Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo green country. How are you doing out there? Let’s talk. Leaves. Leaves. Oh yeah. Leaves. If you’re in the lawn care business, money grows on trees. That’s all I can say. Leaves folks. You gotta love. ’em gotta love ’em on the fall. Got a loved one. They’re on the tree. Providing the shade leaves are a wonderful thing. Leaves on trees. Just meet so many wonderful things. Okay. If you’re a long guy, it means you got work. If you’re a homeowner means you got headaches, unless you’re a homeowner that likes to go out there and rake leaves. I don’t know what too many that do, but I am a lawn guy. So most people I know want me to pick the leaves up.

Weeds are a great, as far as flowerbeds are concerned, why they provide the warmth needed in such flowerbeds leaves are also good on the grass mulched up. Don’t get me wrong. Tulsa lawn care community. If you have, and six foot deep worth of leaves over your lawn, that’s a lot to launch. So you’re better off getting them removed, but you’re in luck. Tulsa, lawn care, community kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care can do either one. We can come out and mulch up your leaves, grind them up quickly and get them placed back into the ground, ready to decompose faster, or we can get them removed. We got blowers. We got suckers. Get them off your lot. Let that grass look healthy, dry it out. Get it ready for spring. A lot of things. So leaves are wonderful in many aspects. They’re, uh, they tell time, um, they tell a long since you’ve had leaves removed simply by uncovering the top leaves and seeing the multilayer of the bottom leaves.

Um, they tell all the time of year it is. Um, and when they finally do break down, they tell, uh, how long they’ve been out there. So lots of things that leaves do as far as tell time, which is a wonderful thing. Um, and then they take up time. They take up time to, to get rid of, they take up time to, uh, to suck up. They take up time to get off your lot and drive somewhere. All of this is time. All this is is what they take up. What they don’t have to take up. Tulsa lawn care humidity is your time. They do not have to take up your time anymore in any way, shape or form kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care wants to come out and take your leaves for you. Want to provide this service along with other services, such as mowing edging, weeding, trimming, hedges, uh, mulch, um, granular fertilization, um, grass killing sprays, um, you know, a couple of different services that we offer, but Christmas lights. So back to leaves.

Um, we want to come and take those leaves off your hands. Remove them from your property because essentially we want your neighbors to look at your house once covered in trees. And in a few short hours, those leaves are gone. Magically disappear. I want them to go out there and start raking their own leaves and sit there and ponder, why am I doing this for two days when I can have him come over and get it done in a few hours. So we provide time. Freedom. That is the main thing that we give our, uh, our clients time. Freedom. Okay? Because no one wants to spend the weekend doing yard work. No one wants to spend the weekend doing all these crazy things. Raking leaves, going yards, trimming things back. You want them and you want them to look good. You just don’t want to do the times to take care of it. And I don’t blame you. You know, you, uh,

Y’all home

After a hard day’s work. Yeah. You’re tired. You’re worn out. Last thing you want to do is have to get out some lawn equipment that you bought at a box store that you had to assemble, uh, that you can’t remember the last time you used it. You don’t know what to have. If it has gas, you don’t know, uh, a lot of things about it.

You hope it still works. You hope it starts. And then if does it, and then you got the headache of having to run out to the store and funding part to repair it or trying to diagnose it, or maybe even have to buy another one. So again, these are all headaches that we want to take off your plate. We don’t want you to have to sit here and worry about whether or not you’re COVID is going to star. We don’t wanna sit here and have you worry about whether or not you have gas and you have to run up to your convenience store and get your gas, go back. We want you to be able to come home, relax, put your feet up, enjoy, enjoy, uh, everything else. You’ve worked hard for. Okay? No need to put more stress on your mind or your body and get all these things worked up and in your head and all that stuff. Tulsa lawn care, community kicking grass and taking names is committed to making lawns of Tulsa look grand. We want to make them great. We want them to be kick a curb, kick a jealous let’s curb, kick and jealous. That’s what your neighbor does when he looks at your lawn and sees how little time you have to spend or worry about it. And how much time do you get to sit there and enjoy it? That’s our goal. That’s what we strive for. Yeah.

No one wants to sit there and have to mess with her lawn every weekend, pristine, all that stuff. I don’t want to sit back and enjoy it and move on. I’ve got better things to do. They got Netflix to watch kids’ games, go to nephews, nephews, and nieces games to go to, you know, there’s just so many, you know, gatherings get-togethers anything, anything other than lawn care is what our clients have to do. Our clients like our work. They’re proud of our Tulsa lawn care work. They enjoy our work because it’s not their work. Uh, they get quality service, timely service, good communication.

Taking names likes to come out and know we provide a good, good product, a quality product that our clients are proud of and are no longer kicking the car frustrated and how bad their lawn looks and or no longer kicking the curb, jealous of their neighbors yard, their neighbors now kick their curb in ponder ration. So neighbors as your neighbor has already done, give kicking grass and taking names or call have us come out, evaluate your law and let us provide services for you. We have packages. We have different arrangements and we have all the Cod services, all the above. Great prices. Check out the website, check us out. How was come out and visit. Get to know us. Let us get to know you. Let us get to know that luscious lawn. Let us get to know the property, to provide the service that you want and to make your neighbors, carb, Cain, jealous Tulsa lawn care community.

You need to look no further for one of the highest rated best lawn care companies in Tulsa, that’s King grass and taking names, lawn service home of the $5 first about which we donate to your local, uh, school of choice. And we’ll do this every year. Come check us out, let us provide the services to time. Freedom, let us provide services so you can enjoy that lawn. That much better. Kick grass, take a names, lawn care home of the $5 first Mo Tulsa. Reach out to us. Let us come check out your lawn and get to know and make it better. I’ll phone number’s (918) 406-2019. Our website is www dot kicking grass, Come on Tulsa. Give us a try. We’ll see out there on the services.