Good morning, Tulsa lawn care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home. Oh, the $5 first. Oh, Hey boys and girls. How are we doing out there today? Let’s talk Christmas lights. How do people like Christmas lights? How do they not like Christmas lights? Christmas lights are great. Christmas lights bring cheer. Christmas lights, bring happiness. Christmas lights are fun and great to look at. Everyone should be happy when they see Christmas lights. So it makes me very baffled, confused and, um, irritated. When someone comes and destroys Christmas lights, Tulsa lawn care community. Apparently we have had a rash of people going around and snipping off the plugs of your Christmas lights, which in turn makes the whole cord useless. Gotta love vandalism, right? Not Tulsa lawn care community, protect yourself, protect your equipment, protect your property, protect your belongings. All these things are things that need protection from people who like to come and destroy things. Several different ways to protect your, your stuff. Um, just like you wanna protect your lawn. You wanna protect your stuff. That’s on your lawn. Um, flood lights, motion, sensor lights, uh, accent lighting, all these things are going to attribute to keeping perpetrators away from your house and going to a dark gloomy house. Um, yes. Landscape lighting will help keep perpetrators away. Why, how, why? Because you’re lit up. They don’t know if there’s cameras. They don’t want to be seen. They want to operate in the dark. They want to operate where people can’t see them. Can’t tell what they’re wearing, how tall they are. They don’t want to cause shadows. They want to be the shadow.

So in order to protect yourself, just like in order to protect your lawn for Pesa, he’s like you have to get out there and get things done. Now having said that, kick your, taking names, lawn care, wants to do that stuff for you. We want to get out there. We want to provide your landscape lighting. We want to provide, uh, shrubs, all sorts of things that you need to help, uh, make your house less desirable to perpetrators. Um, now it doesn’t matter what you do. Um, there’ll always be somebody there who’s going to want to break in, but the main thing, and for lack of better words is you want to make your house less desirable than your neighbors, let your neighbors, uh, get, have the headache of getting broken into, or have the headache of getting their stuff destroyed or what I like that because they want to keep the porch light off because they want to keep their grounds dark, uh, all sorts of things like that. So it’s also a lawn care community. My suggestion for you guys today and always is protect your property. Okay. Take the time to research. Uh, have companies come out, preferably us, uh, design a lighting system just for your property, unique to your property because your property is unique.

Want to be able to give these, um, landscaping designs highlighted, emphasize the structure of the house, make everything look good, uh, make it, uh, curb kick and jealous to those neighbors. Because not only will your name, your house be Lester’s out to break into because it’s so well lit up that even when the perpetrators do walk by the like, Oh, there’s a camera there, there and there. Okay, cool. Let’s go to the darker house. So they’ll see, they’ll have the cameras and then they’ll see how well lit up it is. Even if your neighbor has cameras. If it’s dark, it’s dark and they’re not going to pick up on their, uh, the people who are prowling around their property. But if you’re welded up and you’ve got cameras, you’re going to be able to make out who it is, what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, what direction they’re going, all sorts of, good and useful information that you can provide if, and when they do anything, there’s other things that we can do to, uh, to make sure perpetrators don’t get ahold of your property.

We can make sure that they, uh, that if you’re a tall property, you can make sure all your stuff is up high on top of the roof going up over the roof. So that’s one benefit because then they can’t just walk up and snag something, um, cause it’s too high and they need, uh, a really good ladder or some sort of lift or something to get them up there. So that’s one other thing, get a two-story property, um, and just have good, solid quality cables. Okay. Um, have your cables, uh, tucked away, um, have them running the course of the house, uh, while it may be more expensive to get the longer extension cord or bigger, whatever, uh, at the same time, if you can run it down a, a more troublesome or cumbersome way that it will take somebody to get something then in the long run it’ll benefit you because there’ll be less likely to damage it and less likely to take it.

Um, so home ownership and Tulsa lawn care can be costly as far as maintenance and things like that. But you know, you just gotta think ahead. What, what, uh, what may not, what may be easy for you may also be easy for someone else to come and destroy or take apart or disintegrate. So we have tricks of the trade. We have things in place. We have systems, we have ideas, things that we have seen work than things that we have seen, not work, allow us to come out and help you out, uh, protect those properties, protect those things. Um, a well-maintained lawn means means people are there and they take care of their property. Uh, they’re going to go to the houses that things are overgrown. Uh, the bushes are overgrown. You can’t see past, you know, their trees or anything like that because they don’t sit there and get them trimmed back or trim down or any of the above.

All right. All of that, all of that stuff says mounds of information to people who want to break into homes and do damage and, and things like that. You’re sitting here thinking, but Kevin, we’re just talking lawn maintenance. Yes. Yes we are. We are talking lawn maintenance and I am telling you all these things play a factor. Everything plays a factor. Okay. Uh, from where you have windows on the side of your house, to where your garbage cans are, to what they’re covering. If you have a, a wall covering up your AC unit, all this stuff plays factors, okay.

There is not a golden ticket of a house. That’ll be like, Oh, this is house is impenetrable. Want to steal it? You just got to make your house less desirable than your neighbors. For lack of better words, which isn’t very hard these days. Not too many people are out there taking care of the properties and, and whatnot. Okay. So all takes a little effort a little time. I don’t have time. Oh, sweet. Well, we do take your grass and take taking names. Lawn care has plenty of time to come out and help you protect your property. Okay. And again, just the simple things, okay. Maintaining the yard, uh, landscape lighting, showing that people don’t trim it back. Those bushes, showing people care and live at this property, that enough that they take care of it. And they’re going to notice whether or not you come on to their property.

They want their stuff protected. If they’re willing to put money on landscape lighting, they’re willing to put money in an alarm system and Tulsa lawn care. That’s just how it goes. Landscape lighting, I know is not a necessity. So, you know, it’s up there towards the cream of the crop. So that means these people have a better security system. That means these people are, are more invested into their home than the average person. Okay? That means these people are, are protecting themselves. So they’re not going to, they’re going to be well lit. They’re going to have people looking out, monitoring their homes, things like that, going on to make sure all their stuff is taken care of.

And this is what you want to represent with your home. These are the things you want people to see and take notice and think in their head when they drive by your house. And they sit there and they kick the curb. When they get home and go, dang, why can’t my house? Look that good? Because they haven’t called us kicking grass and taking names long hair home with a $5 first boat have us come out, have us take care of it. You have a safe and secure home that you get to enjoy. You have your time, freedom back to where you’re not out there slaving all day long. Take make it 20 trips back and forth to the big box store to get stuff for your project and to fix things right, and get the right size and, and whatnot, kicking grass and taking names along here, we’re here to help.

We’re here to make our community safe. Uh, we want these, uh, low lives out there to understand that people are out. People are watching their properties. People are looking at things. People are noticing. So eventually they will get caught. Of course, people just take their spot, but we’ll, we’ll catch those guys too. Patience is a virtue as my wise mother used to say. So have Tulsa lawn care company like Kickin’ Grass come out. You get your weekend back. You get your time back. You enjoy your property, knowing it’s safe and secure, and it looks good. Make your property curb kicking jealous with kicking grass and taking names, lawn care home, and a $5 first milk. Give us a call. Tulsa (918) 406-2019. Or check our website out. Www dot kicking grass, I’ll see you out there guys.