<silence> Good morning, Tulsa Lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long care home at the $5 first. Mow folks, just wanted to see how you’re doing out there today. We are enjoying beautiful, beautiful weather here in January in green country. It is unreal. Unbelievable. Can’t believe this is going on, but it is. So let’s talk, let’s talk leaves. Let’s talk preparation. It is that time of year folks, whether you hibernated during December or what, January’s out big, bad, bold, and beautiful, and we need to get rid of those leaves. Let’s, right folks, let’s move those leaves out and off the lawn. It is very important now to get those, that grass out in the sun as much as possible. Let it rejuvenate. It had its time sleeping with a nice warm blankie on. But Tulsa lawn care community, let me tell you, now is the time to remove those leaves.

Leaf removal season is here. It goes all the way through February and into March. Why? Because leaves drop at weird times. When they decide how they decide, why they decide. I don’t know, but they just do. So leaves need to be removed. We always wanna remove our leaves. Why do we wanna remove leaves? So many reasons. They’re ugly. They take up a lot of space. They hide things. And Heidi, things are bad. We don’t want to hide things from ourselves. We don’t want to know that they’re little critters down there having families and all sorts of other things in our yard. And who knows what else they bring in when they do that. So, relief removal is very beneficial to the property. Going to the extreme. If you leave leaves too long around the foundation, it can soften that soil so much that it’ll crack the foundation.

What you’re telling me, stupid leaves are gonna break my foundation. Yes. Yes. I literally just said that to you. Literally. Uh, they’re going to break your foundation, uh, like not right this second, but it’s going to happen. Uh, and that’s over a long period of time and things like that. So have no fret, have no fear kicking grass. Leaf removal is here. That’s right folks. We’re here to remove the leaves. We’re here to take it out for you. We want that ground, that property, that everything you’ve taken care of for the last, I don’t know who knows how long you’ve owned this, and it’s one of your most significant purchases, if not the most significant purchase in your life. Uh, so it is definitely something. If you don’t take care of anything else, this is the one thing you definitely want to take care of.

So folks, reach out, have us help you out. Have us get it done. Take those leaves off the property, off the property, off the everything else you’ve got going on for you. We want to take those leaves away. Why? Why not? I know you don’t. I know. We get those calls after people like, man, I rake my whole yard up. Can you, uh, just come and suck ’em up? And then I get out there, I’m like, eh, you didn’t rake your yard up there, buddy. Sure. No, you, uh, you tried, but you got a ton of leaves here. Let me help you out. This is what’s gonna be, this is what’s cost. We’re knocking out yards anywhere from an hour and a half, two hours. Most we’re, we’re clean, we’re efficient. We know what we’re doing. We’re getting it done for you guys. It’s, it is a thing of beauty.

So folks, let us know how we’re doing. We want to come out, help you out, take care of these leaves for you. There’s only one way for this to get done, and that is for us to do it for you. That is the most efficient, best manner to get it done in, in the scenario that we’re in. A lot of leaves, a lot of things going on. We wanna remove those leaves for you because it makes, it makes sense. It makes it easier for you. You don’t have to do anything. You’re not out anything. I mean, that’s, you know, you save time. You don’t get covered in gunk. It’s, it’s good. It’s wonderful.

What else can we provide for you guys other than your time? I mean, that’s essentially what we’re doing. Tulsa lawn care community. We are giving you your time, and that’s what you, you need to understand and want most. Uh, time is the really only valuable commodity that we have. It’s the only one that we can’t get back. Uh, so really, we’re, we’re giving you something that’s priceless. I mean, if you could put a number on that, that’s great. That’s wonderful. But I mean, it just, I mean, if you enjoy it, great, wonderful. But, you know, otherwise, most people don’t. It’s, it’s a very hard, very cumbersome job. Uh, it’s not flashy, but Tulsa Lawn Care community, let me tell you something. It is, it is definitely worth the price that we charge for us to come and do it. We’re cheap, we’re fast. Uh, we’re good.

Okay? We’re, you’re gonna be happy with results. Uh, it’s, it’s gonna be a, a definite value to, uh, value to purchase scenario where you’re gonna be happy. So we definitely want to create a, a, a system in place for you that you guys can just pick, pick, call us, text us, pick us out of a lineup and say, Hey, those are the guys I want at my yard, man. They, they do good. They do clean, they do fast. Uh, we only know one way to go. And that’s just to, to get it done for you folks. So kick grass to taking names, long care home, the $5 first. Mow, we’ve got some of the highest ratings on Google for, uh, yard work, leaf removal, uh, you name it, we got it. Uh, you gotta check us out. Check our testimonials out. Check our, uh, gallery out of pictures.

I mean, there’s stuff, we we’re moving it, we got it going on. It’s there for you folks. Uh, it’s nothing to be a, uh, uh, to turn your head out or turn your head up to or whatever. Uh, we’re a good company. We’re a fun, a fun company. We come out, we have a good time. We like to get things done. Um, we don’t mind the hard work. It’s, it’s, we really enjoy it. So Tulsa lawn care community, you really need your grass kicked by us. And that’s it. Leaf, leaf removal, mowing, all the works. It’s what we do. Full service. We even got snow plowing and it’s great. It’s wonderful. It’s, uh, you know, we push that snow right away. It’s, uh, it’s not bad. It’s pretty simple. Uh, we keep it clean. We keep it, uh, we keep it busy. So folks, check us out.

Definitely, uh, want to use us when it comes to your lease stuff. Uh, ’cause leaves are just annoying, you know? And, and they seem like nothing. And you’ll even, I’ll even go to a yard where she’s like, oh, I don’t have any leaves. Can you just do a little small removal real quick? All that. By the time I get done, I have, you know, a good pile. I always send the pictures. Hey, these all leaves have got from your yard. And the reply always back is, I think you’re at the wrong house. And I’m like, well, no. You see your house in the background, right? These came from your house. And they’re astonished with the amount of leaves that I end up finding and getting out of their, out of their yard. So folks don’t hesitate. There’s more in there than, you know, leaves hide.

They, they get in the nooks and the crannies. You know, we really want to dig, blow ’em out. Uh, we’ll get some suckers out. We’ll get our leaf removal equipment out, rakes, whatever it is we gotta do, we’re gonna get it out there and get your leaves gone. It’s a really, really good time right now to do it. The weather’s great. The, the weather is really cooperating today. And, uh, that’s, that’s just what we want right now. We want nice weather, uh, light breezes, and we want to get those leaves out the way for you. Uh, so much that we, uh, we’re offering specials right now. You know, we normally charge one 20 an hour at the moment. We’re, we’re doing a a $30 knockoff. Okay? So we’re at $90 an hour. I’m telling you, man, this is a steal. There are companies out there that charge 1 61 80 an hour, okay?

And then you only get up to a certain amount of guys. So, you know, we’ve got, we’ve got plenty of guys, got plenty of equipment. We’re coming out. We wanna take care of you guys. Uh, Tulsa Lawn care community. Just look, let you know we love leaves. We love leaves. ’cause they, they’re, they’re there and they need to be removed. And we do ’em. That’s why we love ’em. ’cause they’re there and they’re always gonna be there. Lord willing, trees galore. Uh, leaves are the most beautiful thing. And trees, trees are great. You want trees in your yard. Why? ’cause they, they provide so much benefit. And at the end of it, you know, if you want, we even have a half off on our mulching, okay? That’s starting at, uh, $65 on mulching for a standard sized yard up to 10,000 square feet. All right? So $65 on the mulching after, after the wonderful leaf removal. What we do, well, if you remove the leaves, what’s left? You know what, you’ll never, ever, ever get every single leaf off your lawn, just so you know. And if you find a company that says they will

Guten tog, I will find the leaf they missed. Okay? That is wonderful. Uh, ’cause I don’t believe it, but you will, however, leave some leaves, which are great. One are fine ’cause you want ’em. ’cause they’re gonna break down and provide a free fertilizer. So after doing that, you know, we would love to be the ones to come out and mulch that up for you. Get it started, get that process done fast and early. Okay? So once we get it done, once we got it fast and early, and we got you guys, uh, in there and mulched looking good. Look at sharp. You got that fertilizer already going. You’d have your spray company come out, uh, get you guys sprayed up for the, uh, evening. Uh, whatever it is, you’re gonna, it is gonna be great. It’s gonna be wonderful. So kicking grass and taking names long here, home of the $5 first, mow, man, we got, we’re nailing it folks.

We are out here. We’ve got it rocking. We’ve got it going on. Uh, folks, do not be afraid to, uh, to give us a holler. You’re, you’re not gonna regret it. We’re gonna do a good job. You’re gonna be happy with the results. Um, and I’m telling you that mulch afterwards will really be, really do the final touch. Make it look clean, crisp, and, and phenomenal. And again, everyone’s doing it. It’s, it’s what they want done. It’s how they keep their yard looking pristine. Anybody that says otherwise, they’re just embarrassed. If they, if they had to spend 180 an hour, they guys took four hours, okay? Uh, unless you’re just a massive lawn, we’re not gonna be out there for four hours, you know, uh, all the way up to about 15,000 square feet. We can knock it out in about two, two and a half hours.

Um, we got a good team. They’re solid. They know what they’re doing. They’re young, they’re energetic. Um, they’ve got the knowledge, they got the power, they got the drive. So give us a holler. Let us know. We wanna help you. We wanna come out there and, uh, make that long, beautiful for you. We wanna make your neighbors jealous. ’cause we want them to call us and go, Hey, we want those guys. That’s the other thing folks. Pressure’s on us. We make your lawn look great. Boom. I’ve got at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 neighbors around you. They’re gonna be like, Hey, I want those guys. Why? Because more likely, either your leaves did it to them or their leaves did it to you, and they want their lawn to look as good as yours does. So, one way or the other, I’ve got advertisement right in the face of like, anywhere from four to six people. And it’s just, it’s exactly what I need, what I want. So I need to do a good job in order to get that business. So folks, come on, give us a try. You have nothing to lose. I’m the one with the pressure. I gotta get it making looking good. Make you look pristine. 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. Give us a call. Let us know how we can help. Let us know when we can start.