, you let that, those leaves sit there all season long, all winter. And I mean, all of a sudden you’re like, oh, let me go mow my lawn next spring. And you’re like, Hey, where, where’s the grass? It’s gone. I, I don’t understand these. I mean, there was grass when these leaves fell. What happened? Well, life happened and the life of grass ended because those leaves fell down. Tulsa lawn care community do not fall for those leaves. Do not let those leaves fall on your grass.

Now, it’s not an immediate effect. It’s not something you have to go out there and immediately take care of or run out there to the moment they start falling and take a blade and start chopping ’em up. But it’s definitely something you don’t wanna leave out there for weeks on end. Okay? Uh, once you start getting the fall down, you, you got two options. One, have complete reef leaf removal, which is great and wonderful, and then two, have leaf mulching done. Now, if you have a massive amount of leaves, yes, you should have them removed, okay? But if you don’t have a massive amount where they’re like piled them on, piled upon piled of each other, then I would recommend mulching. Um, either way, even if you do have ’em removed, I would still recommend them coming back through and mulching them up because it would allow them to act as fertilizer for that lawn. Now you’ve got your lawn winter fertilized for free. ’cause mulching up. Basically, all it does is speed up the process of breaking down the leaves, uh, which is really what you wanna do. You wanna help speed that process up. You want to help get it all

Taken care of and provided with a good portion of healthy, good fertilization. Folks, we want to give your lawn a fight in chance, this winter break. Do not allow or give in or partake in the death of your lawn. Be brave, be courageous. Find kicking grass and taking in’s, long hair to come out and take care of your lawn in a quick, efficient, and professional manner. Okay? That’s what we do. We have methods, we have madness, and we will get those leaves off the lawn one way or the other, whether through mulching or whether through providing a wonderful leaf removal experience. And what do I mean by that? A huge windstorm with massive blowers. It’s great. It’s awesome. It is going to

Make you guys go, wow, I’m so glad I’m not out there dealing with that Tulsa lawn care community. Leaves are a pain. They’re not fun to deal with, but we’ve got the equipment that makes it easy and fun and, and, and just one less headache for you. Um, there’s lots of chores, lots of things that you guys have to take care of. Let this be something that we take off your plate and get done for you. Not too many people, um, have great setups for leaves. Sometimes you have to call it some major companies. Uh, but we’re small, we’re flexible, we’re maneuverable, we’re there. Um, we can bring you lots of, um, offers, lots of opportunities, lots of, uh, flexibility in, in how we get those leaves picked up for you. Um, we have great crews. They work hard and, and they, they know, they know their stuff. They know how to be efficient. They know how to be, um,

Good with their time to make sure that, you know, we’re not out there longer than we need to be. And we’re we, you know, doing leaves can, can take a while if you’re the homeowner, you can spend all day out there. But this is something that we’re, we’re gonna try to get done within two to three hours. That’s, that’s our average is two to three hours, just depending on the lawn and the setup and things like that. So sometimes bigger lawns can take less just because they have more room for us to maneuver on. Sometimes smaller lawns take longer just because we have to push further. Uh, it is what it is. But like I said, it, at the end of the day, you know, we’re, we’re pretty good. We’re pretty efficient at it. And Tulsa lawn care community, you’re not gonna find too many other companies out there that can get those leaves out as efficient as we can. Okay? You may, and, and the, and, and make sure we take care of your, your property as well. You may find other companies that have a lot of guys and a lot of equipment, all that, but they may be coming through like a bull in a China closet and wrecking everything, okay? Uh, we don’t wanna do that. We’re gonna come in, we’re gonna take care of your stuff like it’s our grandma’s. We’re gonna make sure everything looks good and sharp and ready and, uh,

Keep you looking clean. That way you’re ready for all the, uh, different offerings winter’s gonna have for you. Different seasons, different blends of, uh,

Precipitation and, and stuff like that. Nothing’s gonna get trapped or your lawn’s gonna do great. It’s gonna be healthy. It’s gonna get the, uh, moisture it needs, the nutrients, the sun, everything it’s gonna need. That way comes springtime. It’ll be ready to thrive and grow big. And that’s exactly what we want to do. We want to make sure we are doing right and doing good. Tulsa lawn care community kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care has been doing leaves for several years now. We, we are proficient. We, we know what we’re doing. We’ve got a great method to the madness for you guys. And we hope it is something that you folks want done quickly and efficiently and by a local company. Um, this is a, uh, operation where, uh, it is straight from you guys to our table and it’s, uh, it’s really a benefit for us.

And we really appreciate the support that you give us and, uh, providing for our family and, and things like that. Uh, again, we’re not looking for handouts. We’re looking out there to, to give you a favor. And, and that’s making sure you have time freedom with your family. And we can come out there and take care of these leaves and, and get ’em outta your way and make sure your, your dog has a nice yard to run in and, and there’s nothing, uh, nothing hiding there. ’cause leaves, not, not only leaves is bad for the lawn, but they can also hide critters. And, uh, they make a nice warm home for, for, you know, mice and snakes and all sorts of different, other animals and, and little critters and little bugs and, and things like that. And, uh, you know, the more leads they have, the more, uh, of a small city of critters, it becomes so to lawn care.

Do not let your lawn become critter hotel, um, and allow for all those animals to, to take refuge in a corner of the fence where the leaves pile up five feet high. Uh, you know, you don’t, you don’t want some snake living in a condo at the top of that leaf pile just checking everything out all day long. Um, you wanna make sure your, your backyard’s gonna be safe for your kids, for your, for your pets, and enjoyable. You know, the last thing you wanna do is go over there and next thing you know, see like a bunch of rats and snakes and all sorts of other nasty, scary, disgusting little critters that carry disease. Okay? Come running out, scamming out. Last, you know, what if they bite you? What if they bite the dog? What if they bite the kids? I mean, what are you gonna do?

You know, you, you’re causing, uh, more headache than it’s worth. And, uh, just simply by letting us come out and blow those leaves around and get ’em all taken off and, you know, keeping it clean, that, that’s what it boils down to. Just keeping it clean. So folks, getting grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first, mow, we really wanna be the ones that come out and, uh, remove those leaves for you. Um, get them taken care of, get them moved outta your way. Uh, give us a call. Let us know what you need, what you want. Um, we provide a lot of great services in the winter leaf removal, leaf mulching, uh, Christmas lights. Uh, we can come and salt in, in your driveway and, and remove the snow and all that good stuff. So, uh, again, give us a call. Let us know, uh, we’ll be glad to help you all out. Phone number is (918) 872-0338. Uh, check our website out Let us know how we can help and we’ll be glad to be there for you.