Good morning, Tulsa Lawn Care community. Kevin here with kicking grass and taking names. Long Care home of the $5 for amo. Hey folks, how you doing out there? Here at Kicking Grass and taking names? Long care, we love this time of year. And what time of year is it? It is fall. Seasons are changing, moans coming to an end, leaves are picking up, lights are getting lit. All sorts of things are going on. Getting ready to change over activities, change equipment around change is fun. Change is exciting. We’ve been mowing for a solid six months and now we’re gonna go on to something new and different. We want to let the Tulsa Lawn Care community know that we really enjoy doing leaves out there for you guys. Leaves are one of those crazy things where everyone’s wants to do them and then they get out there and they realize they don’t.
So let’s cut to the chase folks. Don’t even hassle leaves are more of a issue than you realize. Let us come out and handle your leaves for you. We’ve got the equipment, we’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got the knowhow. We know the how to blow, we know how to get them sucked up with our debris loader, and we know how to make it with ease. So folks, there’s no need for you to stress, no need for you to be bothered, upset, worried by those leaves. There’s only one thing for you to do, and that’s to call kicking grass and taking names long here. Home of the $5 first mo. Let us come out. Take care of those leaves for you. Take it off your plate. Leaves are not as easy as mowing a lawn, not in any way, shape or form. Our Tulsa lawn care community, what we have experienced over number of years doing leaves now is leaves are rather humbling and cumbersome.
Okay? Uh, they, they pile up. They don’t look bad or mean or, or anything. And then before you realize it, you are in a world of trouble with your head buried all the way up by leaves. Okay? Uh, leaves can’t cause some damage. Uh, I mean, again, don’t, don’t sit here and be like, oh my gosh, are you saying these leaves would destroy my home? No, they’re not gonna destroy your home, but they will kill your grass and then you’ll have to pay money to have grass put in next year, um, or solid or seed or whatever. Um, and, and then they can do, you know, keep the ground extra moist, uh, soggy all winter long, which then can lead to different types of possible foundation issues, cracks, things like that. Uh, those are extreme, uh, situations. But tolo care community have no fear kicking grasses here.
We are here to come and take the leaves away. Uh, we wanna come out there and do it for you guys. Uh, just remember, like I said, it is a time consuming and, uh, does involve heavy equipment, so to speak, um, on our backs and, uh, our trailers and stuff. So, um, it, we make it easy. We make it simple. Uh, we turn what is kind of like a rather large honey do list item that’s kind of overbearing for a homeowner into a very simple, uh, Texas is just a few hours depending on the size of the property, uh, task. And, uh, we can just knock it out for you guys and you don’t have to worry about it. Um, and it just really depends how much you care about your lawn, you know? Um, if you don’t care about it that much, then hey, don’t worry about it.
Uh, you know, cuz you won’t really wanna have a lawn next year. Um, that is more than likely the outcome when you don’t pick up leaves. Uh, most common outcome, and what I say most common is yes, more than likely, if he leaves all, leave leaves all, uh, winter long on your lawn. Uh, yeah, come, uh, next spring there, there won’t be a lawn. So, uh, that’s not a, not a threat, not a scare, not tactic, not a anything That’s just a simple, uh, experience fact that I’ve seen over the last several years. Going lawns and, and doing leaves, uh, showing up to, uh, lawns in the spring and seeing all these leaves out there going and mulching them up and then never needing to return because the grass, they didn’t grow back. And all I did was mulch up leaves. Um, and, uh, actually, I say never return.
I maybe return once or twice, but then the grass really never grows after that. Tulsa Lawn Care Customers don’t know why. Ask if they want us to, uh, oversee or aate or things like that to make the lawns grow. And, uh, of course, you know, when they hear, um, all the procedures and things needed to do it, they, they think, nah, it’s just a lawn. I don’t need all that. Uh, but yeah, yeah, you do. You, if you really wanna take care of your lawn and, and have a really nice one, you will have to actually put some time and effort into it. Uh, so either way you’re gonna spend the money, um, somehow, some way, uh, either with a company that come out and do it fast, know what they’re doing, and get it, uh, off, off the ground. Or you’re gonna spend the time researching how to do it yourself.
Um, take up your time, uh, and take away from whatever else you could be doing at that time. Remember, uh, we don’t provide a service that, uh, is hard or complicated. Uh, we provide a service that provides you time freedom. We, uh, we give you that time back so you don’t have to worry about it. Um, uh, what we do is very simple. Um, it’s very easy. And, uh, we want you to understand the only Tulsa Lawn Care reason why we do this is one, we enjoy it very much. And then two, uh, we know you don’t, and there’s no reason for you to suffer and push yourself through that. And, uh, you guys go do something else and we’ll take care of it. So, kicking grass and taking him long hair care wants a to Tulsa long care community to enjoy all the things we offer, to look at our website to check it out.
We have an array of things from winter services, including leaf removal, leaf mulching, uh, Christmas lights, snow removal, uh, salting, you know, you name it, you got it. Uh, we’re providing the service. Uh, don’t be afraid to give us a call and check out, see what we can do for you or provide for you or, or anything like that. Um, we’ve been working out now for our Tulsa area going on about four or five years now. Um, we have a lot of experience. Uh, it’s something we’ve done for several, several years before that with other companies and, and different things like that. We want you guys to know that we are here to, uh, provide you those long term services. A company that you count on, a company that you can call. And, you know, uh, we do. Uh, and we are a loyal company.
Uh, if you’re our customer, you’re our customer first. Um, once you get into the ranks, we always try to take care of you guys before, uh, moving on to, uh, new customers and things like that. Uh, we do take on new customers only a few per year though. Uh, cause like I said, uh, once you’re a customer, you’re our customer. Uh, we do want to provide the best service for you guys. We want to be that one stop shop where you don’t have to think of anything else and be able to get out there and, uh, get things done for you. Um, having said that, Tulsa Lawn Care community, uh, we hope that you, uh, look no further with your winter needs. When those leaves come falling, please start calling. Uh, we want to come and mulch and, uh, blow and get all those leaves gathered up from you.
Uh, so you don’t have to worry about them or deal with ’em or anything like that. Um, just we know how much, uh, experience, uh, leaves provided, provide a headache with. Um, and we want you to know we can, uh, ease that headache. We are like the Tylenol of, uh, grass care. Uh, we’re not gonna provide you with karate service or mediocre service. We’re gonna provide you with, uh, tulsa’s, uh, finest and best service that they have out there. Uh, check out our reviews, check us out. Uh, give us a call. Let us know what we can do for you. Uh, leave renewals, not just the only thing we can do. So many other things. Uh, just, you just gotta ask. And, uh, you know, those people that realize, Hey, you know what, I’ve got a, uh, a solid group, uh, in this company and, uh, I just know I just got a call. Let them know what I need, and they get the things done. I just have several customers that are that way. Uh, they don’t even hesitate anymore. They just, uh, sent me text messages, send, uh, information out. Hey, this is what I need. Can you get it done? Thanks so much. And boom, there we are. That’s where we are. We just go and we get things done and we don’t even hesitate. Um, and these people are, uh, they’re happy with their yards. They’re moving on. They’ve
Got, got great, uh, looking, uh, yards. Uh, it, it’s good. It’s great. It’s, uh, we do really, uh, love the relationships that we build with our customers. Uh, they know they can trust us. Uh, they know they can depend on us. Uh, they know, uh, we’re here for the long term. We’re providing that service, that, that confidence, that, that, uh, level of, uh, trust that they’re like, you know, we don’t need to need to worry about it. We’re just gonna go and we’re gonna be there and, and, uh, we’re gonna take care of things. And, uh, that’s it. That’s what we got. Um, we hope you guys out there decide to, uh, give us a call. Give us a try. Uh, especially for those leads, man. I know people can mud on lawns. That’s great. That’s wonderful. That’s a, you know, half a day task for most homeowners.
Uh, something we can do in probably about 30, 40 minutes at most. Uh, typical yard. And then, um, leaves, leaves, total, total different. Uh, totally different when it comes to leaves. You know, leaves are, uh, a couple days tasks are a homeowner. Uh, again, this is something we’re gonna turn into, uh, two or three hour work, um, and get ’em off, off your property. Uh, uh, you know, we’ve got the equipment, we’ve got the, the personnel, the power and all that, that fun stuff. Uh, we did invest in, in our company to, to take care of you guys. And, uh, we want you to know that. We want you to know that, uh, we, we took the time, we took the effort, um, to, uh, get the equipment ready for you guys. Uh, that way you don’t have to worry about it. Um, you know, you end up with 400 bags as a homeowner and with, uh, kicking grass and taking names.
Lawn care, you end up with, uh, dust . Uh, we mulch and, uh, we, uh, chew those, uh, leaves up like nothing. And, uh, what turns, what turns, what’s 40 bags for you Turns into maybe, maybe, I don’t know, eight bags for us. Uh, we are not, uh, we don’t play when it comes to those leaves. We, we turn ’em and dust, we mulch ’em up. We, we get them fine. All right? So give us a call. Let us know how we can help you, what we can do for you and when we get started, uh, kicking grass and taking names. Lawn care home of the $5 first MO 9 1 8 8 7 2 0 3 3 8. That is right. Uh, email us kicking dot grass two one or check our website out at, uh, Folks, uh, don’t be afraid, uh, to try something wonderful and new. Uh, be afraid to miss out. Okay? Uh, we can, uh, provide so many wonderful things for you guys and we want you to know that, uh, we are here for you. Congrats and take your name long here, home of the $5 first. Mow.